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Samurai by 1984

The samurai were a group of elite warriors who served various daimyo in feudal Japan. They were skilled swordsmen and had a strict code of conduct called bushido (the way of the warrior). Honor was the most important value to the samurai because it was necessary to maintain their reputation as warriors. Loyalty was another important value because it meant being true to one's lord and following his commands faithfully. War was necessary for the samurai because they needed to prove themselves worthy by fighting in battles.

The Samurai lives by values of honor, loyalty and heroism. In the midst of a dark battle, shedding blood and loosing it purely for the sake of honoring the values, where faces are red with blood you find beauty. Beauty in death. As a lovely Yamazakura that stuns its observer and is breathtaking, the samurai, content with life, his goals despite the actuality that if unachievable, know the intent of life and recognizes the journey to that moment is pure bliss, happines

Sep 2022
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