The biggest drop in Times Square since New Years Eve

Guest post by Treum, the team behind EulerBeats.

It started with Swether. Then came EulerBeats.

And now we are following up with something even bigger, like literally Times Square, 7-story jumbotron big… 

Our latest NFT project is a collaboration with international language-based artist, Jonathan Rosen, titled “The Biggest Drop in Times Square since New Years Eve“.

We are bringing the digital space into our physical world with four text-based NFTs, displayed through June on the massive 7-story Nasdaq Times Square digital tower. The project culminates in a 24-hour auction, right here on OpenSea, beginning at 1pm ET on Tuesday, June 15th. 

Rosen’s career has been dedicated to the examination of human possibility and desire through language. Inspired by prolific artists from the pop-art movement, his work has been exhibited in museums all over the world, including the Smithsonian and the Museum of Sex. With the four video pieces he has created, titled I WANT, BIG, DROP, and FAMOUS, Rosen explores our universal need to be seen, to be successful, and for many, to be famous. 

Thanks to Treum’s NFT platform, Rosen is pushing his work further than ever before. By tokenizing these “full reel” videos, each with 1000 possible phrase combinations, and by minting single-phrase NFTs from the videos, we are enticing collectors to create a market around human emotions.

With this project we have accomplished something that we think is unique to the NFT world: we’ve tokenized our innermost human desires. The sale of these tokens, via this auction and in future secondary markets, speaks to how we, as collectors and individuals, choose to value our emotions and share them with society at large.

As part of our partnership with Nasdaq and in celebration of Pride month, Rosen has created an exclusive fifth NFT available for auction, titled I WANT (NASDAQ), a giant 12:20 minute video containing 4000+ listing symbols on the exchange, with all proceeds going to Broadway Cares

Taking the entire collaboration one step further, at the close of the auction, the five winning collectors, whether they be people or even a DAO, will be given the opportunity to have their face, name and/or crypto wallet address displayed on the Nasdaq tower, next to their newly minted NFT. 

The Auction for 5 “full reel” NFTs will be on OpenSea starting 1pm ET on Tuesday, June 15th. This English-style auction is slated to run for 24 hours and end on Wednesday, June 16th at 1pm ET. If bidding activity continues during the closing minutes, the auction will extend in 5-minute increments.

Check out more of Rosen’s work at:

To purchase the single-phrase NFTs that are part of the project, head over to

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