Intro to Crypto Wallets

In this guide, we’ll explain the different types of crypto wallets and recommend ways to secure them. Crypto wallets are the basis of web3 and understanding how they work is essential to protecting your NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Please note, OpenSea is not a wallet provider, and users are solely responsible for keeping their wallet secure. 

Let’s get started!

What is a wallet?

“Wallet” is a pretty poor metaphor for a crypto/NFT wallet. The word “wallet” makes you think that securing a crypto wallet is the same as securing the wallet you keep in your pocket. Most importantly, it seems that if you have your crypto wallet then no one else can have it at the same time. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

Since we are stuck with the term, what exactly is a wallet?

A wallet is a private key.

Well then… What is a private key?

Private keys are like a personal signature. In the real world, it’s common to use your personal signature to authorize documents or contracts. In the web3 space, only you can produce this signature (the private key), but the entire world knows how to check it by looking at your wallet address.

To get slightly more technical, both public and private keys are a string of random letters and numbers that are associated directly with each other. Each public key can verify one private key, and each private key can produce a message that can be verified by one public key.

In web3, the public key is the wallet address. The wallet address on Ethereum is the string of random letters and numbers that starts with “0x”.  Everyone can know your wallet address, and knowing your wallet address does not give any control over your wallet.

In summary, the private key grants full control over the wallet. The seed phrase, usually 12-words long, is a shortcut to the private key and to the wallet itself. This is why it is so important to protect your seed phrase.

Wallet types

There are two main types of wallets:

  1. Custodial wallets
  2. Non-custodial wallets

Custodial wallets are managed entirely by a third-party and generally do not support NFTs. Non-custodial wallets are maintained and secured directly by you; they include both hardware and software wallets.

Parts of a Non-custodial Wallet

Securing anything on a computer is difficult, and a crypto wallet especially so. You’ll need to think about this in two parts:

  1. The seed phrase. The seed phrase should never be stored digitally as a picture or as text on a computer or mobile device. The phrase is equivalent to your wallet, and anyone who has it has complete control of your wallet. The best thing to do is write it down on paper (or metal) and store it in a secure place in the real world.
  2. The private key. You should never need to have direct access to your private key. Your private key is stored within your wallet application and your best protection is to select a well known one. MetaMask is a popular browser extension wallet application and Trezor is a popular hardware wallet application.

Recommended Approach to Securing your Wallet

The risk of having a wallet stolen increases the more that it is used. Because of this, we recommend using a two wallet system at a minimum, with a hot-wallet used for every day transactions and a cold-wallet for long term storage of your crypto items.

Hot Wallet

Just as your real life wallet wouldn’t have all your money in it, your hot wallet should not have a large amount of cryptocurrency in it. Therefore, you should only have enough cryptocurrency for purchases and only crypto items that you have recently acquired or are planning on selling. This is your day-to-day wallet that you can afford to lose.

Cold Wallet

A cold wallet is one that is not easily accessible to you. It could be a hardware wallet, but it could also be a software wallet that is stored on paper in a safe deposit box or a laptop that is only used when you need to interact with your cold wallet. This wallet should store all of your high-value items and any significant amounts of cryptocurrency.

Next Steps

Now that you know how a crypto wallet works, check out the full list of compatible wallets with OpenSea here

In the future, we will be making additional posts about NFT security, transaction security, and the risks of signatures. You can also follow our Support Twitter for NFT tips & tricks. Stay tuned and stay safe!

BUKU 2022 festival collection curated by Autograph

Guest post by Autograph

Sometimes graffiti is temporary, but this isn’t one of those times. Autograph & theBUKU + Art Project have partnered with renowned visual artists to bring together the first-ever official BUKU NFT collection for this year’s festival. 

Recognized for their contributions to the culture of New Orleans via street art, graffiti, murals and other mediums, each artist has created a 1-of-1 NFT that will be auctioned off via OpenSea beginning on March 25th at 1pm EST and running through March 28th at 3pm EST. 

In advance of the auction, we’re previewing the entire collection to learn more about the artists and the inspiration behind each of their pieces.


Bio: Courtney “Ceaux” Buckley is a New Orleans-born multidisciplinary artist living and working in New Orleans, Louisiana. For over a decade, Ceaux’s robustly vivid paintings have pierced through the rich pulsating cultural fabric of New Orleans and its people. His career background includes musical production, education, and fashion design, which has given him a unique capability to focus on a range of subjects not commonly covered by other visual artists.

About the piece: “Vieux Dew” represents a modernized priestess. She is clairvoyant and reads energies exceptionally well. She’s a native-born New Orleanian from a family that shares her same talents.

View the NFT: ‘Vieux Dew


Bio: Dvote is an artist, specializing in graffiti art, and illustration.  Currently living and working in New Orleans, LA.  He has made many contributions to both BUKU and the New Orleans graffiti community.  Subjects generally depicted include distorted and melted skulls, faces, and other organic mutations, and general sense of fear and weirdness.

About the piece: The inspiration for this comes largely from watching Ancient Aliens, and the idea that humans are the byproduct of an alien science experiment, mixing their own outworld DNA with that of earth primates from centuries past, resulting in the creation of humans. Also the Interconnectivity of different life forms through time.

Link to NFT: ‘Ancient Aliens Number 2

Fat Kids

Bio: Born in the early 80s, stranded in New Orleans since 2004. I get a great deal of satisfaction from creating. I don’t think art has to have a purpose, narrative, or meaning all the time. I believe there is a general joy and positivity in creating just for the sake of creating.

About the piece: I was watching DUCK-MAN PRIVATE DICK/FAMILY MAN and smoking. This was the result of said combination.

Link to NFT: ‘States of a dancing white worm, the Devils, and the infected individuals in turn

Hugo Gyrl

Bio: Hugo Gyrl is the pseudonym of a street artist and curator based in New Orleans. Their work can be seen on murals and gallery walls in most major cities. While Hugo Gyrl is often cloaked in costume, and their identity remains mostly a mystery, they have generated a cult following due to the comical innuendos and femme-friendly symbolism echoed in their art.

About the piece: Like a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup; this piece combines my two most savory passions: Graffiti and Drag.

Link to NFT: ‘Working the Corner

MK Ultra

Bio: MK ULTRA is the latest nom de plume of new orleans artist Meek One (TM).  For the last 15 years he has been contributing to the culture of New Orleans through his screenprint + design company that supplies garment decoration services to designers, entrepreneurs and local businesses.  His work has been seen in the pages of the Times-Picayune and on the walls of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. He also produces interior and exterior murals under the name New Orleans Paint + Design, working for such notable clients as Yoko Ono and the Ace Hotel.

About the piece: This piece is inspired by my interest in hermetic philosophy and ancient history.

Link to NFT: ‘As Above So Below

Monica Rose Kelly

Bio:  Monica Rose Kelly is an analog and digital artist who has always been heavily influenced by the elements of hip hop. She specializes in murals, illustration, projection art, and public art collaborations via the non-profit she founded, People for Public Art.

About the piece: Monica Rose has always been passionate about dance as a form of expression and is a lover of the Earth. Dancing Roots combines her early influences of breaking and graffiti, showing love to all of the different forms of dance that root us from our feet to our planet.

Link to NFT: ‘Dancing Roots


Bio: PAWS creates work across media spanning from screen to paper to wall to train. At the age of 18, PAWS relocated to New Orleans, 3 days before Katrina made landfall, and spent the next 12 years coming of age with the city and cutting his teeth making art in the abandoned structures that the hurricane left in its wake. During that time he participated in, supported, and celebrated the city’s graffiti scene, most notably by founding the BUKU Live Art Gallery in 2012.

About the piece: This piece of animated graffiti is a love letter from PAWS to american freight graffiti. He loves watching graffiti roll by on freight trains so much that he asked himself, “what if I could watch freight trains roll by on graffiti as well?”

Link to NFT: ‘Under the Bridge

The Reader

Bio: Hailing from parts unknown, The Reader, aka Boaney Mane, age 47 1/2, has been a staple of the woke graffiti world since 1992. His message is simultaneously ephemeral and enduring.   Most known for large scale and legible typography, this enigmatic artist has repeatedly canvassed the continental 48.  Offering simple instructions such as “Open Your Eyes” and “Read To Your Children”,  the work of this graffiti vandal goes beyond sub-culture and resonates with the masses, and their ability to be swayed towards practically any agenda.  Trading an itinerant lifestyle for real-estate acquisitions and automobile hoarding, The Reader has anchored himself to New Orleans in await of the rising sea levels.

About the piece: The piece is an animation comprised of chalk drawings done in the hobo tradition of affixing iconography to the sides of train cars. Honoring this archetypal American anti-hero, while citing quotes from literature and contemporary music, this is a small sampling out of thousands that the artist has applied to the freight lines of North America.

Link to NFT: ‘Rail Spit

How to Easily Setup a MetaMask Wallet

Looking to kick off your NFT collection, but not sure where to begin? The first thing you’ll need is a crypto wallet, which will store your method of payment and allow you to access your new NFT. A crypto wallet allows you to purchase, send and receive your NFTs, as well as interact with blockchain-integrated websites—commonly known as decentralized applications (or dapps, for short)—like OpenSea.

In this post, we’ll walk through how to quickly get started with MetaMask, a popular crypto wallet.

Getting Started with MetaMask

  1. Visit

2. Choose your application and click the Install MetaMask button

3. Choose “Create New Account” and follow the instructions to set up your password.

4. Next, make sure to back up your 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase (also known as a Seed Phrase). You should keep this safe (don’t store it digitally) and never reveal it to anyone. For more security tips, please read our wallet security guide

5. Now you’re ready to connect your wallet! Visit, click the wallet icon in the top right corner and select MetaMask.

How to Fund MetaMask with ETH

Now that your wallet is set up, you’ll need some ETH.

Ether is the native currency of the Ethereum network and it’s commonly abbreviated to ETH, which is its most common signifier. You need ETH to pay for some of your interactions with the blockchain, and to pay for the items you buy.

Here are two ways to easily fund your account: 

1) Buy Directly within MetaMask

Depending on your region, you may be able to buy ETH directly with a credit or debit card via a third party provider. Please note, buying crypto with a credit card may incur additional fees, depending on which third-party provider you use. You may also not receive the entire crypto amount immediately.

  1. Open the MetaMask wallet extension or the mobile app. 
  2. Press Buy ETH.

3. Select a third-party service such as Wyre, Transak or MoonPay, which will facilitate the transfer of funds from your chosen funding source.

4. Follow the steps provided by the third-party service. You may need to submit personal information like an ID card or proof of residence to meet KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.
5. Once you’re finished purchasing, the funds should appear in your wallet.

2) Funding From a Crypto Exchange

It’s also easy to fund your wallet by depositing from a reputable crypto exchange, like FTX, Coinbase or Binance, which offers a way to buy crypto with your bank account.
Handy tip: You can use the FTX app to buy ETH and withdraw it to your MetaMask with no withdrawal fees (see example below).

  1. Open the MetaMask wallet extension or the mobile app. 
  2. Copy your wallet address by clicking the Account button with a clipboard icon. If you’re using the desktop wallet extension, a Copy to clipboard will appear when you hover your mouse over the address.

3. Paste your wallet address as a ‘recipient address’ when withdrawing from your crypto exchange.  You can also consult the FAQ for each exchange below. Please note that these are third parties and we cannot make any guarantees about their service.
How to send crypto from FTX
How to send crypto from Coinbase 
How to send crypto from Binance

4. It may take some time for the ETH to appear in your wallet. After processing your withdrawal, your crypto exchange should provide a number called a Transaction Hash or Transaction ID. This is a unique number for each transaction on the blockchain. You can use this unique number to check the progress of your withdrawal on third-party tools like Etherscan. For more information on how to use Etherscan to view transaction information, click here.

How to Find an NFT You Love

With so many projects out there, we know it can seem hard to find an NFT you love. Here are a few things you may want to keep in mind to simplify the process. 

  1. Consider the purpose of purchasing. Are you buying an NFT you’ll use for a profile photo (PFP)? Alternatively, is it purely for art? Is it something you’d display at home? Maybe you’re looking for virtual land? How long do you plan to own the NFT? Asking these questions will help you narrow down the search as you browse.
  2. Research the project. Start with the official project website. This is a great starting point to understand motivations and goals of the founder(s). Many projects these days have a roadmap with lots of milestones. Does it seem realistic, or is it overly ambitious? Make sure to also check the project’s social media. 
  3. The founders. Most times, founders drive the vision, future and success of a project. It’s time to introduce two terms: doxxed and undoxxed. Doxxed founders have made their identity publicly known so you are able to research their background/history of success. Undoxxed founders have not revealed their identity and often go by an alias. 
  4. Join their Discord. You might buy an NFT just for the art, but you shouldn’t overlook the community. Checking out the project’s Discord is usually the best way to get a sense of the community and meet your fellow collectors. Join the discord and ask questions of the community and moderators. Are they helpful and welcoming?
  5. Research the artist. Artistry takes many forms. Some artists are brilliant and just starting out. Others are accomplished and have a history of other successful projects. At the end of the day, does the art make you feel a certain way? Do you want to support the artist? 
  6. Rarity features. NFT’s are unique and each one has unique rarity. Usually, NFT’s that are more rare are more sought after. You can see the traits, which drive rarity, in the left hand bar when on a project page.
  7. Project stats (eg. floor price, volume, owners). NFT users often focus on floor price. Yes – some projects might “moon” overnight, but you shouldn’t overlook other stats like volume and the number of owners. A collection with a high floor price and no volume is meaningless.
    If this is a short term purchase, factoring in the volume of how many users are buying and selling at any given time will be important if you ever decide to sell. Likewise, for profile picture projects (PFPs), projects having fewer owners may have difficulty gaining long-term traction and building community.

Ultimately, there are many points to think about when purchasing a NFT. At the end of the day, most people love NFT’s for the art and joy they provide. Once you have your NFT, make sure to share it with your fellow collectors!

James and Other Apes (#JAPES)

Guest post by James Mollison

As the greenlist for the presale of the #JAPES project opens, James Mollison talks about his journey to realizing this extraordinary collection, which combines the NFT community’s obsession with apes with his portraits of great apes shot over four years and across four continents. Greenlist registration is now open at ahead of the exclusive drop on OpenSea later this month.

My Name is James Mollison and I’m a British photographer, currently living in Venice. After capturing a chance shot of a gorilla on the very last frame of my roll of film, an incredible journey began. This shot ignited my fascination with capturing these magnificent animals. It also reminded me how fast and how chaotic taking pictures really is. The gorilla was looking right through the lens and right at me, almost into me, and what I saw staring back was very familiarly human. 

This powerful moment acted as a catalyst to ‘James & Other Apes’. A collection of just over 50 passport-style photographs capturing the unique identity of apes from sanctuaries spanning four continents. Since accompanying a solo exhibition at the Natural History Museum in 2004, this collection has been globally observed, both in print and digitally. Now, as my genesis blockchain collection, these intriguing portraits will soon be available as exclusive NFT editions of one. NFTs are a new exciting journey for me as an artist. But this kind of escapade isn’t foreign to me.

Whilst creating the collection I was continuously challenged with feelings of both fear and excitement. I had to quickly learn how to act around the apes in a way that made it clear I wasn’t a threat. I learnt to sit in a submissive manner with my shoulders quite hunched down, and kind of nodding to them, trying to make it clear I was their friend rather than their foe. I’d often have to think on my feet and trial new techniques to gain the trust of these beautifully dominant animals.

One of the first monkeys I photographed was a large chimpanzee from Cameroon called Gino. During my time with Gino, I quickly realised the challenging nature of photographing apes. He had feisty energy but after composing my anxiety, I eventually established that I could use a peanut taped to the end of my lens to encourage the chimp to look into the camera. He loved this game as he continued to snatch peanuts from the top of my lens at the speed of lightning! During my time with Gino I had the opportunity to analyze his face and this caused me to deeply reflect on how similar he was to me.

We think of apes as different species. But, like us, they each have their own individual personalities and characteristics. Genetically, they are incredibly close to us. We are very different from most animals, but monkeys inspire questions about ourselves, because they are so alike us! Working with these apes took me straight back to my childhood. There’s a naughtiness to young apes that reminds me of being a cheeky young boy. They embody the grey area between man and animal and they easily connect with our inner child. To me, having an ape as a way to express who you are, as an avatar, makes perfect sense. 

Except for two, all of the apes I photographed are orphans. For quite a few, their parents had been killed for bushmeat. Sadly, there’s a masculinity belief amongst some groups that eating gorilla meat can make you virile. I hope this collection, at the very least, helps us to truly consider the relationship between man and animal. 

10% of the net proceeds we raise will be donated to the sanctuaries in Africa that rescued these incredible animals and invited me in with my camera. 
For more information about me and the project, and to register for the #JAPES greenlist, please visit

Orkhan Mammadov: Singularity in Heritage presented by GAZELL.iO

Guest post by India Price, GAZELL.iO

GAZELL.iO is pleased to present a solo presentation and NFT drop of trailblazing Azerbaijani digital artist Orkhan Mammadov (Booth X-15 at Art Dubai). The exhibition and NFT drop, Singularity in Heritage, derives from his ongoing research project and autonomous AI art, first shown at the Venice Contemporary Art Biennale in 2019 and the Moscow International Art Biennale. This NFT drop consists of a series of video works and stills, resulting from an AI algorithm designed by the artist to understand and find similarities between carpet designs and traditional ornaments. After processing over 150,000 archival images of carpets, rugs, kilims, miniature paintings, and ornamental patterns found in museums and libraries worldwide, a neural network computing system brings together the heritage through a digital lens, enabling the viewer to encounter the visual history of traditional carpets. Mammadov revives a “tangible” cultural heritage and turns it into the first-ever carpets and Middle-Eastern-inspired wall designs in the Metaverse.

The NFT drop collection comprises of 333 unique NFTs split into 3 different themes that Mammadov has explored throughout his artistic career; carpets, Persian miniatures, and oriental patterns all dating Pre-Islam. Within each category there is a range of videos and still images available at a variety of prices from .1 ETH for the still images, to 5ETH for the full 3 minute, 4k resolution NFTs in an attempt to make the series available to a breadth of collectors. The drop will be live from the 9th of March. The NFTs will be on physical display available for the public to view at Art Dubai Digital from March 11th- 13th and the World of Web3 summit, located at Burj Park Dubai, from the 13th-16th March.

Orkhan Mammadov’s practice focuses on the representation of Eastern culture through innovative art-making methods. Born and raised in Azerbaijan’s culturally rich Ganja city which gifted to the world poets such as Mahsati and Nizami Ganjavi, Orkhan was interested in the idea of preserving and regenerating history, society, and national identity through creating AI generated art. Through strong research-based practice, Orkhan’s works undeniably display the significance of the traditions and history, to understanding and caring for the legacy of tangible and intangible heritage from the Middle East and ancient Persia. Internationally, he is recognized by his striking visuals and interactive installation, such as in the recent series of AI-generated work Repetition (2018-present), which explored the alienation and escapism felt by a disaffected and displaced culture that cast itself as a fictional but physical element. The interplay between virtual and real worlds, utopia and dystopia, and the past and the present would remain major themes for Mammadov, as his cultural commentary remains a consistent focus. Orkhan concentrates on the intricacies of Middle Eastern patterns and kilim motifs, rather than popularised common leitmotifs, as he sees the visual culture of the middle east as an emblem of the diverse cultural wealth from the ancient history of the Middle East.

Orkhan emerged into the NFT community unlike many artists, rather than focusing on the possibilities of technology and the future, Orkhan interrogates the beauty of the tangible past. In Singularity in Heritage, Orkhan continues his journey to document and preserve vast cultural history and tradition of the NFT future. As a result, Mammadov pushes the boundaries of tradition and digital, questioning technology’s role as a form of memory and a tool of power.

Reach @orkhan_art and @gazell_io on Twitter or join the Discord channel for further information.


Contact email: [email protected]

Orange Comet: The Walking Dead

Guest post by Orange Comet

From Orange Comet comes the first-ever official NFTs for AMC’s The Walking Dead, available exclusively on OpenSea

Commemorating the last season of the original series, which kicked off one of the biggest TV franchises in history, the drop is centered around The Walker Access Pass NFT, sold for just 24 hours on OpenSea starting at 9:00am PT / 12 noon ET / GMT 17:00 on March 3 and not sold again for at least an entire year…if ever. Bear in mind the prophetic words of TWD patriarch Rick Grimes: “I don’t take chances anymore.” In other words, mark your calendars.


The limited edition of The Walker Access Pass NFTs are not only visually stunning, intricately crafted pieces that will captivate fans, collectors and the undead, but each also comes with a veritable flesh-eater buffet of fresh perks for diehard fans and collectors alike. 

Each Walker Access Pass will feature one of ten different 3D Walkers set in a variety of backgrounds.  The passes will be cloaked at the time of purchase as each will be randomly minted.  For each purchase the grand reveal of all passes will take place two weeks after the close of the drop.  


The passes will fall into one of five different categories: Legendary, Epic, Super Rare, Rare and Uncommon. Beyond the base level of Uncommon there are 4 additional variant levels of passes.

  • Purchasers will have a 1 in 100 chance to score one of the Legendary level passes. 
  • In all, your chances of scoring a pass from the 4 variant levels will be 1 out of 4.

Purchasers will not know which pass they have purchased until the date of the reveal which will be Friday, March 18, 2022. 

The pass also offers fans and collectors the chance to establish themselves as early members of the official AMC’s The Walking Dead NFT community. 


VIP:  Each Walker Access Pass grants lifetime access to exclusive THE WALKING DEAD NFT drops. At least five exclusive drops per year are planned.

WHITELISTING:  You will be Whitelisted on all general public drops of THE WALKING DEAD. Pass holders will be allowed into drops one hour before the general public. These drops will be scheduled during the year and will contain new character avatars, animations and 1:1 generative designs.

REAL-WORLD THE WALKING DEAD MERCHANDISE:  Pass holders will have access to exclusive autographed THE WALKING DEAD merchandise before being offered to non-pass holders.

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES:  There will be opportunities throughout each year for Pass Holders to qualify for member events including a planned in-person SERIES FINALE party at a location to be announced.

BETA ACCESS:  Pass holders will be granted first looks / beta access to our planned The Walking Dead virtual universe.

FREE AIRDROPS:  You will receive throughout the year, at various times, when you least expect it, a FREE THE WALKING DEAD NFT airdropped into your wallet. Who knows what utility these NFTs might bring you in the future?

PRIVATE DISCORD CHANNEL:  Pass Holders will be granted access to a Private Discord Channel where members can participate in special AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, get advanced information on future drops and see sneak peaks of upcoming TWD NFTS. 

And more surprises to come….


In addition to the intricately crafted The Walker Access Pass NFTs, Orange Comet is also announcing an auction of four 1 of 1 amazing commemorative golden variant pieces of fan favorite characters: MICHONNE, RICK, DARYL and MAGGIE. These high-grade NFTs will be available to the general public starting at 0.11 ETH. The auction will only last 48 hours.

Moving forward, Orange Comet will continue to release The Walking Dead NFTs to coincide with the final season of the beloved show as it comes to an epic crescendo. The story will die but these NFTs will live forever because Orange Comet is busy building, planning and designing an entire The Walking Dead virtual universe for fans and collectors to enjoy for years to come. 

Orange Comet is sharing these commemorative NFTs exclusively with the OpenSea community for the inaugural drop on March 3rd at 9:00am PT / 12 noon ET / GMT 17:00. 

So, don’t walk, don’t run, but leap into OpenSea for your pound of digital, non-fungible flesh.

Join the TWD NFT family on our Discord Server: 

For additional information on this drop:

Remember… The Dead don’t wait.