Alethea introduces The Revenants iNFTs

Guest post by Alethea AI

The Revenants is a first-of-its-kind collection, depicting historical and cultural icons reborn. From Nikola Tesla to Napoleon to Cleopatra, the world’s greatest minds and stories are now being brought to life as Intelligent NFTs. iNFTs are a powerful new medium that not only seeks to advance the utilities of NFTs but also unlock new economic, creative, and social possibilities. The First iNFT was auctioned successfully through Sotheby’s on June 10th, 2021 for nearly half a million USD.

You can find the Revenants by visiting and entering the Intelligent Metaverse known as Noah’s Ark. You can broadcast a custom video message that the iNFT, Robin Hood recites, or ask Snow White what the meaning of love is. On Noah’s Ark, all iNFTs have varying levels of intelligence that allow them to interact.

Beginning on October 14th, 2021 at 5pm ET, 20 Revenants will be sold at auction daily. Alethea will release 20 Revenants each following day until the auction concludes on October 18th. 

Historical Figures from Queen Elizabeth to Che Guevara are part of the Intelligent NFT Collection.

Alethea AI believes that NFTs can represent far more than static images. NFTs represent content that can be dynamic, interactive, and intelligent. Creators and communities will soon demand to do more with their NFTs, and the Alethea AI team sees the Noah’s Ark Intelligent Metaverse as the connective tissue for the various NFT projects creating meaningfully rich, free-flowing, and interactive consumer experiences built on a crypto-native stack. You can learn more about Noah’s Ark here.

“At Alethea AI, we’ve dedicated ourselves to inventing a new category for NFTs altogether,” says CEO Arif Khan. “We are committed to making NFTs that can interact, communicate, and inspire –– and believe they will be the future of the NFT medium. We can enable users, creators, and artists to find powerful, new ways to express themselves.”

As originators of the iNFT standard, Alethea AI is on the cutting edge of embedding AI animation, interaction, and generative AI capabilities into NFTs. 

Follow Alethea on Twitter and join their Discord to be a part of the community today. Visit to enter Noah’s Ark.