Spotlight, March 2021

by Hamish Barnes

Each month we’ll be reaching out to new and exciting artists selling their work on OpenSea and asking them to introduce themselves to our growing community. Here’s Valentina Loffredo, Lisa Odette, and SuperNfty!

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Hello, my name is Valentina Loffredo, I am an Italian artist based in Hong Kong. My work is minimal, conceptual and has its very own sense of humour. Keeping things visually clean and simple works for me not only for the aesthetics, but also to leave space to the imagination, to keep the conversation open. Humour, on the other hand, is often my entry point for a deeper conversation.

I have been a full time artist since 2017. My projects have been exhibited with solo shows in Hong Kong and Milan, featured in ‘Personal Structures’ (collateral event of the Venice Art Biennale) and in several group exhibitions and art fairs in Hong Kong, Shanghai and London, including an auction by Sotheby’s. My first photography book “Reality, Curated” has been published by NHP in 2020.

In March 2021, I minted my first NFTs collection on OpenSea!

Twitter | Instagram | OpenSea

I’m a 3D and 2D artist who focuses on exploring the female essence through shapes and colors. My style is recognizable for the very stylized forms, bright colors, pattern design, and an emphasis in the overall geometrical composition of the scenes.

In my OpenSea collection ‘The Ladies”, I compile my personal explorations of woman figures, fashion, pattern design and landscape illustrations, all very geometrical and stylized, always playing with filling the space, even exaggerating the forms of the ladies to achieve this. Among portraits and full body illustrations, some of them are looped short animations that gives life to the scenes and invites the viewer to stare at them longer. Each piece is a 1/1 NFT of my personal works created between 2020 and 2021.

Hi, I’m SuperNfty, a 25-year-old, European 3D-artist. I’ve loved collecting things from a very young age: Pokémon cards, Flippo’s, marbles, anything. Heavily inspired by designer toys, pop surrealism and hype culture, I’ve been quietly designing my own virtual toys for the last 5 years, some of them brought to life through virtual reality and 3D printing. 

The Super Nfty Floating Heads are high quality, animated 3D characters unburdened by gravity. Only 264 will ever be made and every single one will be completely unique (1/1). A fun fact is that I actually make the 3D models for these in VR, in a program called Gravity Sketch. I’d like to view the floating heads as the first project in a long lasting career in collectibles. My number one goal is to keep creating and adding value for my community. It’s been so much fun talking and collaborating with collectors and other artists on Discord, Twitter and Instagram.

I never dared to pursue a career in art until I heard about NFT’s a few weeks ago. Now, I’m completely obsessed with Cryptoart!

If you’d like to suggest an artist or put your collection forward for consideration, don’t be afraid to let us know on Twitter. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t made any sales yet – we’re keen to spread the word about creators minting their first NFTs too!

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