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As a member of GEN.ART you’ll be able to mint exclusive NFT (ERC-721) artwork by world-renowned artists. We’re limiting membership to 5,100. As a lifetime member, you will not only be part of a special group of collectors and artists but have an active say in the future of GEN.ART through governance tokens (ERC-20) that will be airdropped. Please check the Screener Tool to see what mints are available to each membership.

GEN.ART Memberships | Airdrop Collection

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Anhedra by Nadieh Bremer
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Toha by Rich Poole
On-chain generative art released on GEN.ART. Toha explores the beauty of constrained motion. 500,000...
Kakano by Rich Poole
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Fjall by TENGIL
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Imagination by Hevey
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Folded Sequence by toiminto
On-chain generative art released on GEN.ART. Folded Sequence is distinctively Toiminto, a style he h...
Tidal Friction by R0zk0
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Blom by lucastswick
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Dendrites by jenslabs
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