Trending NFTs: Vogue, Blair Bernstein, and more

// A look at what’s hot across the metaverse.


Vogue Singapore’s landmark collection is live on OpenSea, and there are just a few hours remaining to bid on the two 1/1 auction pieces. This is your chance to own the first-ever digital covers in the brand’s history, so move quickly if you want to get involved!

The series, created for the first Vogue issue dedicated to the metaverse, includes NFTs from Chad Knight, baelf design, Amber Jae, The Fabricant, Shavonne Wong, Lanzavecchia + Wai, and Dain Yoon.

Check out what’s available right here.

Blair Bernstein

Blair Bernstein is an NYC-based illustrator producing daily drawings featuring big lips, big hair, and big lashes. The artist launched a series of generative sisters on OpenSea recently, and you can still pick up NFTs via the initial sale. If you’re just wanting to browse the secondary market, here’s your link.

“Every trait in this collection was hand-drawn or painted on paper, scanned, and then layered through an algorithm to generate 1,989 unique women living on the Ethereum blockchain.”

Letters by Vinnie Hager

Vinnie Hager’s genesis NFT collection consists of 1000 hand-illustrated 1/1 pieces, with traits determining rarity. With nearly 700 unique owners, it’s clear that this is a collectibles project valued by the wider community, not just a few who bought in more than once. Join the Discord to see for yourself.

Edifice by Ben Kovach

As we know (he writes taking cover), Art Blocks leads the pack when it comes to consistent, intriguing, mind-bending generative art drops, and Edifice by Ben Kovach is the latest to capture NFT land’s full attention.

If you weren’t able to grab one on mint, the secondary market is in full swing.

Divine Anarchy

According to the websiteDivine Anarchy is “the first attempt at an in-game governance NFT that will act as an experimental catalyst for open source tribe formation” Curious? Us too. The roadmap is packed, and the team’s Twitter looks like the place to be if you want to learn more.

What we can tell you is that the NFTs are moving fast on OpenSea, and you can browse the 10,011 strong series right here.


$ENS made headlines, refreshed the OpenSea Spatial gallery with some incredible NFTs, and Malaysian Hip hop star Namewee entered the chat with a drop that got his fans talking.

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