New features & updates: user safety, Adobe, and more

Every month, we’re adding features and updating our platform in response to feedback from you, the community. Here’s the latest from the ever-growing OpenSea team.

Adobe integrates with OpenSea

If you didn’t catch the news when we announced it in October, our partnership with Adobe represents an exciting step forward for user safety in the NFT space.

‘Content Credentials’ is a new tool that allows Adobe users to connect their crypto wallets and verify their creations at source, with their identity information displayed to OpenSea buyers.

Read all about it here.

What is OpenSea?

If you’re struggling to explain OpenSea to your family and friends, this is the video for you!

New collection review pop-up

We updated the warning pop-up for those clicking the buy button on unreviewed collections. Be careful out there, folks, and always do your research before confirming a purchase.

Activity page updates

The activity page is now accessible via the collection page and we made it easier to access key info!

Creator addresses on collection pages

You can now see the creator account on collection pages under the collection name. We’re doing all we can to keep users safe in this brave new world.

Placeholder images for pre-reveal collections

It’s now clearer which items are pre-reveal and which ones aren’t. Why the computer face, you might be wondering? Why not?

Checkout warning about recently changed prices

Sadly, there are some bad actors out there looking to game the system and fool users into purchases they don’t want to make. The OpenSea Trust & Safety team is watching closely and always coming up with ways to combat the scammers based on what we’re seeing and feedback from the community.

We added a warning in the checkout flow if the price of an NFT has recently been changed. Better safe than sorry.

Homepage top collections

Art isn’t about money, but it’s sometimes fun to check the numbers. We added the top collections to the homepage to save you the click to the rankings page. (You can still head to the rankings page for all your filtering needs, of course!).

We want to hear from you

If you have suggestions for features that will benefit the community, reach out to us on Discord or Twitter – we’re always up for hearing ideas on how we can improve the platform!

Join us

NFTs represent a new renaissance in the consumer internet, and it’s the perfect time to join the OpenSea team. If you’re interested in a role, we’re hiring across the board.

(Cover image credit: Ben Kovach)