Darkwinds is launching, with cards tradeable on the OpenSea marketplace

We’re super excited to support the Darkwinds trading card game launch. Darkwinds works with a similar system of rules used in online games like Heartstone or Magic, but with simpler mechanics making it easy to learn for new players.

Every Darkwinds card is a ERC721 Ethereum non-fungible token (NFT), which means players truly own them. Cards are generated at random from 100 initial “First Edition” models and some are very rare. The OpenSea team has had a lot of fun playing Darkwinds; despite its currently low profile in the blockchain gaming space, it’s one of the most fun games we’ve tried!

Get started trading on OpenSea

Darkwind cards can bought and sold on OpenSea, so that you can obtain the perfect 10-card deck to play with. There are already 17 Darkwinds cards for sale on OpenSea!

Sell a bundle

There are also already several bundles of cards on sale on OpenSea! Selling cards in a bundle allows you to sell multiple cards for a single price — a great feature for those that think they can craft compelling decks.

Power your own in-game economy with OpenSea

We’ve loved working with the Darkwinds team on powering their marketplace. Interested in getting in on the action? Developers can use our SDK to create in-app marketplaces where users can buy and sell NFTs using their own in-game currencies.

For more information on setting up native token support in your marketplace, check out our docs or chat with us in Discord. In the meantime, we’ll see you in the Darkwinds arena!