Artist spotlight: Rielle Oase, Mariana Martins, and Tayen Kim

Three independent creators making their way in the NFT world.

Rielle Oase

My name’s Rielle; I’m a narrative fashion photographer in LA. Coming from an awkward childhood of homeschooling, my interest lies in odd social interactions which I disguise under the drama of fashion. Especially in high fashion, I can feel a familiar disconnect between corporation and audience which reminds me of my own social awkwardness. This is what I highlight in my work – the oddity. My genesis collection is an on-going timeline of my career – these standalone pieces are a quick dive into the people and ideas I’ve worked with in the fashion industry.

Although I primarily work in photography, my artistic practice is interdisciplinary – from crochet, to oil paint, to embroidered photographic prints. There’s a freedom in the NFT space that I haven’t experienced before, and as a result, my next series, Under Droplets, will also be interdisciplinary.

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Mariana Martins

My name is Mariana Martins. I am a Brazilian American Artist who focuses on digital animation and illustration. I strive to make fun, eye-catching content that dazzles and inspires. I am very outgoing, and I find great joy in connecting with other artists in my community and around the world. My passion is animation, not only creating but teaching as well. I have been teaching animation for three years to people of all ages. I love the bizarre, and fun quirkiness of life that shines through my work. I find such beauty in movement, and it is this fascination with movement that drives my work in animation and drives me to reach others with my vision.

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Tayen Kim

Human behavior and culture (which I define as the set of behaviors which a group utilizes to live out their core values) have always held my fascinations.  Having learned late in life that I am Autistic, I have gained more freedom to explore my studies of people and our nuanced, micro-moments. However those studies have been at the center of my work since I began drawing at the age of 2.

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