Klaytn NFTs are coming to OpenSea

At OpenSea, we’re excited to support a growing, cross-chain ecosystem of user-owned digital assets. We’re excited to announce that Klaytn-based NFTs will be coming to OpenSea. Klaytn users will eventually be able to connect to their OpenSea accounts with the Kaikas wallet to start trading Klaytn-based NFTs with KLAY.

What is Klaytn?

Klaytn is a global public blockchain platform developed by Ground X, which is a blockchain affiliate of Kakao, the largest mobile platform in South Korea. Klaytn was conceived to be a hybrid blockchain, with PBFT as the chosen consensus algorithm. Klaytn supports contracts in Solidity, allowing for a smooth transition for Ethereum developers, and easy utilization as well as porting of Solidity development documentations and tools.

Klaytn Development Environment

Klaytn API Service

Klaytn API Service (KAS) launched with the goal of facilitating blockchain development on the part of the service providers. Anyone can easily develop applications using APIs without having to set up a special development environment.

Klip, Kaikas

The wallet ecosystem on Klaytn consists of Klip, a mobile wallet service that can be accessed from the KakaoTalk app without having to install a separate application, making it just as simple as using a messenger app. With Klip, you can store and transfer KLAY, Klaytn-based tokens and NFTs and also access Klaytn-based blockchain applications. Kaikas is a Klaytn wallet in the form of a web browser extension. NFT trading on OpenSea will also be made possible through Kaikas.

Klaytn NFT Ecosystem

In an effort to expand the blockchain ecosystem, Klaytn has entered into strategic partnerships with various partners. Users can easily obtain KLAY directly through MoonPay’s seamless purchase journey, using credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and more. Additionally, users can explore their NFT portfolios using NFTBank. We’re excited to support the Klaytn team in the expansion of their NFT ecosystem!