Julian Edelman: The amateur’s guide to NFTs (from an amateur)

by Hamish Barnes
Julian Edelman's drop

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I’m almost 40 and somehow, I’ve never written a blog post.

Never minted an NFT either.

So I guess we’re trying new things. Three big learnings from our first NFT.

The amateur’s guide to NFTs (from an amateur).

Creative first.

It should go without saying, but I’m going to say it: creativity above all.

When people engage with art, whether it’s non-fungible or oil on canvas, they want to feel something. It would have been easy to pump out a couple of designs and leverage celebrity to the work. But that’s not what the art or crypto community is after. They want something to love.

We were lucky to partner with Yellowfly, a Boston area design shop that just elevated the creative to another level.

The moment this becomes a purely commercial venture is the moment it fails.

Pay artists. Think critically. Make something you would want to own.

More on paying artists below.

Minting is all details.

Everyone told us to add time, that minting takes a second.

Cavalier as ever, we allocated a full workday. Oops.

Rendering, exporting, uploading, copy, layout. They all take time – per each minting.

That doesn’t include the marketing strategy, the content production, the landing page and the myriad of other efforts that comprise the awareness around your NFT.

Will you make an auction or sell outright? 

Never played around with Ethereum? Setting a wallet up is a process.

These aren’t the hardest questions, but there are many. Make time to think through them.

In the wild west, join a posse.

Ok, yes, NFTs are the wild west. There’s not a whole lot of expertise out there.

But there is some. Find it.

Partner with artists who understand the space. Find them on OpenSea and other platforms.

Get into the communities on Reddit, Discord, Twitter, Clubhouse (among others) and listen.

Engage strategic minds to help think beyond the NFT and how to create awareness.

“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. 

Oh, and last one; don’t be afraid to fail. Everyone is learning.

-Assaf Swissa

Creative Director & Founder @ Superdigital
NFT Amateur.

About The Collections

True to form, Julian Edelman’s first NFT collections combine sports and pop art, bringing Julian’s on-field career to life. 1-of-1 editions will include game worn items, signed art, game experiences and more. A portion of proceeds from both collections will directly benefit charitable causes. 1-of-1 editions will include game worn items, signed art, game experiences and more.

The Cryptomon NFT Trading Card Collection combines Julian Edelman’s football career evolution with one of his favorite pastimes – trading card collectibles! Collect ‘em all! 10% of proceeds from all collection sales will be donated to Stop AAPI Hate, an non-profit dedicated to combating the rise of bigotry and violence being faced by Asian Americans.  

The Incredelman NFT Comic Collection combines Julian Edelman’s amazing championship moments with nostalgic comic book action. 10% of proceeds from the 1/1 Yalla Edition will benefit Maccabi USA, a non-profit using sports as a force for Jewish pride, connection, and community.  

Both collections are now live, only on OpenSea. Sequential minted pieces end at 7PM 4/2, with 1/1 special editions ending 7PM 4/3.

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