Edition365: A portrait of the year that changed everything

Guest post by 1854.

An open call to artists

Since the coronavirus pandemic swept the world in March 2020, humanity has shared – and documented – an extraordinary experience. History has unfurled in front of our eyes; cracks in our systems have been magnified, and across oceans and borders, ways of thinking, acting, and existing remain in flux. 

Intended to stand as a historical reference for decades to come, Edition365 is the newest open call from 1854 and British Journal of Photography, set to produce a global and multi-faceted portrait of the year that changed everything. Edition365 will culminate in a major virtual exhibition in collaboration with growing nexus of the digital art space, New Art City, alongside a collectible photobook and an NFT auction. 

As the landscape of art continues to seismically shift in the digital age (and amidst the pandemic), the rise of NFTs has seen artists capitalize on new and unique ways to sell their work — in some cases for huge sums. “NFTs change everything for artists and art collectors,” says Marc Hartog, CEO of 1854. “As a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied or altered, NFTs verify scarcity and ownership of the underlying art, while opening up brand new ways for artists to connect with collectors and increase their net income exponentially.”

For Edition365, the winning artists’ work will be part of a collection that is sold in limited editions in partnership with a major environmentally conscious (layer2, PoS) NFT platform, with winning artists sharing 70% of the net income generated. 

“We are partnering with OpenSea as the largest marketplace in this space to maximize income for artists,” continues Hartog. “Edition 365 will create a uniquely compelling collection to auction as NFTs, alongside an opportunity for artists to be part of the most ambitious virtual exhibition New Art City has ever attempted. This is the beginning of a next-generation cultural shift. We are extremely excited to be driving it forward.”

Submit your work

Anybody, from anywhere, practicing any form of expression, can submit an Edition365 entry entirely free of charge (1854 Access Members can submit up to ten entries). Photographs, moving images, digital art, musical compositions, spoken word, and videos are all eligible, and the work can relate – whether directly or indirectly – to any of the significant events that have occurred in the last year.

The work should be created between 11 March 2020, when the World Health Organisation officially announced a global pandemic, and 10 March 2021: 365 days, captured in 365 artworks, by a vast and dynamic array of creators from around the world.

Enter Edition365 free now | Deadline: 19 August 2021, 18:59 EST