12 curated works for CADAF Online

We’re excited to feature 12 independent artists for CADAF Paris’ virtual gallery, CADAF Online! From June 17 – 23, head to the CADAF | Artfair website to view work from some of OpenSea’s finest creators, as well as over 100 other participants from around the globe.

CADAF’s art fair will focus on NFT and blockchain art and will be deployed through a virtual and interactive platform that encourages and promotes communication between artists, collectors, and NFT enthusiasts. Visitors access individual booths via the 3D floor plan and utilize smart networking tools to engage with artists and one another. A variety of diverse cultural programming including 40+ artist talks, panel discussions, and screenings will be streamed during the fair.

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The artists

Alex Alpert: NYC Goes Pink


I’m a stream of consciousness artist. My pieces are created in a free-form style – meant to express the various emotions and thoughts I am experiencing while I draw. I don’t consider anything that results in a mistake, I simply build off of what I have drawn and try to create a balance across the canvas.

Alex Alpert

NFN Kalyan: Far Wells Mill Valley


Kalyan was born in the United States to an Indian father and American mother and grew up between Wisconsin and his father’s native country.

Each one of Kalyan’s works is about the destructive nature of the human condition. He is hard but empathetic with the message. He says, “The great men we have killed, the environment we have destroyed and the lies we tell ourselves are terrible things. But we are supposed to hate the sin and love the sinner. And the sinner is everyone who looks at my work. And the sinner is me. Because we are all human.”

Jessica Perlstein: Sowing the Fabric of Reality


Jessica Perlstein is a visionary artist based out of San Francisco, CA.  Her biggest inspirations involve music, travel, and observing and working closely with nature.  She carries a strong message of taking action towards respecting a thriving planet and the resulting reality we can create when we choose to be aware of our symbiotic relationship with nature.  Her latest work emphasizes a movement toward environmental sustainability, merging ecological technologies and innovations within our current society to illustrate a thriving community. 

Schweenix: Papa November Whisky


Schweenix is a multidisciplinary artist based out of NYC, primarily engaged in art as a healing modality. They like drawing on their iPad, and sometimes go outside. They’re also part of the OpenSea community team.

Carlos Fama: Isolation

I am mixed media digital artist from Spain, I have been creating art since 2016. Part of my inspiration comes from artists like Basquiat, Salvador Dali and the world around us. I love combining black women with nature trying to represent the beginning of our existence on this planet.

Carlos Fama

Min Guen: Ape Mobile


Hi, my name is Min. I am a Senior Concept Artist with over 8 years of experience in the entertainment industry, successfully shipping numerous AAA titles/ feature films/ TV shows and games.

Min Guen

Cecil Touchon: Kaleidoscope #311


Internationally renowned and widely exhibited and published artist Cecil Touchon (b.1956 Austin, Texas) is known for his typographic abstractions, visual poetry, conceptual art, and collage art. His art has been seen in magazines, movies and television and even the Paris fashion runways via Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons fame.

Daniel Greenwood: Simulation


I’ve expressed myself through art and music as long as I’ve been alive. I do mixed media, physical and digital work that resembles the random thoughts and pictures I used to scrawl in notebooks when I was a kid. I’ve never grown out of that sense of excitement at creating something new and different. My experience as a human and my fascination with all of the darkness and beauty in this world are the overall themes of my work.

Daniel Greenwood

Zack Williams: The MediTaters


Zack is a Director, Animator, and Illustrator based out of New York.

Russ Morland: Fancy Protector Redux


Born and raised in England’s cold North, I found a passion for creatures of the night and rad skateboard vibes. I mixed all my 80s inspiration together in a chaotic melting pot in college and university through the 90s and by the time the 2000s were upon us I was doing some pretty weird art, what you see today is a culmination of these things… also mushrooms.

Russ Moorland

The Lightclinic: Horseshoe Crab #1


David Lobser specializes in aesthetic therapeutics. Visuals and sound can be combined to directly affect human physiology. Such works can be described as “digitceuticals” or “cyberdelics”. Art, like medicine, can alter perspective and expand awareness so as to create a vessel for healing and deepening connections to one’s interior landscapes. “Visitations” is a VR gallery which uses auditory and visual strobing with form constants and breathing rhythms to create hypnotic states in the viewer. “Cosmic Sugar” is a creative VR sandbox that helps produce states of flow via sculpting stardust with powerful forces. David Lobser is a research fellow at Johns Hopkins and adjunct professor of digital art at Harvard and Colorado University. A purchase of an NFT from this collection will help support ongoing research in the nascent field of digital therapeutics.

Mirage Gallery: Collector


Mirage Gallery is creating entirely AI-generated artists. Everything from their headshots to their artwork is created by artificial intelligence. These artists will continue to train and improve over time and will only ever create around 100 works of art.