Now open! Our marketplace for Gods Unchained Cards

by Devin Finzer

We’re excited to announce that Gods Unchained cards are now listable on OpenSea!

For those of you who are new to the blockchain gaming space, Gods Unchained is one of the most anticipated blockchain games since CryptoKitties. Gods Unchained is a free-to-play, turn-based competitive trading card game in which cards can be bought and sold on the open market. Players use their collection to build decks of 30 cards, and select a God to play with at the start of each match. The goal of the game is to reduce your opponent’s life to zero.

Since cards are truly owned by the players (they’re etched into the Ethereum blockchain), they’re a lot like physical trading cards: they can be thrown away, gifted to a friend, or (most exctingly) sold on open marketplaces like OpenSea. On OpenSea, cards can be sold for a fixed price, auctioned, or sold in bundles. And excitingly, that world of card trading is ready for exploration! To put an item on sale, simply go to your account page, click the item you’d like to sell, and hit the “sell” button. Start browsing the marketplace here.

Important note: if you’ve listed Gods Unchained cards previously on OpenSea, you’ll need to relist your cards due to the Gods Unchained smart contract migration. Since this is the final version of the contract, any cards you list now will be purchasable very soon, once the Gods Unchained team unlocks trading.

If you’re just starting to navigate the world of open marketplaces, here are a few reasons to list your cards for sale on OpenSea:

Get exposure on the largest digital asset marketplace

OpenSea is currently the largest and most powerful marketplace for unique digital assets on blockchain. With over $7M in transaction volume, thousands of traders are using our marketplace to buy and sell hundreds of different types of digial assets, including Cheeze Wizards, ENS names, and MyCryptoHeroes items. This means that your listings will get more exposure than they would on a smaller, more isolated marketplace.

Sell cards in bundles

If you’ve got a dozen cards that you want to sell all together for a single price, you can list the cards all as a bundle. Plus, it’s gasless! Just set your total price and the quantity you want to sell, then sign the listing with your wallet. Learn more about our bundle feature here.

To create a bundle, simply go to the “Account” dropdown and select “Sell a bundle”.

Sell in any token

On OpenSea, you’re welcome to sell in ETH, but you can also sell in other tokens as well. Want to list a card in a stable coin like DAI or USDC to ensure the price of the underlying currency doesn’t fluctuate? Simply choose one of these tokens from the dropdown when selling an item.

Auction your card to the highest bidder

Think you’ve got a particularly rare card but not sure how to price it? Try out our English auction system, which works a lot like eBay! Just choose the minimum amount you’d like to accept, and let buyers compete to win your item. For extremely valuable cards, this can be a very compelling way to find the best price for your item.

Want to try a different auction mechanic? Give our “Dutch auction” feature a try. With Dutch auctions, you set a starting price, ending price, and duration. The price of the item will decline over the specified duration, at which point anyone can purchase it. Of course, if any of those options are too complex, you can simply list a card fo a fixed price!

Accept bids for your cards, or bid on other players’ cards

Not sure how to price your card? You don’t have to! Other users can bid on a card (even if it’s not on sale!) without any action from its owner. The owner can immediately fulfill these bids, receiving WETH in exchange for the item. But act quickly — other holders of the token can fulfill the offer, too!

See a card you’re interested in? Simply place a bid, even if the card isn’t already on sale. If the user visits their item on OpenSea . If the user has an OpenSea account, they’ll get an email. Learn more about our bidding feature here.

Interested in joining the discussion? To see what else is brewing in the world of NFTs, join us over at the OpenSea Discord server.

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