Artist spotlight, May 2021

David Lobser

Introducing Alex Alpert, Russ Morland, and David Lobser.

I’m a stream of consciousness artist. My pieces are created in a free-form style – meant to express the various emotions and thoughts I am experiencing while I draw. I don’t consider anything that results a mistake, I simply build off of what I have drawn and try to create a balance across the canvas.

My most recent NFT project was a collaboration with Aloe Blacc – a tribute to Avicii with proceeds going to the Tim Bergling Foundation for mental health awareness. I hope to destigmatize mental illness through my art, and am currently working on a collaboration with 30+ NFT artists to create a group drawing NFT with proceeds going towards suicide prevention causes.

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Born and raised in England’s cold North, I found a passion for creatures of the night and rad skateboard vibes. I mixed all my 80s inspiration together in a chaotic melting pot in college and university through the 90s and by the time the 2000s were upon us I was doing some pretty weird art, what you see today is a culmination of these things… also mushrooms.

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I create imagery and animation to soothe the mind and elevate consciousness.  Using generative patterns, multi-sensory input, 3D animation and VR, I explore the frontiers of “digitceuticals” and “cyberdelics”. Art, like medicine, can alter perspective and expand awareness so as to create a vessel for healing and deepening connections to one’s interior landscapes. I’m a research fellow at Johns Hopkins and adjunct professor of digital art at Harvard and Colorado University. 

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