Hello better offer management features & new listing flow

At OpenSea, we believe selling digital goods should be a seamless and stress-free experience, so you can focus on what’s important — creating extraordinary work and finding new pieces to add to your collection. With that in mind, we’ve been working on several new improvements and fixes to make selling NFTs on OpenSea simpler than ever. The two seller’s flows that we’ve enhanced are:

1. Managing your offers easier
2. Listing your NFTs within seconds

Managing your offers just got easier

One of the common frustrations that we hear from a lot of owners and sellers is that they receive a lot of low-ball offers on their items, flooding their email inboxes.  To ease the frustration, we’ve added 3 new tools to give OpenSea sellers the control and customization they have long craved.

Start negotiating with counter offers

If you receive a bid that’s not too far off your asking price, create a counter offer to start the negotiation. This will create a new listing that is reserve for that specific offerer.

Determine your offer strength with floor prices

With all the offers coming in, sometimes it’s hard to tell what is a good offer and what isn’t. Today, we now surface the floor price and a handy floor difference indicator so you can easily determine the strength of an offer.

Set minimum offers per collection

If you want to avoid receiving low offers on your items, you can now set a minimum offer amount across different collections. You can set a minimum offer amount per collection. A handy tip: if you own more than one Cool Cat, for example, make sure your minimum offer amount is set in relation to your cheapest NFT.

We’ve also:

  • Fine-tuned the offers table on the profile page so you can easily view offers received and offers made.
  • Polished the offers table on the item’s page
  • Cleaned up the navigation on the Accounts Page

Soon, we’re planning to make it possible for users to disable offers entirely. Before then, head to the Offer Settings tab on your Account Settings page and explore all the latest updates or go ahead and place an offer on an NFT.

Listing your NFTs within seconds

Earlier this year, we made it possible for users to sell individual items on the Polygon blockchain. The tech was new, and some of the features and functions were unfamiliar compared to what we know and love on Ethereum. Now, to prepare for some exciting new features and unify the selling experience across the platform, we’ve redesigned the flow, making it simple to list your NFTs no matter what chain you’re selling on.

A high level look at some of the latest improvements:

  • We’ve unified the listing flow for Polygon and Ethereum NFTs to support more blockchains ahead
  • We’ve cleaned up the user interface to make it faster to list
  • We’ve fine-tuned our language to make the process and features clearer

While we were at it, we’ve also polished and updated a few specific UI elements.

Schedule listing easier

We polished the date picker — making your listings much easier to schedule. We’ve also added several new default ranges from 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, and more. Keep in mind, all listings expires within 6 months and you’ll have to relist after that to keep your listing active.

Create bundle listings faster

Listing bundles is quicker and easier than ever before. Simply, set to sell as a bundle, give your bundle a name, and add more items to your bundle all on the same page.

Select your listing types and methods quickly

Quickly list your item as fixed priced or timed auction. And within timed auction, you can easily select your method where you can either sell to highest bidder (English Auction) or sell with declining price (Dutch Auction).

Soon, we’ll be adding two exciting features to further improve our gas-free marketplace:

  • Polygon auctions
  • Polygon bundles

Until then, give our new listing flow a try on OpenSea.io, and learn more about how to sell an NFT on our help center.

We’re always looking for new ideas as we improve the OpenSea experience for sellers, buyers, and creators, so join the community on Discord or track us on Twitter and Instagram if you want to put forward your suggestions.

And if you’re interested in helping us build new and innovative features to empower collectors and artists in the NFT space, we’re hiring across the board. We couldn’t be more excited about the journey ahead, and we hope you’ll join us.

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Rebecca Minkoff & Jo Lambert: empowering women through NFTs

OpenSea’s Head of Design, Jessica Phan chats with designer Rebecca Minkoff and Yahoo’s Head of Consumer Jo Lambert about female empowerment and their newly launched immersive NFT experience on Yahoo.

Jessica Phan:

Rebecca and Jo, I am thrilled to be interviewing you both. Before diving in, would you introduce yourself?

Rebecca Minkoff:

My name is Rebecca Minkoff. I am the founder of Rebecca Minkoff the brand and Female Founder Collective. I am a published author, mother, wife, friend, social activist, and colleague to many!

Jo Lambert:

I’m Jo Lambert, Head of Consumer at Yahoo. I have the great fortune to lead the company’s portfolio of consumer properties, including our flagship, Yahoo, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo News, TechCrunch. We reach 900 million consumers globally every month. We strive to provide them engaging experiences, whether that be news, entertainment, retail investing, sports gaming and betting, subscriptions or shopping. 

Jessica Phan:

And how did you both find yourself in the NFT space?

Rebecca Minkoff:

We have a unique edge in the industry as we have always sat at the intersection of Fashion and Technology. As we approached our 20th anniversary of the iconic ‘I Love NY’ t-shirt, it was a natural evolution for us to step into this space as a frontrunner in the fashion industry reimagining our pieces for the RM girl. As we find new ways to showcase our own personal identity, I was excited to give consumers an opportunity to own a piece of this project and take part in our journey into the metaverse with NFTs.

Jo Lambert:

Yahoo is an industry leading digital media and technology company. We are laser focused on creating amazing and immersive experiences for our 900 million customers globally. We were so excited to work with Rebecca to showcase her collection in a virtual experience and to introduce them to these stunning NFTs in the virtual gallery. The collaboration between Rebecca Minkoff and Yahoo will deliver cutting edge, shoppable and immersive NFT experiences to fashion enthusiasts across the world. 

Rebecca Minkoff

“As we find new ways to showcase our own personal identity, I was excited to give consumers an opportunity to own a piece of this project and take part in our journey into the metaverse with NFTs.”

Designer Rebecca Minkoff

Jessica Phan:

One of the reasons why I am personally thrilled to have you here is because you are both well-respected women in your industries who are navigating a new space that is highly male-dominated. As women, why is it important to you to enter this space and what excites you about it?

Rebecca Minkoff:

As a female founder and advocate for women owned business, having the opportunity to enter this male-dominated space is something that I am truly passionate about and feel the need to increasingly embrace and make space for other in. The sheer amount of women entering this space as gamers and consumers should mean that the talent creating these and artists making NFTs should be refractive of the customer base.

Jo Lambert:

Our work together this season showcases the power of women – from the producers on our team to the creative forces behind the project and those that stand within the NFTs — all which support female-run businesses. At Yahoo, we’ve seen incredible growth with female audiences as they come to us for more personalized experiences across news, sports, entertainment and finance – something we’re proud of as we continue to focus on bringing consumers closer to the things they love. This immersive NFT experience is a first of its kind and I love that the inspiration came from an amazing female entrepreneur who is leading the way in fashion and technology. 

Jo Lambert

“Our work together this season showcases the power of women – from the producers on our team to the creative forces behind the project and those that stand within the NFTs — all which support female-run businesses.”

Jo Lambert

Jessica Phan:

Rebecca, I’m curious how do you explain NFTs to other women and how it might impact or benefit their lives?

Rebecca Minkoff:

NFTs – a non-fungible token – is a unique digital art form that can serve many purposes. This can be a new way for consumers to collect art. It can armor ones identity within the digital space and metaverse. It can even be avatars on a snapchat lens.

You may be using an NFT without even realizing it on a consumer discovery level! Fashion and identity has been missing in the digital space, and the value of digital items allow women to have endless self expression. A lot of education needs to be done in the space, but hopefully our stride into this space allows women to explore their curiosity and learn more about this digital evolution.

Rebecca Minkoff

“A lot of education needs to be done in the space, but hopefully our stride into this space allows women to explore their curiosity and learn more about this digital evolution.”

Designer Rebecca Minkoff

Jessica Phan:

Rebecca, you will be hosting your first immersive NFT collection in collaboration with Yahoo on OpenSea. Can you tell us more about your collection and what the proceeds are used for?

Rebecca Minkoff:

Our NFTs include a series of collage images featuring model portraits by Cass Bird, images by Paul Siebert & Donte Page and immersive innovation by Yahoo.

OpenSea will host the NFT sale of which all proceeds will fund a grant for women-owned businesses impacted by the pandemic in NYC. Female Founder Collective (501c3) will be administering the grant to support these much needed businesses. All revenue from NFT resales will continue to benefit the Female Founder Collective (FFC).

Jessica Phan:

As a woman who has founded a business and is a member of the FFC, your collection means a lot to me. It is all very inspiring how this NFT collection has the power to empower women and their businesses.

Rebecca and Jo, thank you for giving us the opportunity to chat with you both.

"I Love New York" A Capsule Collection by Rebecca Minkoff

The capsule collection includes ten original NY Fashion Week Fall 2021 looks:

  • Vigilance, an exclusive 1 of 1 NFT
    (includes 2 tickets to NYFW, a signed RM bag, and a private video call with Rebecca)
  • The Premiere Series, a selection of 2 NFTs limited to 5 editions
    (includes 2 tickets to NYFW for each NFT)
  • The NY Series, 6 NFTs limited to 10 editions each
  • The Rebel, a single collector’s NFT with 150 editions

Be sure to check out the “I Love New York” A Capsule Collection by Rebecca Minkoff on OpenSea

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Stop AAPI Hate: Daz 3D, the Diigitals and a Groundbreaking NFT

Guest Post by Preston Woo, Chief Strategy Officer of Daz 3D and Tafi

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Daz 3D has once again teamed up with The Diigitals, a leading all-digital modelling agency, building on their past collaboration in support of Black Girls Code earlier this year. This time, the team is releasing a ground-breaking and innovative

NFT designed to showcase the Asian-American Pacific islander experience. All proceeds from the NFT sales will be donated to non-profit Stop AAPI Hate. The non-profit Stop AAPI Hate operates the Stop AAPI Hate reporting center, which tracks incidents of hate and discrimination against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States. In addition to the NFT drop, Daz 3D will be releasing exclusive 3D content on their own marketplace, and will also be donating proceeds from the sale of those assets as well.

Now is the time to rally behind the Asian Community

There is no better time than now to stand up for inclusivity, diversity, and love for all communities. May is a special month for the AAPI community, making it the perfect time to raise awareness about serious issues that trouble Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders across the country and the world.

Just a few months ago, NBC News released alarming data showing that Anti-Asian hate had nearly doubled in March of 2021. The types of hate-crimes being committed daily, including acts of violence, racism, and even hateful rhetoric toward Asian-Americans that has saturated the US throughout the COVID-19 pandemic especially is cause enough for action. Many voices are using their platform and reach to advocate for more love and change.

Coming Together to Make an Innovative NFT

This project is meaningful for a lot of people, both on and off the team who created it. This NFT simply wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative effort of a number of professionals and passionate creators, making this NFT the perfect fusion of culture, art, and technology with a powerful purpose.

The NFT is a combination of contributions by Cameron James-Wilson, CEO of the Diigitals and creator of virtual idol Joon Yung, Preston Woo and the team at Tafi and Daz 3D, and Braeden Duperron, fourteen-year-old violinist.

When we asked Braeden why he contributed to this NFT by playing the violin for the soundtrack, he said: “I was so excited to play the violin for a project that would help other people like me with all the money going to Stop AAPI Hate. I hope this inspires people to treat others better . . . I’m excited to joinwith Stop AAPI Hate to spread awareness of the racism experienced by Asian peoples throughout North America and the world.” Braeden goes on to explain his own experiences as someone of AAPI heritage saying, “Looking different—I’m of mixed heritage—Japanese, Hawaiian, and Filipino—when people meet my white mom, they think I must be adopted and have even asked where my mom got me. I don’t let it bother me and keep doing what I love—playing the violin. I hope everyone enjoys my performance.”

The NFT features the original digital character Joon Yung, or J-Yung, created by The Diigitals. “Bringing together art and technology to benefit such an amazing initiative and stand against anti-Asian hate was an easy decision for us at the Diigitals,” Cameron said. “As an artist who is heavily inspired by Korean culture, I cannot be silent on the rising issue of anti-Asian hate across the world.”

In the NFT, J-Yung’s outfit was designed exclusively for the launch by digital artist and fashion designer Jin3D, a proud Korean artist. “The increase in anti-Asian sentiment across the country is very troubling and disturbing,” said Jin3D. “A natural reaction in the Asian-American community has been to hide our Asian identities and cultures for fear of being targeted for verbal or physical attacks. Turning to digital art and digital fashion has allowed me to express myself while keeping true to me Asian identity. I am honored to use my skills in support of AAPI month.”

Preston Woo, Chief Strategy Officer of Daz 3D and Tafi, leaders in 3D digital art, said, “With all proceeds going to Stop AAPI Hate, this NFT drop is deeply personal to me. I’m proud of Daz 3D and our collaboration with The Diigitals and OpenSea in support of this important, relevant cause.

With all proceeds going to Stop AAPI Hate, this NFT drop is deeply personal to me. I’m proud of Daz 3D and our collaboration with The Diigitals and OpenSea in support of this important, relevant cause.
Preston Woo
Preston Woo
Chief Strategy Officer of Daz 3D & Tafi

Why the Team Partnered with OpenSea

OpenSea is the platform of choice at Tafi and Daz3D for all of our NFTs. OpenSea is the first and leading marketplace for NFTs and user-owned digital goods, including collectibles, gaming items, domain names, digital art, and other assets backed by blockchain technology. Not only are they easy to work with, their platform offers more flexibility and freedom enhancing the NFT experience, from flexible auctions, NFT bundling, and low transaction fees. In all, the OpenSea platform is excellent at what it does, and we are proud to work with them, especially in offering this groundbreaking NFT in support ofStop AAPI Hate.

View our groundbreaking NFT on OpenSea

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The journey of a never-seen-before photograph of Andy Warhol

Guest Post by TRiPTYCH & Steven Reiss

Between 1979-1984, the New York City art scene was in full swing, though the City itself had fallen into disrepair. Mayor Ed Koch struggled while the discos raged on. Against all odds, Soho and the Lower East Side were ablaze with creative souls trying to make an impact.

new york

I traveled back and forth to the City several times between my final year of high school and college. I spent my time going to clubs like Xenon, Heartbreak, and the Mudd Club – where I saw Bowie for the first time –  and visiting galleries like Castelli, Annina Nosei, and FUN. Speaking of fun, my Eileen Ford model girlfriend and friends in the music industry were often sneaking me into the infamous Studio 54 meaning most nights out ended with a 5 or 6 a.m. walk through the gritty streets of the LES searching for hot breakfast. 

During one of these foggy-brained walkabouts through Hell’s Kitchen, I happened upon an open garbage bag with some photo prints and slide boxes. Upon checking it out, I noticed a few slides and an 8”x10″ color photo of Andy Warhol. I thought, “well, that’s a good find.” The friend I was with was a little jealous, and I knew it just by the crude comment about my garbage foraging.

Finding the photograph reminded me that art is everywhere, even in the trash. I have been an art enthusiast for decades, both as a collector of architectural drawings, graffiti, and street art, and as a photographer and music video maker.

I have taken that image with me everywhere I’ve lived. From NYC to Mexico, San Diego, and Los Angeles, but I never really thought about the story behind the photo and where it might have originated – until recently. 

The possibility of using the incredible power of the internet and blockchain technology to help identify the photo’s original photographer is a new journey for me. It seems the timing could not be better – with the reach and technology available today, and I am more hopeful than ever to solve the mystery. This is what life is all about – understanding the intrinsic value of connection and how we are all in this together. 

The possibility of using the incredible power of the internet and blockchain technology to help identify the photo’s original photographer is a new journey for me.
Karsen Woods

Steve Reiss is an award-winning producer, creative consultant, and digital video pioneer specializing in the production and delivery of media through many platforms. His collaborative spirit and keen eye for talent have led him to work with legendary directors Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, Peter Care, Joseph Kosinski, Phil Joanou, and Mark Romanek. Steve has produced and supervised music videos and commercials for iconic artists including Madonna, Alanis Morissette, Coldplay, U2, Lenny Kravitz, and Lauryn Hill, winning a Grammy nomination and several Billboard awards for “Everything Is Everything.” He has a passion for global ocean health through environmental activism. He is currently developing a film project on the global water crisis and streaming content on teachers, education, policing, and social justice. Steve’s extensive knowledge of production and visual effects comes from his experience working at NBC Productions, Propaganda and Satellite films, launching Digital Domain’s special projects division, opening Speedshape’s West Coast 3D Design Studio, and holding the position of EP for Sealevel VFX through its merger to Public FX and launching the Directors Label Series with Palm Pictures. You can find him tuning into his new podcast Our Epic Ocean or surfing somewhere in the waters of Montauk, Malibu, Australia, or Hawaii. 

TRiPTYCH is a crypto media incubator and culture accelerator. Up until now, this never-before-seen photograph of Andy Warhol has been kept from public view. What was destined to be trash forever, will find permanence and purpose on the blockchain. We’re using the power of the blockchain to amplify a 30-year search for the original photographer. We’ve tokenized a high-quality, digital rendering of the original work into one distinct NFT in an attempt to increase our chances of tracking down the photographer. As a first in the creative blockchain space, the unidentified artist has been written into the smart contract to receive royalties from the sales made here. Additionally, there is a finder’s fee included in the smart contract for the individual who helps us to answer this decades-long question of, “Who Shot Andy Warhol?” The 1-of-1 auction for this NFT will unlock the digital file. Should the current owner of the photograph feel compelled, the physical photograph may be gifted to the highest bidder. 

View this never-before-seen photograph of Andy Warhol on OpenSea.


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