Trending NFTs: Lindsey Byrnes, EBABES, and more

// A look at what’s hot across the metaverse.

Lindsey Byrnes

Whisper it, but photography NFTs could be about to have their moment in the sun. After Justin Aversano proved demand for curated sets of 1/1’s, Lindsey Byrnes’s collection of 30 sold out in just a few hours.

“Growing up, my mom would send two postcards a week to stay connected; one for me and one for my brother. They were ours to own individually. A postcard is the perfect length – a message that never gives too much or too little, letting the images speak for the sender, allowing the receiver to fill in the rest.”

Check out the Wish You Were Here – West Coast, USA collection for yourself.

Jason Chambers

“I create art not just as a need to express myself, but also as a way for me to deal with life.”

Jason Chambers is dropping new works on August 11 at 12pm EST – don’t miss it!

Svetlana Aleynikova

Nature Divas is a series of 8 NFTs created by Svetlana Aleynikova. The artist has been sharing snippets of her behind-the-scenes processes on Twitter, so give her a follow if you’re keen to learn about how IRL models are involved in the early stages.

All 8 tokens are up for auction until 18:30 EST on August 12.


TAYODAMNSHOES will be adding a few new EBABES to the collection on Friday, August 13, so keep your eyes on our homepage if you want to get involved. There will only ever be 111 EBABES, and the artist intends for each set to be better than the last.


FVCKRENDER’s latest collection consists of 4169 unique computer-generated crystal NFTs that grant access to future projects like events, raffles, airdrops, and more. As the artist puts it, “they all look sick, but some are rarer than others.”

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