Orange Comet: The Walking Dead

Guest post by Orange Comet

From Orange Comet comes the first-ever official NFTs for AMC’s The Walking Dead, available exclusively on OpenSea

Commemorating the last season of the original series, which kicked off one of the biggest TV franchises in history, the drop is centered around The Walker Access Pass NFT, sold for just 24 hours on OpenSea starting at 9:00am PT / 12 noon ET / GMT 17:00 on March 3 and not sold again for at least an entire year…if ever. Bear in mind the prophetic words of TWD patriarch Rick Grimes: “I don’t take chances anymore.” In other words, mark your calendars.


The limited edition of The Walker Access Pass NFTs are not only visually stunning, intricately crafted pieces that will captivate fans, collectors and the undead, but each also comes with a veritable flesh-eater buffet of fresh perks for diehard fans and collectors alike. 

Each Walker Access Pass will feature one of ten different 3D Walkers set in a variety of backgrounds.  The passes will be cloaked at the time of purchase as each will be randomly minted.  For each purchase the grand reveal of all passes will take place two weeks after the close of the drop.  


The passes will fall into one of five different categories: Legendary, Epic, Super Rare, Rare and Uncommon. Beyond the base level of Uncommon there are 4 additional variant levels of passes.

  • Purchasers will have a 1 in 100 chance to score one of the Legendary level passes. 
  • In all, your chances of scoring a pass from the 4 variant levels will be 1 out of 4.

Purchasers will not know which pass they have purchased until the date of the reveal which will be Friday, March 18, 2022. 

The pass also offers fans and collectors the chance to establish themselves as early members of the official AMC’s The Walking Dead NFT community. 


VIP:  Each Walker Access Pass grants lifetime access to exclusive THE WALKING DEAD NFT drops. At least five exclusive drops per year are planned.

WHITELISTING:  You will be Whitelisted on all general public drops of THE WALKING DEAD. Pass holders will be allowed into drops one hour before the general public. These drops will be scheduled during the year and will contain new character avatars, animations and 1:1 generative designs.

REAL-WORLD THE WALKING DEAD MERCHANDISE:  Pass holders will have access to exclusive autographed THE WALKING DEAD merchandise before being offered to non-pass holders.

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES:  There will be opportunities throughout each year for Pass Holders to qualify for member events including a planned in-person SERIES FINALE party at a location to be announced.

BETA ACCESS:  Pass holders will be granted first looks / beta access to our planned The Walking Dead virtual universe.

FREE AIRDROPS:  You will receive throughout the year, at various times, when you least expect it, a FREE THE WALKING DEAD NFT airdropped into your wallet. Who knows what utility these NFTs might bring you in the future?

PRIVATE DISCORD CHANNEL:  Pass Holders will be granted access to a Private Discord Channel where members can participate in special AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, get advanced information on future drops and see sneak peaks of upcoming TWD NFTS. 

And more surprises to come….


In addition to the intricately crafted The Walker Access Pass NFTs, Orange Comet is also announcing an auction of four 1 of 1 amazing commemorative golden variant pieces of fan favorite characters: MICHONNE, RICK, DARYL and MAGGIE. These high-grade NFTs will be available to the general public starting at 0.11 ETH. The auction will only last 48 hours.

Moving forward, Orange Comet will continue to release The Walking Dead NFTs to coincide with the final season of the beloved show as it comes to an epic crescendo. The story will die but these NFTs will live forever because Orange Comet is busy building, planning and designing an entire The Walking Dead virtual universe for fans and collectors to enjoy for years to come. 

Orange Comet is sharing these commemorative NFTs exclusively with the OpenSea community for the inaugural drop on March 3rd at 9:00am PT / 12 noon ET / GMT 17:00. 

So, don’t walk, don’t run, but leap into OpenSea for your pound of digital, non-fungible flesh.

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Remember… The Dead don’t wait.