The Coins & Steel crowd sale launches on OpenSea!

We’re psyched to announce that Coins & Steel crowd sale items are now available on OpenSea: the First Forge has ignited! If you know what we’re all about and you’re already hyped, you can check out the selection here. If not, stick around to see what makes Coins & Steel’s presale on OpenSea so exciting.

Coins & Steel is a tantalizing standout among a cohort of projects using the Loom Network to build the next generation of crypto gaming experiences. And we’re fortunate enough to play a part in their growth, serving as the exclusive outlet for their initial item offering. Plus, we like to think we’re a big part of putting the “Open” in “Open market”.

First things first: take a look at the stunning art and design on the Coins & Steel website. Rational minds could disagree on the matter, but Coins & Steel might even exceed the standard set by Neon District’s dark and moody visuals. It’s part of a comprehensive effort by Coins & Steel to make a game that survives on its merit, regardless of its cutting edge guts.

“With Coins & Steel we are focusing on building an amazing game first and foremost. [W]e will build a world and experience that players will feel engaged with.”

Coins & Steel is a free to play mobile MMORPG, but you can earn the native ERC-20 STL token in-game and cash it out for ETH. Curiously, they’re not selling STL directly, but users can acquire some by purchasing items.

The style and flow of gameplay take cues from Runescape, Diablo 2, Path of Exile, and Grim Dawn, among others. Players move around an open world and engage in real time, instanced PvE and PvP battles. Users will also be able to choose professions, progress along skill trees, and craft items.

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Coins & Steel’s 8 currently-active developers are putting together an uncommonly advanced stack to power the game. First off, they’re using Loom’s sidechain system which means free, fast, smart contract powered gameplay. But users can always pull the ripcord, pay a little gas, and transport game assets crafted on the Loom sidechain to the main Ethereum network. Second, they’re using Shift to mirror the game client, which promises reduced downtime. Last, they’re using OpenSea’s presale integration to release the first game items into the wild.

One final curiosity: collectors of CryptoKitties will be excited to learn that they can bring their litter into the Coins & Steel world. Plus, Coins & Steel players will be able to put hats on their cats!

“We are not sure how exactly we will use kitties. Most probably they will be a passive pet, which follows you and gives special aura based on DNA.”

So, check out Coins & Steel’s presale items on OpenSea. When public beta launches in December and when its economy starts to churn, you’ll have a head start! Incredibly, they’ve already sold almost 5 ETH worth of digital goods, and the presale action has just started! But after the game launches and you can buy and sell all sorts of weapons, armor, and auras in-game, why list your Coins & Steel items on OpenSea?

Keep your items in your wallet while they’re on sale

You can create an auction for a Coins & Steel item but keep it in your own wallet while it’s on sale. That way, you can still use your items to enhance your fighters, archers, wizards, weapons, and armor while they’re on the market! Learn more about escrow-free auctions here.

List Coins & Steel items without paying gas

Once you’ve set up your OpenSea account, you can list your Coins & Steel items without paying gas or waiting for confirmations from the blockchain! When you list a Coins & Steel item, you just sign the listing with MetaMask. When the item is purchased, the buyer submits a transaction, and the deal is done.

Accept bids for your Coins & Steel items

Not sure how to price your Coins & Steel items? You don’t have to! Other users can bid on a Coins & Steel item (even if it’s not on sale!) without any action from its owner. The owner can immediately fulfill these bids, receiving WETH in exchange for the skin.

Sell items by the bundle

Sellers on OpenSea now have the power to sell multiple assets in one transaction. If you’ve played hard and earned a whole pile of Coins & Steel items, you can group them into a single listing for a single price. Plus, it’s gasless! Just put together the bundle listing and sign it with MetaMask. For more details, check out our Medium post.

Get more exposure

Thousands of MMORPG players browse OpenSea for all sorts of game items, collectibles, digital artwork, and more. By listing your Coins & Steel items alongside other collectibles, you gain a ton of exposure.

Interested in joining the Coins & Steel discussion? Check out the chatter on Discord. Or to see what else is brewing in the world of NFTs, join us over at the OpenSea Discord channel. Finally, if you’re interested in running your own crowd sale on OpenSea, check out our developer tutorial.

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