Revolucao Dos Cravos


Graffiti wall in Portugal realized between the end of December 2020 and the bigenning of January 2021, in Barreiro 2830 where i made a lot of pieces during more 10 years. I used the XR Technology and apps to augmented the painting in the street, to revelate more virtual creations, animations about the Revolution of 1974. This wall was made without autorisation, and was lightned in the news of the city. I gotten the chance to receive sponsoring directly in the Street with Montana Colors Portugal, and supported by the population.

234D Photogrammeter realized the virtual space of the real place in Portugal, and invited me to be a part of his 3d collection with P.Boy and more artists. It is an honor to be with them.

Actually (May 2021) i'm the owner of 2 virtual places in Spheroid, where the Graffiti was made, some news will come.

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