NFT tax help has arrived – through our partnership with CoinTracker

NFTs entered the mainstream in 2021, so this is the first year that many people will navigate NFT-related taxes. As the world’s leading peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs, a big part of our mission is to include more people in this movement by making it easy and delightful to create, buy, and sell NFTs. 

That’s why we’re helping OpenSea’s community navigate the last mile of NFT ownership in partnership with leading crypto tax experts, CoinTracker. Now, people on OpenSea can access an end-to-end solution for NFT tax preparation, provided by CoinTracker. 

If you’ve used OpenSea to purchase NFTs, you’re eligible for an exclusive CoinTracker offer: free tax reports on up to 50 NFT and crypto transactions, and an additional 10% discount on CoinTracker’s premium NFT tax packages.

Taxes are already hard – and NFT taxes can add another level of complexity. But through our partnership with CoinTracker, they don’t have to! Please visit our tax resources page or to learn more.