A brand new marketplace place for ENS names. Buy and sell ENS names on OpenSea

We’re excited to announce support for ENS (Ethereum Name Service) names on OpenSea! With the recent upgrade to the ENS permanent registry, registering an ENS name is simpler than ever: just two transactions through the ENS manager app.

Even more excitingly, ENS names are now native ERC721 assets. While OpenSea previously supported ENS through the ENS Nifty web app (a very cool way of making your old ENS names ERC721-compatible), the process to list on OpenSea is now simpler than ever. At the time of writing, there are already 67 names on sale on OpenSea, and we’re the first marketplace to support the permanent registry!

How to buy an ENS name on OpenSea

To buy an ENS name, start by browsing the open listings or use the search bar to find the name you’re looking for. To find a particularly good deal, we recommend sorting by lowest price.

Once you’ve found a name your interested in, click into it. If it’s currently on sale you can purchase it in a single transaction by clicking “Buy Now”.

If a name isn’t on sale, you can still make an offer on it by clicking “Make offer”. If the owner of the name has their email linked to OpenSea, they’ll immediately get an email notifying them that someone has made an offer on their item. If they don’t have an email linked to OpenSea, they’ll see the offer in their notifications when they visit OpenSea. This can be a great way to buy names that have already been claimed.

How to list an ENS name for sale on OpenSea

Step 1. Migrate an existing ENS name or register a new ENS name

If you had an ENS name under the old ENS system, you’ll need to migrate your name to the new system. Luckily, this is quite simple! Head to manager.ens.domains, type in the domain you own, and follow the instructions. You have a year (the deadline is May 4, 2020) to migrate your existing domains to the new system or get your deposit back if you no longer want your names.

If you don’t yet have an ENS name, you can register a new one at manager.ens.domains.

To register a new name, simply type in the name you’d like to purchase and see if it’s available. If it is available, you’ll be able to register the name directly through the manager! (If it’s not available, it might be worth checking if it’s on sale on OpenSea.)

If the name is available, you’ll need to select the rental period for your name and complete a two-step process to register it, completing two transactions. Below is a screenshot of the registration process for “mygreatname.eth”.

After these transactions have been successfully mined, you can go to your OpenSea account and your domain should show show up (sometimes this can take a few minutes, so give it some time).

To sell your name just click into the name and click “sell”. There are a variety of ways you can sell an item on OpenSea. Feel free to explore all of the options: fixed price sales, English auctionsDutch auctionsprivate auctionsbundles. Since we’re not quite sure how much “mygreatname.eth” is worth, we’ll do an English auction starting at 0 ETH and lasting 7 days. This means that the name will be automatically sold to the highest bidder after 7 days!

If it’s your first time using OpenSea, you’ll need to complete one or two preliminary transactions in order to authorize the ENS contract with your account. Once you’ve gone through these first steps, future listings will be entirely gas-free!

And that’s it: mygreatname.eth is now up for auction, starting at 0 ETH and selling to the highest bidder in 7 days. Buyers who are interested can go bid on it on OpenSea. At 0 ETH, that’s quite a steal! There are a ton more great names already on sale.

Why we’re excited

At OpenSea, we’re excited to play a role in the beginnings of the decentralized web. One of the core building blocks of the decentralized web is a naming service that allows web3 users to send funds, interact with contracts, and use dapps using human-readable names. We think liquidity of these usernames will be vital for driving the space forward.

Stay tuned for more features related to ENS on OpenSea. And as usual, we’d love your feedback on the feature, so join us over at the OpenSea Discord server to chat with the team directly.

A special thanks to the ENS team (especially Nick Johnson) for helping us with the integration.


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