Top 10 NFT sales of the week, October 18th – 24th

by Hamish Barnes

From metaverse land purchases to art investments, this is your weekly roundup of the biggest sales in the NFT space. Sorare debuts at No.5 after this season’s “Neymar Unique” sold for 74 ETH ($30k), with Axie Infinity and $MEME dominating the rest of the top spots. It was also a strong week for the Hackatao duo, who sold 3 items on SuperRare for a combined 140 ETH ($57k)!

1. CocoBear sold Devil Jack to Ssbd20 for 200 ETH ($80653.97).

2. CocoBear sold Handsome Bob to Ssbd20 for 200 ETH ($80653.97).

3. 0x302f442… sold Vitalik Buterin Legendary to nbolamav for 80 ETH ($32261.59).

4. Seth13 sold Andre Cronje Legendary to 0x3b485db… for 75 ETH ($30245.24).

5. 0x327305a… sold Neymar 2020-21 • Unique to 0xc733fde… for 74.416 ETH ($30009.73).

6. Hackatao sold EradiGirl to Phill for 60.85 ETH ($24538.97).

7. 0x81b5f7a… sold Dharma Dragon to 0x2543134… for 52.31 ETH ($21095.05).

8. CocoBear sold Virgin Crimson Whitie to 0x9cb8c14… for 52.309336805555555555 ETH ($21094.78).

9. Hackatao sold Untitled Dreams to Phill for 44.44 ETH ($17921.31).

10. Hackatao sold Mater sive Natura to Phill for 35.35 ETH ($14255.59).

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