Artist spotlight, August 2021

Introducing Robert Bohn, Juliana Juaquina, and Billy Dinh.

I am an artist/animator based in NYC – creating stimulating visual assaults inspired by 80s/90s cartoons and culture. I dredge deep personal reservoirs for colorful characters, emotions, and experiences to tickle your senses. My work can be found on Adult Swim, Facebook Watch, and Broadway.

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My name is Juliana Juaquina. I’m Brazilian, and I started working with illustration in 2012. I have art exhibitions in many cities in Brazil, and I’ve sold physical works to people in the USA and Europe.

My biggest inspiration is cubism, especially Pablo Picasso, but I’m also inspired by the modern art movement and surrealism. I’m an exclusively digital artist.

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I am a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. I discovered photography when I purchased a professional camera hoping to photograph still-references for my illustrations and paintings. After a short trip to Iceland with my new camera, I came back to NYC and have not stopped taking photos since.

I capture moments of everyday life and find beauty in the usual. My photos are presented almost as stills from something out of a movie or a dream. I am mostly inspired by music, contemporary fine art, cinema, and traveling.

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