Introducing Brian Roberts, our new CFO

Today, I’m excited to announce that Brian Roberts has joined OpenSea as our first CFO.

Both OpenSea and the NFT space have experienced explosive growth this year. It’s been an exhilarating, inspiring, and humbling journey. We’ve come a long way since our early days when just a few NFT projects existed. Now there are millions of NFTs and millions of users experiencing them.

We’ve had to grow up quickly as a company, and as an industry. As we grow, we’re bringing in experienced leaders who have seen greatness at scale and have successfully risen to meet the types of challenges and opportunities that are ahead. Brian is this kind of leader. Beyond his incredible background, from our first meeting I recognized in him OpenSea’s values: openness, empathy, inclusivity, and growth orientation. He is steadfast, loyal, and deeply committed to creating community-oriented products that act as forces for good in the world.

Brian has a storied career – notably as Lyft’s first CFO in 2014. He helped scale and manage the company through hypergrowth and billions and billions of rides. He also shepherded Lyft through its multi-billion dollar IPO. Before Lyft he held important executive roles at Microsoft and Walmart. I’m confident that his experience and guidance will be invaluable as we navigate the journey of bringing NFTs to the world while scaling the company and serving the community.

Over the next few years we’ll help build a brand new, open, digital economy. There will be a transformation in how the world views digital commerce and ownership of digital items, and this shift will enable and empower a new generation of creators and entrepreneurs. I’m excited to have someone like Brian at the table to help us usher in this new era. I couldn’t be more optimistic about the future.