Artist Spotlight, April 2021


Each month we’ll be reaching out to new and exciting artists selling their work on OpenSea and asking them to introduce themselves to our growing community. Here’s Panagiotis Archontis, Farah Manley, and REO!

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Hi, my name Panagiotis Archontis. Nice to meet you! I’m a young designer from Greece. My studies are in Fine Arts and for the last 2 years, I’m working as a 3D Designer. 

My driving force is curiosity and I believe that, as creators, we are responsible to create clean bonds between mankind and technology. I especially enjoy uncertainty! I draw inspiration from patterns of nature and human behavior, although I usually experience inspiration as a product of study and hard work. In my free time, I’m learning new tools and techniques such as creating AR experiences,  designing pieces of furniture, and sewing. I work in multiple layers while I’m trying to find my style. As it seems digitization has already been established as the new norm. Web 3.0 is not far and I would love to play my role there.

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Hi friends, I’m Farah. A 2d/3d Digital Artist, Architect and mom living in Toronto, Canada. I create surreal + whimsical composites that are inspired by my son, childhood stories, dreams and anything I find extraordinary. I constantly fantasize and take myself out of reality. My work usually conveys a sense of peace, at times thought provoking but mostly good vibes.

Currently on OpenSea, I have an on-going collection (collectibles) of a treehouse (I designed) that I constantly use in my composites. It reminds me of childhood; the idea of innocence, freedom, exploration and sheer joy. With the treehouse collection, I’m able to explore materiality + playful themes. I hope this series resonates with you and have your support.

I never thought my art would direct me to NFT’s, I’m so glad I took the plunge! This has opened up so many opportunities, connections w/ other artists and collaborations. Can’t wait to see where it takes me…

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My name is REO and I am a musician and visual artist. I’ve been making art/music professionally for the last 15 years. Music has always been one of the main motivations in my process due to synesthesia. I’ve been drawing and dancing or being creative ever since my earliest memories as a kid. I really want to continue to move into world building for the big AR technology thats around the corner. Fully realised environments with sound, smell, touch and taste that are like therapy for the senses.

If you’d like to suggest an artist or put your collection forward for consideration, don’t be afraid to let us know on Twitter. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t made any sales yet – we’re keen to spread the word about creators minting their first NFTs too!


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