The second Christmas Edition Stryking auction starts today

We’re excited to announce official FC Bayern Munich Player Cards (non-fungible tokens) NFTs are now for sale on OpenSea! These NFTs were created by Stryking, one of the first blockchain-based platforms to offer officially licensed sports digital collectibles.

There are five rarity tiers for all FC Bayern Munich Player Cards: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary, with Legendary being the most rare. Some of them are limited edition cards which are more scarce and have a distinctive tint. Examples of limited edition cards are the upcoming FC Bayern Munich Legendary Christmas and New Year Editions.

Stryking’s first auction

The initial offering of these digital FC Bayern Munich Player Card tokens was conducted recently. There were 18 first print Legendary Player Cards auctioned off, including one of the top goaltenders Manuel Neurer, FC Bayern Munich top striker Robert Lewandowski, and the “Little Magician” Phillipe Coutinho. Robert Lewandowski Player Card was sold at the highest price – 3.8 ETH!

Exclusive Christmas Edition Auction

The second auction starts today, and this time Stryking is auctioning Legendary Christmas Edition Player Cards featuring all 24 FC Bayern Munich players of the 2019/2020 season. There are only two sets of 24 cards each for this special edition. One set will be auctioned in six bundles of four cards each; the other set will be auctioned in one complete bundle of 24 cards.

In addition, Stryking will hold auctions for additional prints of the FC Bayern Munich Legendary Player Cards and Legendary New Year Edition Player Cards. All auctions are held in time period from 20th December until 6th January 2020.

For details of all auctions, please go to

All auction winners of these NFTs are protected by the Stryking’s money-back guarantee, which provides buyers with security and peace of mind for their purchases. After an initial 3-month cool down period, auction winners will have 30 days to return the FC Bayern Munich Player Cards to Stryking for a full refund (minus applicable gas fees; the cool down period for each Player Card begins when the auction for that item ends). More information of the money-back guarantee can be found at

More about Stryking

Stryking is one of the first out of the gates blockchain based platforms to offer officially licensed sports digital collectibles. The company is building a truly global hub where sports fans meet to collect and trade as well as play with their digital collectibles. Stryking was acquired by Animoca Brands in September 2019. 

Interested in joining the Stryking discussion? Check out their Discord.  For more information check out their other social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, and YouTube.


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