Introducing Brian Roberts, our new CFO

Today, I’m excited to announce that Brian Roberts has joined OpenSea as our first CFO.

Both OpenSea and the NFT space have experienced explosive growth this year. It’s been an exhilarating, inspiring, and humbling journey. We’ve come a long way since our early days when just a few NFT projects existed. Now there are millions of NFTs and millions of users experiencing them.

We’ve had to grow up quickly as a company, and as an industry. As we grow, we’re bringing in experienced leaders who have seen greatness at scale and have successfully risen to meet the types of challenges and opportunities that are ahead. Brian is this kind of leader. Beyond his incredible background, from our first meeting I recognized in him OpenSea’s values: openness, empathy, inclusivity, and growth orientation. He is steadfast, loyal, and deeply committed to creating community-oriented products that act as forces for good in the world.

Brian has a storied career – notably as Lyft’s first CFO in 2014. He helped scale and manage the company through hypergrowth and billions and billions of rides. He also shepherded Lyft through its multi-billion dollar IPO. Before Lyft he held important executive roles at Microsoft and Walmart. I’m confident that his experience and guidance will be invaluable as we navigate the journey of bringing NFTs to the world while scaling the company and serving the community.

Over the next few years we’ll help build a brand new, open, digital economy. There will be a transformation in how the world views digital commerce and ownership of digital items, and this shift will enable and empower a new generation of creators and entrepreneurs. I’m excited to have someone like Brian at the table to help us usher in this new era. I couldn’t be more optimistic about the future.

A historic NFT collection from and British Journal of Photography

Guest post by

Now live exclusively on OpenSea, the Edition365 NFT collection is a portrait of the year that changed everything.

Since the coronavirus pandemic swept the world in March 2020, all of humanity has shared – and documented – an extraordinary experience. History has unfurled in front of our eyes; cracks in our systems have been magnified, and across oceans and borders, ways of thinking, acting, and existing remain in flux. 

Uniting the voices of renowned photographers, emerging artists, and everyday people alike, Edition365 began as a vast and immersive digital exhibition with New Art City, all of the work created between 11 March 2020, when the World Health Organisation officially announced a global pandemic, and 10 March 2021: 365 days, captured through 365 artworks, from a diverse and dynamic array of creators from all around the world. 

Traversing tales of love, loss, hope, solidarity – humankind’s collective will to resist, persist and rebuild – Edition365 is a once-in-a-century photography collection, conceived to stand as a historical reference for decades to come. 

And now, it’s available to own as an NFT collection 

“As the hosts of some of the most viewed photographic exhibitions in the ‘real’ world, we wanted to build something of equal ambition in the metaverse,” says Marc Hartog, CEO of “Edition365 is a time capsule of incredible works which tells the story of a unique moment in history, with artists from all over the world offering their own creative insight into this uniquely shared human experience.”

“Creators were hit incredibly hard during the pandemic,” he continues. “The NFT sale will create an opportunity for collectors to own unique works while supporting a large group of participating artists, who will receive the lion’s share of income generated. The concept of the metaverse is ever-evolving and, in what we believe will be a world first, one collector will be able to own the entire exhibition as part of the sale, with proceeds split between the artists.” 

During a conversation streamed into the exhibition private view, Hamish Barnes of OpenSea added “Straight away we understood the opportunity of a big legacy brand in the photography space understanding the potential, seeing what was happening in the market”. He continued “Being a part of what was helping lots of young, independent artists make their way in this space and understand the technology was interesting to us”. 

Drop information 

  • The curated collection of 365 individual artworks from the exhibition will be on sale exclusively via OpenSea for 0.25ETH from 30 November 
  • The full virtual exhibition itself will be sold to one owner via auction on OpenSea, bidding beginning on 30 November. The winning bidder will be able to place a portal to the exhibition anywhere in the Metaverse, and personalise it with their own room of favourite NFTs from both within and outside of the Edition365 exhibition 
  • All NFTs will be editions of one, with unlockable content throughout the collection, including a certified, limited edition, archive quality print, delivered free to first time NFT buyers

A short, non-fungible story from Messari

Guest post by Mason Nystrom, Messari Senior Research Analyst 

Data is just a story waiting to be told.

One aspect about data that I love is that it can tell stories of the past, the present, and opens the mind to the potential stories of the future.

Let’s start with the past. 

The Past: Context For the Present

While non-fungible tokens have existed for a long time, the market for such tokens was historically small. Early marketplaces like OpenSea and SuperRare, which were founded in 2017, grinded through a market that was mostly dominated by Ethereum until blockchains like WAX and Flow finally launched offering application-specific chains for gaming and consumer applications. In 2020, OpenSea was averaging $1 million in sales per month and the tailend of the first Covid-19 year experienced growth (now considered a kindling fire) in NFT art and collectibles sales. 

December of 2020 witnessed some uptick NFT chatter with the growing excitement of NBA Top Shots and early Ethereum card games like Axie Infinity and Sorare. 

What comes next, you may already know, but let’s break it down by the data anyway. 

The Past: 2021 

The first NFT narrative to explode at the beginning of the year (as a continuation of 2020) was sports NFTs, specifically NBA Top Shot.

Combining financial incentives with sports is a tried and true recipe and cryptonetworks with tokenized digital goods are the natural steroids for which the industry will use to reach new heights.

In tandem with the breakout of sports NFTs, 2021 will go down perhaps most significantly as the year of the digital renaissance. As the mainstream media watched the birth of new business models and monetization strategies, platforms like Nifty Gateway and SuperRare dominated, offering artists a new format for monetizing their work. 

NFT royalties are easily a 10x improvement from the legacy artist monetization system and nearly every artist’s endeavor is examining how to issue NFTs. The joy of digital painting continues into the summer as new platforms like Art Blocks and Foundation onboard new artists and collectors. 

The NFT summer moment largely becomes overshadowed with the continued growth of pfp/avatar projects and Axie Infinity’s Ronin launch, which immediately experiences rapid growth in users and NFT secondary sales.

The final leg of our saga gets told through the lens of Solana. With Ethereum experiencing heightened gas prices, pfp creation and flipping, in part, moves to Solana which quickly marches towards surpassing Flow in Cumulative NFT volume. 

In hindsight, August of 2021 was the peak with over $4.5 billion in NFT secondary sales, likely more when factoring in art sales and non Cryptoslam tracked NFTs (e.g digital land). 

The present has a funny way of misshaping our view of the past. Although the past few months still lagged compared to the peak, it’s worthwhile to realize that the NFT secondary market is still multiples stronger than where it was at the beginning of the year. In early January, $50 million in NFT sales was a massive achievement. Now, $50 million in NFT sales is a bad day for OpenSea.  

The Future: The Inevitable NFT Multichain Future 

The NFT market has officially surpassed $15 billion in secondary sales combined across a variety of categories including gaming, PFPs (profile pics), virtual worlds, sports, and collectibles. More importantly, while Ethereum leads, the future is growing more multichain by the day. 

Several blockchains are developing robust ecosystems for consumer applications, built on the foundation of digital ownership enabled by NFTs. The burgeoning NFT multichain future is rapidly approaching. Three Layer-1 blockchains possess secondary volumes of nearly $1 billion (Ethereum, Flow, Solana) and Ethereum leads all blockchains and Layer-2s with nearly $10 billion in secondary NFT sales. 

While much of the NFT market is inherently financial, the growth of all digital goods and services requires initial capital investment and the public nature of crypto makes capital readily available for individuals, creators, and developers who are willing to build unique NFT protocols and products.

Most of the NFT categories that witnessed explosive sales growth this year can be described as cultural NFTs – art, collectibles, sports, pfp/avatars, and more. As the world moves onto permissionless blockchains and tokenizes everything that can be tokenized, investing will become more democratized and naturally expand to hobbies including art, music, fashion, content, and more. The dawn of culture investing has only begun. 

Over the past twelve months, the NFT landscape emerged from a small ecosystem with a few hundred million in sales volume to a multichain ecosystem amassing billions in capital. When you examine the data of NFTs, it unpacks a robust story of wealth, human achievement, and cultural wonder. Ultimately, the data can only tell the story until now, and while it gives us useful insight into how the future unfolds, what comes next you must imagine.

Messari 2022 Theses – Heroes and Battlefields NFTs 

A partnership between artist Jaen and Messari featuring an ultra-limited collection of NFT’s celebrating the fifth annual release of the Messari Theses for 2022. 

Messari’s Theses for 2022 takes a deep dive into crypto’s industry leaders, major trends, projects, themes and topics. Our Heroes and Battle Scene NFTs memorialize the most notable players and moments in the crypto ecosystem.  

About Messari

Messari is building the cryptoasset industry’s most reliable disclosures library and data analytics platform. Driven by a desire to bring transparency and smarter analysis to the industry, Messari provides a global research database and a suite of data analytics tools geared towards investment professionals evaluating new opportunities in the emerging asset class. To learn more, please visit:

About the Artist 

Jæn, (crypto) artist and art director, psychedelic and surreal dream generator, literally launching art to space. After exploring academic research, 3D printed and augmented street art, exhibiting art in Time Square or at Berlin’s Urban Spree with Pictoplasma and doing commercial illustration for Disney, Diesel, Google For Startups or Paypal, Jæn has turned into a full-time crypto artist, carving his place in the best collections and all curated platforms. On top of his own narrative-driven series, he’s now the AD of The Big Dream, an epic collective art project going to the International Space Station after touring the whole world.

Psychedelic and surreal aesthetics, storytelling and taking its place in the zeitgeist are the foundations of his work.

Team OpenSea heads to Miami

The OpenSea team is in Miami this week, and whether you’ll be there in person or watching from afar, here’s all the info you need to keep track of us. We’ve partnered with some of the most exciting galleries, curators, and creators around to make sure NFTs are front and center as the art world makes a beeline for the Magic City.

The Gateway by Christie’s

The first installment in our collaboration with Christie’s, which you can view right here from December 1st, features a cutting-edge selection of collectibles and new 1/1’s, pulled together by Christie’s very own Noah Davis, curator Ronnie Pirovino, and nft now.

The likes of DotPigeon, 3LAU, Olive Allen, and FriendsWithYou are involved, and bidding is open December 4th – 7th.

Auctions are live Dec 4 – 7 | Browse the collection


ThankYouX recently announced unf01d, a new gallery showcasing a range of artists across the industry, and we’re thrilled to be hosting the first drop on OpenSea.

If you’re in Miami December 1st – 4th and would like to see the works in person, head to 3930 NE 2nd Ave between 11am – 6pm. If you’re just wanting to bid, you can do so right here from December 1st.

Auctions are live Dec 1 – 4 | Browse the collection

Design Miami

Design Miami, the global authority on collectible design, is debuting its first NFT collection in collaboration with Friedman Benda and R & Company this week on OpenSea! From December 1st – 5th, bid on exclusive 1/1 works from Job Smeets, Katie Stout, Sebastian Errazuriz, Misha Kahn, and Studio Proba.

Auctions are live Dec 1 – 5 | Browse the collection