Check out Solana — now in beta on OpenSea

Over the past year, Solana has emerged as one of the fastest growing NFT ecosystems in the world, and is among the most requested chains by the OpenSea community. We believe the future of web3 is multi-chain, and we’re excited to welcome Solana to OpenSea – starting today, with our beta!

This means that you can now buy, sell and and transfer Solana NFTs using OpenSea. Known for having low gas fees, fast transaction speeds, and being eco-friendly, Solana also introduces the OpenSea marketplace to a brand new set of exciting projects and creative communities.

During beta, we’re excited to test, learn and improve the Solana experience and add more creators and communities every day. We’re starting with 165 launch partners, but our goal is to welcome Solana’s entire creative community into OpenSea as soon as possible. Please try out the beta experience, share feedback in #solana-discussion on Discord, and help us identify the Solana creators and collections we should add next!

And to get started buying and listing Solana NFTs, read on…

Get a Wallet

First, you’ll need a Solana-compatible wallet such as Phantom or Glow. This wallet will be used to buy, receive and hold your SOL (the native cryptocurrency on the Solana blockchain). It’s also how you’ll connect to OpenSea to list or buy Solana NFTs. 

Add funds to your Wallet

Before you buy an NFT, you’ll need to buy SOL. To do this, you’ve got a few options: you can send SOL to your wallet from another Solana wallet or from a crypto exchange like FTX. Alternatively, you can buy SOL directly within your Phantom or Glow wallet extensions, depending on where you are (in some locations, this option isn’t available yet).

Browse Solana NFTs on OpenSea

Once your wallet is connected and funded, you’re ready to start browsing Solana projects. To explore Solana NFTs on OpenSea, visit our Solana landing page, which showcases a few featured collections. To see all collections, choose the Explore Collections button.

Now comes the fun part – finding NFTs you love. We’ve created this guide to help you understand what most people look for when buying an NFT.

Buy your NFT

So you’ve found an NFT you’d want to buy! First, check if it’s actively listed for sale. If it is, navigate to the item’s page and click “Buy now.”

Next, review your SOL Total to confirm that all looks good, then click “Confirm checkout.” 

If your item isn’t for sale, or if you want to make an offer below the sale price, you can also click “Make Offer” on the item you’d like to buy. You’ll be able to adjust the offer amount and expiration. When it looks good, click “Make Offer”. You’ll then be prompted to approve a signature request in your wallet. 

You did it–you’re practically a crypto native! For bonus points, tell everyone about your purchase on Twitter, see if your NFT collection community has a Discord and get involved, and keep us posted with your feedback in #solana-discussion on Discord.

Oh, did we mention we’re in beta?

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