Genies Asia x PAC-MAN x OpenSea

Thanks to the Genies Asia x PAC-MAN team for publishing this article with us!

What are Genies?

As the world’s premiere avatar technology company, Genies is on a mission to become the identity layer across the internet. Genies is creating a network of platforms and marketplaces where virtual identities lead the way in digital communication, connection, commercialization, and monetization. Genies recently released its beta app, which allows you to create your “starter” Genie, collect avatar wearables to evolve your look and style, and use it on Giphy’s network of platforms. As Genies rolls out of beta later this summer, you’ll be able to use your Genie on more and more platforms through their SDK/API integrations, which will provide you with more places to access your virtual identity and new ways to use it. Your Genie will travel with you wherever you go in the digital world, becoming the virtual portable identity across the internet and metaverse. Genies is preparing to launch their own avatar wearable NFT marketplace later this summer, built with Dapper Labs, the creators of NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties. Once this is live, you’ll be able to buy, sell, and trade your favorite Genie avatar wearable NFTs from the most iconic celebrities and brands, allowing you to own a piece of culture and evolve your Genie identity over time. 

Genies Asia partners with PAC-MAN to debut avatar wearable NFTs for the game’s 41st birthday celebration 

In celebration of PAC-MAN’s 41st birthday, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has partnered with Genies Asia to bring iconic visuals from the game’s heritage into the new-age virtual world through a limited edition avatar wearable NFT drop. This collaboration marks the first partnership for Genies Asia in the region, as they bring PAC-MAN to a global audience through OpenSea’s marketplace. The collection merges the classic PAC-MAN look with new stylized takes from renowned artists in the digital space, including Baugasm, Cory Van Lew, Gabriel Gimenez, NFN Kalyan, Renderfruit, and Defaced Studio. The final piece of the collection features a 1/1 auction, memorializing PAC-MAN’s historic leap into the world of avatars.

“It’s amazing to be able to bring PAC-MAN into the digital world in this capacity where fans and collectors can engage with the game in a completely new way that is very personal to their own digital identity and self-expression – through their Genie,” said BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment CEO Yasuo Miyakawa. “We’re excited to also be partnering with the six digital artists in this collaboration as a way to re-imagine the PAC-MAN style and allow the artists to showcase their own unique experience and connection to the brand.”

Each of these NFT pieces unlock a limited-edition PAC-MAN avatar wearable – collectors of the helmets will be able to redeem the helmet for their own Genie avatar to wear, and the one of one will unlock an ultra-rare pair of PAC-MAN inspired Arcade Boots. Collectors of these pieces will be able to redeem their wearables to adorn on their Genie once the Genies avatar wearable NFT marketplace is live in the coming months. At that time, all owners of Genies NFTs will be able to transfer their NFT to the new marketplace, which will then unlock the affiliated wearable in their Genies App for their Genie avatar to wear. All future Genies avatar wearable NFT drops will be available solely on the Genies Marketplace. For more details on Genies beta app for consumers and Avatar Wearables, please visit Join the Genies Discord community for all updates and support here: This collection will be available worldwide.

PAC-MAN™&©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Check out a preview of the PAC-MAN x Genies Asia drop below:

1 of 1 Auction 

Into the Metaverse by PAC-MAN x Genies

Will be live for 24 hours. 

Into the Metaverse by PAC-MAN x Genies: View NFT
  • ***This 1 of 1 Genies Moment unlocks an ultra-rare 1/1 pair of PAC-MAN Arcade Boots, an avatar wearable that can be worn on your own Genie avatar. 

PAC-MAN x Genies Helmet Collection – seven avatar wearable Editions featuring six digital artists: 

Genies x PAC-MAN: The Original

Quantity: 100

Price: 0.01 ETH

The Originalby Genies x PAC-MAN: View NFT

  • ***This Limited Edition NFT unlocks this helmet as a rare avatar wearable that can be worn on your own Genie avatar.


Quantity: 50

Price: 0.1 ETH

HOLO HELMET by Baugasmx Genies x PAC-MAN: View NFT

  • ***This Limited Edition NFT unlocks this helmet as a rare avatar wearable that can be worn on your own Genie avatar.

Cory Van Lew: AQUA PAC

Quantity: 50

Price: 0.1 ETH

AQUA PACCory Van Lew x Genies x PAC-MAN: View NFT

  • ***This Limited Edition NFT unlocks this helmet as a rare avatar wearable that can be worn on your own Genie avatar.

Gabriel Gimenez: PAC-FADO

Quantity: 50

Price: 0.1 ETH

PAC-FADO by Gabriel Gimenez x Genies x PAC-MAN: View NFT

  • ***This Limited Edition NFT unlocks this helmet as a rare avatar wearable that can be worn on your own Genie avatar.

NFN Kalyan: ____-Man

Quantity: 50

Price: 0.1 ETH

____-Man NFN Kaylan x Genies x PAC-MAN: View NFT
  • ***This Limited Edition NFT unlocks this helmet as a rare avatar wearable that can be worn on your own Genie avatar.

Renderfruit: PAC-MAN DREAM

Quantity: 50

Price: 0.1 ETH

PAC-MAN DREAM by Renderfruit x Genies x PAC-MAN: View NFT

  • ***This Limited Edition NFT unlocks this helmet as a rare avatar wearable that can be worn on your own Genie avatar.

Defaced Studio: Soft Nostalgia

Quantity: 50

Price: 0.1 ETH

Soft Nostalgia by Defaced Studio x Genies x PAC-MAN: View NFT

  • ***This Limited Edition NFT unlocks this helmet as a rare avatar wearable that can be worn on your own Genie avatar.

For more details on the incredible digital artists involved in this collection: 

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The Preakness x Zed Run

Thanks to The Preakness & Zed Run for publishing this article with us! If you’d like to write a guest post for our blog, fill out this form.

Ahead of Preakness 146 this Saturday – The Preakness has partnered with Zed Run to commemorate the incredible 146 year legacy of the Preakness Stakes while offering a special breed of digital racehorses with an exclusive Preakness skin. These limited edition digital collectibles are a first-of-its-kind in thoroughbred racing and bring the most iconic races in Preakness history to life in an all-new digital format. The auction is currently live, with the main collection auction ending Saturday, May 16 at 6pm. PDT and the Special Edition auctions ending on Monday, May 17 at 6 p.m. PDT. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will benefit The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund and the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance.

The Preakness Historic Moments

The Preakness will commemorate its 146 year legacy with a collection of seventeen individual 1-of-1 NFTs surrounding race day. These limited edition digital collectibles bring the most iconic races in Preakness history to life in an all-new digital format. The collection will auction official full race clips from some of the most historic races in Preakness history. Every NFT available for auction in the collection will unlock exclusive offerings within Zed Run including a Preakness race-coat-skin within the game and Genesis Z10 digital racehorses. 

  • Triple Crown Winner (1973) – Secretariat (1-of-1 NFT) 
  • Triple Crown Winner (1977) – Seattle Slew (1-of-1 NFT) 
  • Triple Crown Winner (1978) – Affirmed (1-of-1 NFT) 
  • Classic Rivalry (1989) – Sunday Silence vs. Easy Goer (1-of-1 NFT) 
  • Historic Win (1997) – Silver Charm (1-of-1 NFT)
  • Historic Win (2004) – Smarty Jones (1-of-1 NFT) 
  • Historic Win (2005) – Afleet Alex (1-of-1 NFT) 
  • Classic Rivalry (2007) – Curlin vs. Street Sense vs. Hard Spun (1-of-1 NFT) 
  • Memorable Filly Victory (2009) – Rachel Alexandra (1-of-1 NFT) 
  • Historic Win (2012) – I’ll Have Another (1-of-1 NFT) 
  • Historic Win (2014) – California Chrome (1-of-1 NFT) 
  • Triple Crown Winner (2015) – American Pharoah (1-of-1 NFT) 
  • Triple Crown Winner (2018) – Justify (1-of-1 NFT) 
  • Memorable Filly Victory (2020) – Swiss Skydiver (1-of-1 NFT) 

The Preakness Special Editions

Beyond tokenizing each historic Preakness Stakes race as an NFT, The Preakness is pairing incredible physical experiences with each Special Edition NFT. The highest bidders of each Special Edition can join the winner’s circle next year at the historic Preakness Stakes for the presentation of the Woodlawn Vase, personally name a Preakness undercard race, attend Preakness 147 as VIP guests and much more! Special editions include: 

  • Special Edition: The Woodlawn Vase NFT & Physical Trophy (1-of-1)
    • The winning bidder will receive an Official Woodlawn Vase replica trophy and become the first public-facing owner of such a token made by a master silversmith Stieff Galmer in New York.
    • The winning bidder will also receive (2) VIP Tickets to Preakness 147 (May, 2022) *Inclusive of Homestretch views and a VIP dining experience.*
  • Special Edition: The Preakness 146 – An Instant 1-of-1 Classic (2021)
    • Directly following Preakness 146 on Saturday, May 15, The Preakness will mint the race as a 1-of-1 NFT. History Made With First Real Time Sports NFT Drop.
    • The winner will work with The Preakness design team to create an official jockey silk, with custom designs, colors and patterns. Additionally, this silk will be autographed by this year’s Preakness 146 winner and shipped directly to them.
    • The winning bidder will also receive (2) VIP Tickets to Preakness 147 (May, 2022) *Inclusive of Homestretch views and a VIP dining experience.*
  • Special Edition: Triple Crown Winner Montage (1-of-1)
    • This 1-of-1 video NFT showcases the most recent winners of The Preakness Triple Crown (Secretariat, Seattle Slew, Affirmed, American Pharoah, Justify).
    • The winner of this 1-of-1 auction will also win the exclusive opportunity to name an undercard race at Preakness 147 next year. 
    • The winning bidder will also receive (2) VIP Tickets to Preakness 147 (May, 2022) *Inclusive of Homestretch views and a VIP dining experience.*
  • Special Edition: “American Thoroughbred” by Black Madre (1-of-1)
    • A hand illustrated edition depicting the legendary American Thoroughbred and Preakness Winner, Justify alongside champion, Hall of Fame Jockey Mike Smith, during the 143rd Preakness on May 19, 2018.
    • A portion of proceeds from the sale of this NFT will benefit The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund
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The Lost Art Of Photography

Thanks to Gary Andrew Gershoff and his team for publishing this article with us! If you’d like to write a guest post for our blog, fill out this form.

When I began to shoot live concerts in late 1977, I was twenty five years old. I was passionate about both music and photography, and combining the two was a dream come true. As a musician, I could anticipate key musical points in songs to better capture the genuine expressiveness of the artist.

Photography back then was nothing like it is today. Everyone has smartphone cameras at their disposal, with tons of advanced features that take the work and stress out of taking the photo. The smartphones and digital cameras of today can take hundreds of photos per minute with automated settings to adjust for brightness, movement, focus, and more. 

Back then, in the late 1970s and into the 1990s, I was shooting with film cameras. All photography was done manually. The pressure was immense. Timing the shot was everything, it was hard to get a good shot of the artists as they moved and danced on stage. There was no auto anything back then. You had to be quick, agile, and mentally sharp, constantly evaluating every second. You had to determine the color temperature of the stage lights and adjust your settings accordingly. Then there was the constant fluctuation of the lights. Most critical of all, you had to think, am I even in focus? You couldn’t see any of your shots in real time. Imagine the anxiety of not knowing if your settings were correct until the end of the night, when it was too late to capture the moment. You were flying by the seat of your pants. 

On top of all the variables that go into getting the shot, you had to make it through a second hurdle: developing the black & white film, which is an artform in and of itself; the expertise to mix the processing chemicals at the proper temperature and ratio. Any miscalculations could under, or over process the film, lessening your chances of a good photo coming out.

I am very proud of the images I have produced, and am happy to know that people who love and appreciate these artists will have a visual history for years to come.

Check out the collection.

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The King of Crunk Lil Jon drops NFTs on OpenSea

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Grammy Award-winning producer, DJ, and TV star Lil Jon is bringing something innovative to the NFT game. The King Of Crunk is offering something special to his fans — exclusive content that gives unparalleled proof of ownership, access, and best of all…bragging rights! With four categories of original content to choose from — including newly recorded content for these Lil Jon NFT’s – ranging from Jon’s signature catchphrases to unreleased beats [circa classic 2005 crunk era] and physical products — the icon is giving more access than ever before to his fans. There’s also a not-to-miss chance to party live with Lil Jon in select cities.

The four categories of available NFT’s include;

Signature Ad-libs: Two unique audio collections of Lil Jon’s famous ad-libs, 15 of each individually numbered NFT issued.

Famous Catch-phrases: Includes video of Lil Jon’s signature catch-phrases: YEAHH!!! WHAT!? OKAYYY!!!

Beats from the Vault: Lil Jon pulled from his production vault recorded circa 2005.

The Pimp Cup NFT: This NFT features Lil Jon toasting with his iconic blinged-out encrusted Pimp Cup! This NFT owner will also receive a physical Lil Jon pimp cup from his personal stash to have as their very own.

View the collection.

For the last decade, the words “YEAHH,” “OKAYYY,” and “WHAT!?” have been synonymous with Lil Jon. He has been one of the most prominent figures in music and pop culture alike, performing for hundreds of thousands of fans with Usher & Ludacris, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Pitbull, TLC (on FOX’s American Idol), Yandel, LMFAO, and Sydney Samson just to name a few. His consistent hitmaking has earned him legions of fans from Los Angeles to New York to the Midwest and of course his native region, the South. This is no more evident as Lil Jon has won 2 BMI Songwriter of the Year awards as well as scored eleven Billboard Awards (for the two hit Usher tracks “Yeah!” and “Lovers and Friends”), a Grammy, a Radio Music Award, a BET award, two MTV Video Music Awards, and an American Music Award.

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Save Thousands Of Lives Through This NFT

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Noora Health, a public health nonprofit organization, is auctioning an NFT to support their work with underserved communities in South Asia. 

Noora Health trains patients’ families to take care of them after they leave the hospital. By empowering caregivers with the knowledge and skills they need to care for their loved ones, Noora’s program reduces preventable complications, readmissions, and even death. 

Noora Health is selling its first NFT titled ‘Save Thousands of Lives’, with the goal of raising funds to support their work. It is called this because they will use the proceeds from the sale of the NFT to save lives. They estimate that with each $1,235 raised by selling it, they can save one life (and improve several more). That means that the higher the price of this NFT goes, the more lives they will be able to save. 

Their program runs in 165 hospitals in South Asia, serving primarily new mothers and their families, and has reached more than 1 million patients and families to date. During and beyond the COVID-19 crisis, women in India continue having babies, but with enormous challenges. Data they’ve collected since 2018 indicates that they can save 9 babies per 1000 live births, at this cost. 

This NFT is different in that it is not tied to a digital file or work of art. What the final bidder will own, in this case, is the knowledge that the money they spent to buy it saved lives, and proof that they were the one who paid for this project. Noora Health imagines this NFT as something that can be handed down through generations or gifted to a loved one. The auction announcement generated some buzz online, with Paul Graham writing an essay about it and placing the initial bid.  

Noora Health stresses that they could never put a price on a life, nor is this an attempt to; but that by being precise about the costs of their work, they’re highlighting the potential impact one can have by donating to efforts of this type. Besides fundraising for its own work, Noora Health hopes to start a conversation about new approaches to fundraising through its NFT auction – something that other organizations can tap into to reach potential supporters who otherwise might not have heard about them.

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The IKONICK Universe is Expanding

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In 2016, digital artist Jeff Cole (@cole) and Mark Mastrandrea (@markbrazil) launched IKONICK; a first of its kind, direct-to-consumer canvas art brand on a mission to motivate and inspire the world through visual storytelling.

Within 18 short months, the business reached $10M in sales and caught the attention of entrepreneurial icons Gary Vaynerchuck and Scooter Braun who joined as strategic advisors in 2018. IKONICK has since earned licensing rights to create co-branded canvas art collections with some of the worlds’ most recognizable brands; Monopoly, Popeye, Smiley, Peanuts, Sonic, Muhammad Ali, NBA & more.

Today, IKONICK is the fastest-growing art brand in the world with an engaged social community in the millions and a customer base of over 100k.  

Introducing, Ikonick NFT

Continuing on the brands’ mission to inspire and motivate the world, Cole and Mastrandrea now have their sights set on disrupting the booming NFT market with a heavy focus on marrying the physical and digital art worlds. Ikonick will strategically produce NFTs with both proven owned IP; inspired by best-selling canvas art designs and licensed IP; all intended to provide value to the end consumer.

Ikonick NFTs will allow existing and new fans of the brand an opportunity to collect unique pieces of art, becoming closer than ever to the Ikonick family. 

Following suit of the existing canvas art business model, all Ikonick NFT collaborations, partnerships, and one-of-a-kind designs will be curated by Cole. Fans can expect frequent drops of collectible grade, pop culture-driven pieces that will unlock all different types of valuable experiences. 

The First Ikonick NFT Collection: Eternal Editions  

The Ikonick Eternal NFT collection is designed to commemorate and digitally reimagine some of the brand’s most celebrated and classic canvas art designs to date. 

The first drop will be “Dreams Weigh More Than Excuses” inspired by a canvas art design that was our best seller of 2020, making it a fan favorite and the most inspiring piece during the pandemic.   

Two tiers of NFT’s will be made available:

ETERNAL AUCTION: A rare 1 of 1 edition, which comes with a physical Infinite Object. The Eternal Auction will be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder exclusively on OpenSea.  

ETERNAL SET: A FREE NFT with purchase of a $500 IKONICK gift card (Available for 48 hours only and then will never be sold again), which will be processed on  

Collaboration Contests

With every Eternal Edition release, a collaboration contest will be held, giving fans of the brand a unique opportunity to work with IKONICK. 

For the inaugural release, the winner will receive an official custom art collaboration and NFT release with Ikonick. The winner’s art pieces will sit alongside some of the most iconic brands and entrepreneurs of our time. They will work directly with the IKONICK creative team to design a unique art piece that will serve as passive income, forever!   

Learn more about the Collaboration Contest at

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Artist Spotlight, April 2021

Each month we’ll be reaching out to new and exciting artists selling their work on OpenSea and asking them to introduce themselves to our growing community. Here’s Panagiotis Archontis, Farah Manley, and REO!

Twitter | Instagram | OpenSea

Hi, my name Panagiotis Archontis. Nice to meet you! I’m a young designer from Greece. My studies are in Fine Arts and for the last 2 years, I’m working as a 3D Designer. 

My driving force is curiosity and I believe that, as creators, we are responsible to create clean bonds between mankind and technology. I especially enjoy uncertainty! I draw inspiration from patterns of nature and human behavior, although I usually experience inspiration as a product of study and hard work. In my free time, I’m learning new tools and techniques such as creating AR experiences,  designing pieces of furniture, and sewing. I work in multiple layers while I’m trying to find my style. As it seems digitization has already been established as the new norm. Web 3.0 is not far and I would love to play my role there.

Twitter | Instagram | OpenSea

Hi friends, I’m Farah. A 2d/3d Digital Artist, Architect and mom living in Toronto, Canada. I create surreal + whimsical composites that are inspired by my son, childhood stories, dreams and anything I find extraordinary. I constantly fantasize and take myself out of reality. My work usually conveys a sense of peace, at times thought provoking but mostly good vibes.

Currently on OpenSea, I have an on-going collection (collectibles) of a treehouse (I designed) that I constantly use in my composites. It reminds me of childhood; the idea of innocence, freedom, exploration and sheer joy. With the treehouse collection, I’m able to explore materiality + playful themes. I hope this series resonates with you and have your support.

I never thought my art would direct me to NFT’s, I’m so glad I took the plunge! This has opened up so many opportunities, connections w/ other artists and collaborations. Can’t wait to see where it takes me…

Twitter | Instagram | OpenSea

My name is REO and I am a musician and visual artist. I’ve been making art/music professionally for the last 15 years. Music has always been one of the main motivations in my process due to synesthesia. I’ve been drawing and dancing or being creative ever since my earliest memories as a kid. I really want to continue to move into world building for the big AR technology thats around the corner. Fully realised environments with sound, smell, touch and taste that are like therapy for the senses.

If you’d like to suggest an artist or put your collection forward for consideration, don’t be afraid to let us know on Twitter. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t made any sales yet – we’re keen to spread the word about creators minting their first NFTs too!

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Electric Artefacts x Sven Eberwein

Thanks to the Electric Artefacts & Sven Eberwein team for publishing this article with us! If you’d like to write a guest post for our blog, fill out this form.

Sven Eberwein, a self-taught computer-graphic artist and designer at Tesla, describes his work as follows; “of the internet, by the internet, for the internet”. Eberwein started tinkering with design software in his early teens and gradually developed his practice by studying whatever he could get his hands on online. Dropping out of school at age 16 and never receiving formal training in 3D design was all part of the process of him growing as a creator and eventually working at Daimler (the corporation behind Mercedes-Benz) and Tesla. He is truly a wunderkind of the internet, and credits the world wide web; “education has become far more accessible. I’m in the generation that experienced this for the first time, and I think it will become even better in the future.” 

Sven Eberwein, Abstract Noise #3.1

As an artist, Eberwein often works with loud colors, playing with recognizable elements of internet- and crypto-culture. For his latest pieces, however, Eberwein returns to the basics of digital creation. The series Abstract Noise was created with the 1980s computer-design software Pixel Stream Editor, a very rudimentary program that offers a lot of freedom precisely because of its simplicity. The shapes of Abstract Noise are a return to the origin story and ‘power to the people’-mentality of the simpler, early days of the internet. Eberwein explains: “during the past years, the internet became a quasi-oligopoly confined by nation-states. We start to see some resistance against that and a lot of it is manifesting itself through crypto & decentralization.”

The nine artworks of Abstract Noise collection on OpenSea will be auctioned starting Wednesday April 28th, with the remaining works available over the following days.

The collection is part of the solo exhibition Sven Eberwein: Abstract Noise at digital art studio Electric Artefacts. Different from his usual work, this series consists entirely of abstract movements: waves of noise in a sea of NFTs. You can learn more here: 

Sven Eberwein, Abstract Noise #1.1, 2021

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Simco Drops: Petra Cortright

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Simco Drops presents Room, its inaugural NFT release with Petra Cortright. For this work, Cortright built a heavily layered digital landscape composed of a mixture of brushstrokes and found images, totaling 50 unique layers. She then utilized a custom script that cycles through the 50 layers, randomly selecting and de-selecting elements and rearranging them with dramatic results.

The first drop of 100 works is the result of the script processing the file and producing outcomes with 15 final visible layers. The 2nd drop of 100 works consists of 30 visible layers, and the final 100 with 45 visible layers. After the 3rd drop period ends the top 3 collectors who acquire the most Room artworks will each be awarded the prize of a unique Room work that utilizes the full 50 visible layers. Each Room artwork purchase also includes a link to the unique PNG image file via the IPFS gateway.

Simco Drops

Simco Drops is a curated platform for exhibiting and selling contemporary digital art. Our platform is simply an online gallery that will exhibit and sell art that is created within a digital format. Simco is the nickname of Stefan Simchowitz, the caretaker of this platform. Stefan Simchowitz is a collector, dealer, patron, and gallerist residing in Los Angeles. Stefan Simchowitz supports the production, financing, and distribution of emerging contemporary art around the world. He recently opened a gallery in Los Angeles under his namesake Simchowitz and supports a residency and exhibition program in Los Angeles which provides artists with resources to realize their goals.

Petra Cortright

Petra Cortright (b. 1986, Santa Barbara, CA) is a contemporary artist whose multifaceted artistic practice stems from creating and manipulating digital files. Cortright’s digitally-conceived artworks physically exist in many forms – printed onto archival surfaces, projected onto existing architecture, or mechanically carved from stone. A notable member of what became known at the ‘Post Internet’ art movement of the mid-to-late-2000s with her YouTube videos and online exhibitions, Cortright later began to laboriously craft digital paintings by creating layer upon layer of manipulated images in Photoshop – which she then rendered onto materials such as aluminum, linen, paper, and acrylic sheets. In addition to her 2D work, in 2018 Cortright premiered a new body of sculptural work in marble. As with her paintings, Cortright’s sculptures are intended to capture and represent a digital moment – in this case, a digital brush stroke – that is translated into a three-dimensional object via industrial fabrication techniques. Cortright’s role as an artist is an amalgam of painter, graphic designer, editor, and producer; culminating in a singular artistic reflection of contemporary visual culture that can exist on a smartphone screen, a Times Square billboard, and anything in between.

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Duchamp’s x Rolex x MTG

Thanks to the Duchamp’s team for publishing this article with us! If you’d like to write a guest post for our blog, fill out this form.

Duchamp’s is proud to present two one of a kind assets in a single auction, backed by legally-binding NFTs proving provenance and ownership.

Magic: The Gathering PSA 10 Unlimited Gem Mint Black Lotus

Released in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast, Black Lotus is Magic: The Gathering’s most iconic card. This Unlimited Black Lotus is 1 of 29 to receive the highest possible grade – 10 Gem Mint – from PSA, the largest and most trusted third-party grading company in the world. Printing of Unlimited cards was rushed by Wizards of the Coast, resulting in numerous imperfections, ink dots, and roller lines throughout the set, making this perfect print extremely rare and ultra valuable.  This card has been meticulously stored and professionally maintained by a single owner since it was graded in the early 2000s.  At the pinnacle of Magic: The Gathering and with a perfect 10 Gem Mint grade, this Black Lotus is in the top echelon of cultural assets.

View the asset.

Rolex 116500LN Cosmograph Daytona with White Face

Originally introduced in 2016 at the watch industry’s most prestigious showcase – Baselworld – Rolex took the industry by storm.  The refreshed Daytona 116500LN was by far the most talked-about watch release and is still the most highly sought-after Rolex on the market.  With a minimum 5 year waitlist, purchasing a 116500LN from Rolex is practically impossible and secondary market prices reflect its rarity and demand.  

This 2019 116500LN is in Excellent Condition and has sits in its wooden Rolex Green Wave Box with all associated papers since originally purchased. The Daytona has been a favorite on the wrists of cultural legends such as Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Jay-Z, and Paul Newman, whose 1968 Daytona fetched a record-setting $17.8 million at auction in 2017. Putting one for the first time, you become one with the watch whose notoriety and desirability has transcended through time to become a cultural icon.

View the asset.

About Duchamp’s

We know you’re not selling your cryptocurrency to buy milk, so we bring you the rare, the valuable, and the exclusive. We are a venture-backed team of collectors, investors, and experts who source, authenticate, auction, and deliver one-of-a-kind assets, all on the blockchain. When you win our auctions, you receive the physical asset and a 1/1 NFT that legally certifies your ownership on-chain. Have questions or are interested in consigning your collection for auction? Contact us at [email protected].

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