Introducing bundles

Sell all types of items, all at once

One of the most requested features from OpenSea users is the ability to sell a group of items all at once. Suppose you have twenty common CryptoStriker cards, three fancy CryptoKitties, or a bunch of Mythereum cards. While it might be hard to price each one individually, you know they’re probably worth a lot as a group.

Well, now you’re in luck! Today, we’re incredibly excited to publicly announce bundle sales—the ability to list all those items for sale at a single price. Here are the details:

List without gas, settle in one transaction

Listing is, as always, free—no gas required, except to approve new assets for trading! After initializing and allowing access to the OpenSea smart contracts with an initial transaction, your order is an Ethereum-compatible “signature” that seals your conditions for selling the bundle. When a buyer comes along to buy your bundle, they’ll submit an on-chain transaction, pay gas, and receive the items. And, of course, you’ll receive ETH in exchange.

One of the coolest advantages of this system is that your items do not leave your wallet when you create a bundle. This means that you can keep using them within a game until they sell. It also means that you can put valuable, individual items on sale in addition to bundling them with others, which you could use to help sell some of your less-valuable “floor” items. (Note: if an item in your bundle sells separately, your bundle will no longer be valid and get delisted.) We estimate that the max bundle size is roughly 100 items.

Advertise your bundle

Each bundle has a unique URL that can be accessed by anyone. For example, check out this box of jewelry, this complete MLB team, and this happy family. Included in your bundle is a name, description of why it’s awesome, and an optional link in case there’s an external location where people can learn more about the bundle.

Bundle across games

We saved the most exciting for last. While it might be fun to sell three CryptoStrikers all together, what could be more fun than selling three CryptoStrikers, a CryptoKitty, four Etheremon Adventure power-ups, and—to top it off—an exclusive War Rider lambo? (Although you might want to keep that lambo for yourself.)

Bundling for developers

Of course, if you’re building your own ERC721 project, you’ll want to take advantage of bundling as well. Every OpenSea marketplace (with a few exceptions for old implementations of ERC721) can now immediately take advantage of bundling. And any new ERC721-based asset will automatically be bundle-able on OpenSea’s platform.

Bundles are accessible for third-party collectible apps via the OpenSea API. Bundling is even baked into the OpenSea.js SDK, so you can bundle your items programmatically as well.

For developers, the combination of off-chain orders, bidding, bundling, and a host of other built-in marketplace features makes building your marketplace on OpenSea a no-brainer for any blockchain project—large or small. Learn more about our partners program here.

How to bundle, a user guide

Bundling is really easy! After the initial set-up transactions, it costs 0 gas to list a bundle. Here’s a quick walk-through:

1. Select your items

First, go to your account page and select “Sell a bundle”. Add each item that you want to include in the bundle.

2. Name your bundle

Give your bundle a name, description, and link so that users know why it’s worthy of being bought.

2. Set a price

The simplest way to sell is to set a fixed price that you’re willing to receive for the bundle. Alternatively, you can create a Dutch auction. In a Dutch auction, the price of the bundle starts at a specific. You can read more about different methods of selling items on our FAQ page

3. Approve access

If you haven’t set up your OpenSea account or approved access to your items, you’ll need to do that as a preliminary step. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the process and you’ll only have to do this once!

4. Sign the auction

The final step in the listing process is signing your order (which doesn’t cost gas!). Hit “Sign” on your Metamask.

5. Share your bundle far and wide

Your bundle has a unique URL, so you can easily share it with potential buyers!

The first bundles

We launched early access to our bundling feature to our Discord community. Since then, we’ve had over 125 bundles from our community. Here are a few our our favorites:

Why we’re excited

Markets for unique, user-owned digital items are still early, but they’re maturing every day. At OpenSea, we believe a big driver of these new economies is a robust, easy-to-use toolset for buyers and sellers. Bundling is one of those tools, and it’s really only possible with open protocols and standards like ERC721.

To stay up to date on more things OpenSea, sign up for our newsletter and join us on Discord. Check out available bundles here!

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Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.