Artist spotlight, July 2021

Introducing Leila Fakhrealami, Alice Labourel, and Army Risa.

I’m a Persian painter and my mixed-media female portraits capture a raw and emotive energy and expression that is a fundamental component of my path as an artist and human: my work overcomes my emotions, and is designed intellectually. Though my toolset spans from oil to watercolor and acrylic, it is my recent body of coarse and frenetic pen and ink compositions that I am showcasing on OpenSea.

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French but based in Barcelona, I work as a freelance artist for architects and TV productions. As a former ballet dancer and architect, I tend to represent movement and poetry through my art, using 3D simulations, renderings, and strong atmospheres.

Each artwork tells a story that is open to interpretation, and my pieces are often based on mythological tales. I aim to stimulate the imagination with my work, and I hope my audience feels the emotion I put into every creation.

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I’m a concept artist based in Indonesia. My art spans from the playful and cartoonish, to painterly realism. I have experience working in film, television, and animation, and stay active and inspired by incorporating improvisation and an expressive and consistent sketching routine into my day-to-day life. 

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