CryptoAssault units are now tradeable OpenSea

by Dan Viau

We’re excited to announce that CryptoAssault units are now tradeable on OpenSea!

CryptoAssault is a massively multiplayer war game where players compete for control of territory by commanding armies of ERC-721 backed units, earning daily ETH rewards for the territory they control. The endless battle plays out on a huge, persistent map that’s divided into concentric rings. In short, your goal in the game is to control as much territory, as close to the center, as possible.

A unit controls the territory it occupies, but units vary widely in their characteristics and relationships to one another. For a detailed look at fusing, analyzing, and managing units, check out CryptoAssault’s Pre-sale article.

“You should be able to look at the map of your units and the enemy’s units and have a bunch of hard decisions about what your next move is.”

The team behind CryptoAssault brings plenty of mobile game development experience to the table, and they’ve made engaging, strategic gameplay a top priority. If the available screenshots and gameplay footage are any indicator, the payoff should be substantial! If you found the Command & Conquer franchise engaging, CryptoAssault might be your next big addiction.

Check out the selection of CryptoAssault units on OpenSea here.

So, why list your CryptoAssault units on OpenSea? First off, it’s a great way to turn your time investment into crypto. But it also gives you access to a deep set of features. Check them out!

Keep your items in your wallet while they’re on sale

You can create an auction for a CryptoAssault unit but keep it in your own wallet while it’s on sale. That way, you can still deploy your unit while it’s on the market! Learn more about this feature here.

List CryptoAssault units without paying gas

Once you’ve set up your OpenSea account, you can list your CryptoAssault units without paying gas or waiting for confirmations from the blockchain. When you list a CryptoAssault unit, you just sign the listing with MetaMask. When the item is purchased, the buyer submits a transaction, and the deal is done.

Accept bids for your CryptoAssault units

Not sure how to price your CryptoAssault units? You don’t have to! Other users can bid on a CryptoAssault unit (even if it’s not on sale!) without any action from its owner. The owner can immediately fulfill these bids, receiving WETH in exchange for the unit.

Sell units by the bundle

Sellers on OpenSea now have the power to sell multiple assets in one transaction. If you’ve got a load of surplus CryptoAssault units, you can group them into a single listing for a single price. Plus, it’s gasless! Just put together the bundle listing and sign it with MetaMask. For more details, check out our Medium post.

Get more exposure

Thousands of users browse OpenSea for all sorts of game items, collectibles, digital artwork, and more. By listing your CryptoAssault unit alongside other collectibles, you gain a ton of exposure.

Interested in joining the CryptoAssault discussion? Check out their Discord server. Or to see what else is brewing in the world of NFTs, join us over at the OpenSea Discord.

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