Dark Country is on OpenSea! Unleash NFT power with our gaming ecosystem

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Meet the Dark Country game on OpenSea!

Dark Country is American gothic game world where items are created, owned and managed by players. Based on the classic Collectible Card Games (CCG), we welcome you to unleash the full power of NFTs.

Our aim is to create an ecosystem of regular events, game mods, and games of different genres, in which you can use the same NFT items: 

  • CCG/TCG game modes: Classic CCG, Auto Battler, Living board CCG and others
  • Esports and gaming events. Up to 10% of all proceeds from our pre-sale will go to the Tournaments pool. 
  • Other game genres that stick perfectly with Dark Country NFT reuse: RPG-like games, city building, territory control strategy. 

What do we bring into the NFT world?

We are eager to give users a choice how to use NFT power and grow the value of their NFT items. Users will be able to choose the direction of item development, reach milestones, and make their items outstanding.

We want to offer an excellent playing experience by combining our ecosystem, NFT features, and thoughtful UI/UX game design.

Current Progress

We’re validating our hypotheses as we receive fantastic support from the community in an ongoing manner! We successfully completed the pre-sale of the Exodus cards series and today have sold more than 12,000 items. 

At this stage, we can say with confidence that our artworks are outstanding! You can see it here – https://darkcountry.io/art 

The launch of Dark Country private Alpha is planned for this spring. 

About the Dark Country Team

Our team has a solid background working with gaming dApps. One of them is Prospectors MMO with 3000+ DAU. Therefore, being guided by reaching a wide audience, we have an understanding of what strengths of the blockchain and NFT we can use. Also – we know what mistakes crypto games should avoid at the very initial stage of the project.

Exclusive Open Sea Offer

For you guys, who are with us at the early stages, we prepared an exclusive offer, available only on the OpenSea NFT marketplace!

Catch Ultra Bundle – 30 Dark Country items with more than 35% discount! Offer will be available till 6 PM UTC, 7 April 2020. Check it out here!

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