Announcing Bullionix on OpenSea!

Thanks to the Bullionix team for publishing this article with us! If you’d like to write a guest post for our blog, let us know at [email protected] is proud to announce its partnership with OpenSea! Bullionix is a dapp that gamifies the NFT minting experience. In order to mint, each collectible requires DGX stable coins (1 DGX = 1 gram of gold) to be staked. Become the top goldsmith and offer your gold-backed NFTs on OpenSea!

A Multi-dimensional approach

This marks the beginning of an exciting new era of value-staked NFTs. Each Bullionix collectible has specific amounts of DGX staked. If the owner wishes to extract those DGX, he or she simply melts the NFT and the staked DGX will be returned to the owner’s wallet. This provides a foundational “spot price” for each Bullionix while more speculative values can still be derived from rarity, utility and beauty.

Aesthetics share top priority with the more technical innovations. Each Bullionix NFT is a rare work of art with countless hours put into design. The team is also collaborating with some of today’s most talented artists including Uwe Dresemann (@buzz_lightning) and Tom Badley (@Currency_Design). These NFTs are not represented by static images. Instead, each collectible is a hi-res, 3D object. The center piece of the dapp is the Display Case. There, owners can interact and zoom in to closely examine each collectible’s finer details. 4 buttons decorate the bottom enabling owners to easily transfer their NFT, check it’s source on Etherscan, list it for sale on OpenSea, or melt the item and extract the staked DGX. 

Bullionix is the result of a year’s work in tackling two of crypto’s greatest challenges: user risk and user experience. First, staking each NFT directly to stable coins reduces fear of loss. Ultimately, each Bullionix NFT equals ownership of specific amounts of DGX. Second, we focused on a mobile friendly display case. People want to hold their collectibles in hand, so we set about building an intuitive and fun viewing experience. That also makes Bullionix an excellent conversation piece at any house party!

March 30, 2020 saw the Bullionix dapp go live with the first three collectibles available for minting. Golden Week follows with each day seeing one new design released. Get ready to become a lead goldsmith in the new frontier offering access to your collection directly through OpenSea!