Trending NFTs: AIIV, MekaVerse, & more

// A look at what’s hot across the metaverse.


The MekaVerse, the hotly-anticipated collection from Matt Braccini and Mattey, is made up of 8,888 generative Mekas inspired by the Japanese Anime universe.

Forbes has covered it, the Discord is maxed out at 250k, and there are 200k+ people following on Twitter. If you miss out, you might be able to get one here.

Singularity by AIIV

The Singularity collection is the second release by AIIV – an AI art collaboration by Ravi Vora and Phil Bosua.

“When we all inevitably experience singularity, what will it feel like? Could we all be constructing a subjective perspective of our current reality that constrains the true vision of the future?”

The series consists of 1000 AI-generated artworks, and the floor price is currently hovering around 1.25 ETH.


Tycho’s new drop sold out fast, but there’s always the secondary market.

“Zabriskie Point is part of a mountain range east of Death Valley. An erosional landscape composed of ancient sediments, its convolutions and textures form angular contrasting patterns. As one of the hottest places on Earth, this extreme environment felt otherworldly with its vivid contrasts and alien landscape. I tried to treat these images in a way that captures how visually stunning and deeply moving the experience was for me.”

Jungle Freaks

Legendary Hustler mag cartoonist George Trosley will soon be launching a new series called Jungle Freaks in collaboration with his son. The collection will house 10,000 NFTs, randomly generated from 220 hand-drawn traits.

Excitement is brewing, so join the Discord if you want to stay in the loop.

Art in Motion – Curated by Mogul

The Art in Motion activation at Penn station, where 88 pieces created by 88 different independent artists will be on display for NYC commuters, is proof that NFTs are changing the way society interacts with art. Check back here on Sunday to view the works.


Efdot is auctioning 10 1/1’s from his OPEN MINDS collection, the Soul Curry Art drop is ongoing, Lindsay Lohan is never far from the NFT action, and there are so many intriguing PFP projects popping up every day that it’s almost not worth trying to keep up (we’re doing our very best, of course).

If you have any feedback or thoughts on what we should be covering next time around, feel free to let us know on Discord. If you’re not already, follow us on Twitter and Instagram for the latest news.

Hello better offer management features & new listing flow

At OpenSea, we believe selling digital goods should be a seamless and stress-free experience, so you can focus on what’s important — creating extraordinary work and finding new pieces to add to your collection. With that in mind, we’ve been working on several new improvements and fixes to make selling NFTs on OpenSea simpler than ever. The two seller’s flows that we’ve enhanced are:

1. Managing your offers easier
2. Listing your NFTs within seconds

Managing your offers just got easier

One of the common frustrations that we hear from a lot of owners and sellers is that they receive a lot of low-ball offers on their items, flooding their email inboxes.  To ease the frustration, we’ve added 3 new tools to give OpenSea sellers the control and customization they have long craved.

Start negotiating with counter offers

If you receive a bid that’s not too far off your asking price, create a counter offer to start the negotiation. This will create a new listing that is reserve for that specific offerer.

Determine your offer strength with floor prices

With all the offers coming in, sometimes it’s hard to tell what is a good offer and what isn’t. Today, we now surface the floor price and a handy floor difference indicator so you can easily determine the strength of an offer.

Set minimum offers per collection

If you want to avoid receiving low offers on your items, you can now set a minimum offer amount across different collections. You can set a minimum offer amount per collection. A handy tip: if you own more than one Cool Cat, for example, make sure your minimum offer amount is set in relation to your cheapest NFT.

We’ve also:

  • Fine-tuned the offers table on the profile page so you can easily view offers received and offers made.
  • Polished the offers table on the item’s page
  • Cleaned up the navigation on the Accounts Page

Soon, we’re planning to make it possible for users to disable offers entirely. Before then, head to the Offer Settings tab on your Account Settings page and explore all the latest updates or go ahead and place an offer on an NFT.

Listing your NFTs within seconds

Earlier this year, we made it possible for users to sell individual items on the Polygon blockchain. The tech was new, and some of the features and functions were unfamiliar compared to what we know and love on Ethereum. Now, to prepare for some exciting new features and unify the selling experience across the platform, we’ve redesigned the flow, making it simple to list your NFTs no matter what chain you’re selling on.

A high level look at some of the latest improvements:

  • We’ve unified the listing flow for Polygon and Ethereum NFTs to support more blockchains ahead
  • We’ve cleaned up the user interface to make it faster to list
  • We’ve fine-tuned our language to make the process and features clearer

While we were at it, we’ve also polished and updated a few specific UI elements.

Schedule listing easier

We polished the date picker — making your listings much easier to schedule. We’ve also added several new default ranges from 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, and more. Keep in mind, all listings expires within 6 months and you’ll have to relist after that to keep your listing active.

Create bundle listings faster

Listing bundles is quicker and easier than ever before. Simply, set to sell as a bundle, give your bundle a name, and add more items to your bundle all on the same page.

Select your listing types and methods quickly

Quickly list your item as fixed priced or timed auction. And within timed auction, you can easily select your method where you can either sell to highest bidder (English Auction) or sell with declining price (Dutch Auction).

Soon, we’ll be adding two exciting features to further improve our gas-free marketplace:

  • Polygon auctions
  • Polygon bundles

Until then, give our new listing flow a try on, and learn more about how to sell an NFT on our help center.

We’re always looking for new ideas as we improve the OpenSea experience for sellers, buyers, and creators, so join the community on Discord or track us on Twitter and Instagram if you want to put forward your suggestions.

And if you’re interested in helping us build new and innovative features to empower collectors and artists in the NFT space, we’re hiring across the board. We couldn’t be more excited about the journey ahead, and we hope you’ll join us.

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