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1000 Miles Out

A Collection by Chelsea Mealo and Brayden Hall

1000 Miles Out is a collection of 37 1/1 images based on the shared experience of getting stuck abroad on the tiny island of Mauritius for 6 months by these two artists. A job had brought them to Mauritius early March 2020. Despite expressing concern about traveling in light of developing travel restrictions, the client urged them to go. It took three days to travel around the world from New York to the middle of the Indian Ocean. The day after arriving, they were informed that the island would be closing its airport, the only way on and off the island, for 10 days. Periodically, this 10 days turned to a month, two months and so on resulting in an unexpected six-month stay. Initially, the island was incredibly strict with a police-enforced lockdown. Trapped abroad tested the two both financially and mentally. However, the life-changing experience had a bittersweet ending as the two developed deep friendships and love for the island.

Sep 2021
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