Buy and sell collectibles with MANA!

We’re thrilled to announce support for Decentraland’s MANA token on OpenSea! Users can now use MANA to make offers, create listings, and buy items.

When we first built OpenSea, we decided to construct the experience around Ethereum, as a dapp platform and as a currency. It was the simplest option. Because most users already had some ETH, if only to pay gas, it provided an economic lingua franca. And it allowed us to streamline a new and unfamiliar buying experience. But all along, we’ve been excited about the entire token economy and we intend to grow with the maturing ecosystem and userbase.

For the initial ERC-20 rollout, we’re supporting MANA and Maker’s DAI stablecoin, but we’ll be adding support for more ERC-20 tokens soon. Join us in our Discord server to request your favorite token and stay tuned for an article announcing DAI support.

Bid for Decentraland LAND in MANA

We’re big fans of Decentraland’s groundbreaking ecosystem for buying, selling, and building on virtual land. Decentraland innovates in related areas, too, like composables, governance, and interoperability. With $943,752.82 transacted in the last 30 days, there’s more capital at work buying Decentraland’s LAND token than any other non-fungible digital asset. On top of that, users have spent $817,625.99 buying Estates.

For these reasons and more, we’re proud to start our program of ERC-20 support with MANA. Decentraland users can now buy and sell land on OpenSea using Decentraland’s native token! What’s more, by using our bundling feature, LAND owners will be able to sell sets of noncontiguous parcels.

And as always, OpenSea users can buy, sell, and bundle LAND with ETH or make offers on LAND (even on unlisted parcels!) with WETH.

Buy Chainbreakers presale items with MANA

Chainbreakers, a new role-playing game by the VR studio Qwellcode, is partnering with Decentraland to create a richer and more interconnected game experience. They’ve got plans to host questing areas in Decentraland, and they’re conducting their presale using MANA as the native token. So, in addition to making LAND deals in MANA, OpenSea users will be able to use MANA to buy Chainbreakers presale items. Check out the full details on OpenSea’s Chainbreakers support here.

Power your in-game economy with its own token

Interested in getting in on the action? Developers can use our SDK to create in-app marketplaces where users can buy and sell NFTs using their own in-game currencies. When you make a buy order or a sell order using your own ERC-20 token (on any asset), the OpenSea orderbook will automatically add support for your token so that others can fulfill it.

For more information on setting up native token support in your marketplace, check out our docs or chat with us in Discord.