Exclusive OpenSea auction for Epics trading cards

We’re excited to announce that Epics trading cards are now tradable on OpenSea!

Epics is an Ethereum-powered platform for esports themed digital collectibles. You can tell your dad that they’re just like the baseball cards he collected, except digital, tradable in a global market, and provably scarce. It’s a beautifully polished project. And since the esports crowd can’t do anything without turning it into a competition, the very act of collecting is gamified. The collectors with the rarest items and the lowest IDs will appear at the top of the official Epics leaderboard.

In the words of Epics:

Epics are the first officially licensed digital collectibles for esports. Our mission is to immortalize the players, teams, and events that make esports great and to provide collectors with the highest quality content.

Exclusive OpenSea auctions

As part of our partnership, Epics will be auctioning off the six lowest mint number cards from their rarest seasonal set: the Midnight Collection. Midnights are the rarest cards Epics release each season. This season’s set features the world’s #1 ranked Counsterstrike team, Astralis. In 2019, they notched their 4th Counterstrike major win, the most of any team in history. Their run of victories throughout 2018–2019 will go down as one of the most dominant not only in Counterstrike history, but esports history more generally.

  • Only 90 Midnight cards are minted each season (15 cards for each of the team’s 5 players and 15 team logo cards)
  • Each card is numbered from 1–15
  • All player cards feature unique digital signatures from the player featured on the card with the team logo card featuring a collection of signatures from each of the player cards from that mint number (The 1/15 team logo card will feature the five player signatures from the 1/15 player cards)
  • The OpenSea auction will feature the lowest mint number for each card (1/15), which is typically the most sought after set from the collection

Check out the auction here.

How to participate

If you’re new to OpenSea, welcome to the exciting world of crypto! To bid on an auction, you’ll need an Ethereum wallet with Ether. Here’s a brief tutorial on how to get set up:

How to list your Epics cards on OpenSea

In addition to the exclusive OpenSea auctions, you can now sell your Epics cards on OpenSea for Ether (or other cryptocurrencies like DAI or USDC). To list an item for sale, you’ll need to transfer it from your Epics account into your Ethereum address. You can learn exactly how to do that here.

Other OpenSea Features

Accept bids on your Epic cards

Not sure how to price your Epics card? You don’t have to! Other users can bid on an Epics card (even if it’s not on sale). You can immediately fulfill these bids, receiving WETH in exchange for the card.

Sell bundles of Epics cards

Sellers on OpenSea can sell multiple assets at once. If you’ve got a load of surplus Epics, you can group them into a single listing for a single price. For more details, check out our Medium post.

Interested in joining the Epics discussion? Check out their Discord server. Or to see what else is brewing in the world of NFTs, join us over at the OpenSea Discord server or subscribe to our newsletter.


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