Trade Age of Rust Items on OpenSea!

by Devin Finzer

We’re excited to announce that Age of Rust items are now tradable on OpenSea!

According to the Age of Rust website, Age of Rust is

A dark sci-fi adventure game set in the vast expanse of the universe. You’ll explore abandoned space stations, mysterious caverns, and ruins on far away worlds. On the way, you’ll unlock puzzles and secrets to light the way forward.

Age of Rust’s founder, aliased cloverme, shared an interesting story with us about the early days of Age of Rust:

We started on Counterparty back in 2017 for a couple of reasons, the big one was that ERC20 and ERC721 were still in their early days back then. Plus, blockchain games at that time were mostly Counterparty based. Our MVP game was a text-adventure token-enabled game that used the Counterparty tokens.

To take a step back, Counterparty was a token platform that used the Bitcoin blockchain. It had a really good community but services and games started to move away from it towards Ethereum. Before segwit and lightning, running anything on top of Bitcoin was a bit of a struggle, so players moved over to Ethereum too.

So earlier this year, I created a token wizard to migrate our Counterparty tokens over to Enjin tokens. Our hodlers sent their Counterparty tokens to a burner address and in return they received the new Enjin backed ERC1155 tokens. It was a good move — Counterparty was eventually delisted from the majority of exchanges. So the Counterparty community is now kind of isolated.

It’s been exciting to move to Ethereum and Enjin because the players have access to easy to use wallets and services like OpenSea to buy and sell assets, which was very very difficult on Counterparty.

Age of Rust’s roots run deep and they’ve consistently shown that they prioritize player experience over loyalty to any given tech stack. If you’re still not convinced that Age of Rust is a game worth experiencing, watch this trailer:

It looks incredible! Token Gamer called it the most beautiful blockchain game, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re ready to get in on the action, check out the selection of Age of Rust items on OpenSea here.

Why list your Age of Rust items on OpenSea?

Keep your items in your wallet while they’re on sale

You can create an auction for an Age of Rust item but keep it in your own wallet while it’s on sale. That way, you can still use your Age of Rust items, even while they’re listed on the market! You can learn more about this feature here.

List Age of Rust items without paying gas

Once you’ve set up your OpenSea account, you can list your Age of Rust items without paying gas or waiting for confirmation from the blockchain. When you list an Age of Rust item, you just configure your listing and sign it with MetaMask. When the item is purchased, the buyer submits a transaction, and the deal is done.

Accept bids for your Age of Rust items

Not sure how to price your Age of Rust item? You don’t have to! Other users can bid on an Age of Rust item (even if it’s not on sale!) without any action from its owner. The owner can immediately fulfill these bids, receiving WETH in exchange for the Age of Rust item. But act quickly — other holders of the token can fulfill the offer, too!

Sell Age of Rust items by the lot

If you’ve got a dozen smoke grenades and you only need a few, you can list the extras all as a single lot. Plus, it’s gasless! Just set your total price and the quantity you want to sell, then sign the listing with MetaMask. Make sure to double check the unit price, first, though.

Get more exposure

Tens of thousands of users browse OpenSea for all sorts of game items, collectibles, digital artwork, and more. By listing your Age of Rust items alongside other collectibles, you gain a ton of exposure.

Interested in joining the Age of Rust discussion? Check out their Discord server. Or to see what else is brewing in the world of NFTs, join us over at the OpenSea Discord server.

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