A chat with OpenSea’s first-ever user

As we welcome more and more users to the platform from all corners of the world, we thought now was as good a time as any for a trip down memory lane. In this interview, we chat with Australia-based Nostro, our first-ever user and NFT collector, about OpenSea in the early days of 2018.

How did you discover OpenSea?

I first discovered NFTs while researching Ethereum mining back in 2017. At the time, I was mining Monero and wanted to switch things up. During this time, I saw a post about CryptoKitties that took me to Discord. I believe the chat was called “cryptogametalk”, and Devin (the CEO & Co-founder of OpenSea) was very active in that community. He dropped the link to OpenSea and I loved it immediately!

What was the platform like back then? I guess a lot has changed.

It was simple and had low volume at the time. I remember playing around with storefronts when they first came out. Alex (the CTO and Co-founder) and Devin resolved any issues very quickly in the OpenSea Discord. I started using it every day!

Where do you see the NFT space going over the next few years?

It will not slow down! I am more optimistic than ever, I see so many smart people joining NFTs communities every day, people like j1mmy, natealex, rizzle, strawberrysith, bennolan, mattydcl blogger, and many many more! I plan on incorporating NFTs/Metaverse into my bakery. I believe digital rights and ownership in the metaverse are amazing new frontiers.

Are there any projects our audience should be aware of?

I would say older projects are the most valuable right now. I wouldn’t include projects like Etherock in that group but actual long-running communities that have innovated for years now.

CryptoKitties being the first erc721, gen0s are also a great investment. Axies, well what can you say – Jihoz, Alexander, and co have exceeded most people’s expectations and are building a giant!

Avastars have one of the coolest minting processes I have come across, plus they are fully on-chain which is no small feat. I’m still blown away by j1mmys vision and passion for this space, he helped me understand a lot about the tech and Ethermon, for sheer persistence, the Ethermon presale was my first taste of nfts, idon and co have really pushed the envelope by getting that game into Decentraland. That said, I also have a bag of ETH ready for whatever natealex drops next!!

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Introducing the OpenSea mobile app

Discover NFTs by category, track the latest drops, and follow the collections you love with the new OpenSea mobile app. Visit the App Store and the Google Play store to download.

Making NFTs available to all

The calls for a mobile app have been growing, and we’ve been hard at work bringing it to life. Making NFTs available to all is one of our core missions here at OpenSea, and we believe this is a big step in an exciting direction.

NFTs in the palm of your hand

The new OpenSea mobile app makes discovering and managing your NFTs easier than ever. You can now browse new work from your favorite artists, check what’s hot on the OpenSea rankings page, visit our help center, and read the OpenSea blog on the go.

We’ll be improving the app over time, based on community ideas and our feature-filled roadmap, so keep track of us on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest developments.

Download the app: App Store | Google Play store

We want to hear from you

As ever, we’re keen for feedback, so drop your thoughts in the comments below the video on YouTube, or let us know what you think on Discord.

Our commitment to the OpenSea community

Update (9/16/2021)

When we launched OpenSea, there was only one collection on our platform: CryptoKitties. Today, there are 20 million NFTs to discover on OpenSea.  We owe this growth to the vibrant community of creators and collectors who use our platform every day, and we have a strong obligation to this community to move it forward responsibly and diligently. The behavior of one of our employees violated that obligation and, yesterday, we requested and accepted his resignation.  

We do not take this behavior lightly. Upon learning of this conduct, we immediately commissioned a third party to conduct a thorough review of the incident and make recommendations on how we can strengthen our existing controls. That review is ongoing but we are committed to quickly implementing its recommendations.

NFTs enable something incredible that never existed before: they allow us to own things (like game items, digital art, event tickets, or collectibles) in the digital world, just like we own them in the physical world. This fundamentally changes the Internet in a way that requires strong values, organized conduct, and transparency. As a marketplace at the forefront of this new space, we want OpenSea to be a level playing field for buyers, sellers, creators, collectors, developers, and those who are new to the space. We are incredibly thankful for the support of our community, and will continue to invest in practices and policies that keep our platform open and transparent. We’ll continue to proactively provide updates as we evolve our policies and increase transparency in all that we do.

Original post (9/15/2021)

Employee information use at OpenSea

Yesterday we learned that one of our employees purchased items that they knew were set to display on our front page before they appeared there publicly.

This is incredibly disappointing. We want to be clear that this behavior does not represent our values as a team. We are taking this very seriously and are conducting an immediate and thorough third party review of this incident so that we have a full understanding of the facts and additional steps we need to take. We have also implemented the following policies:

  • OpenSea team members may not buy or sell from collections or creators while we are featuring or promoting them (e.g. on our home page); and 
  • OpenSea team members are prohibited from using confidential information to purchase or sell any NFTs, whether available on the OpenSea platform or not. 

For a new, more open internet that empowers creators and collectors, we will need to bake in trust and transparency into all that we do.  We’re committed to doing the right thing for our users and earning back the trust of the community we serve.

Rebecca Minkoff & Jo Lambert: empowering women through NFTs

OpenSea’s Head of Design, Jessica Phan chats with designer Rebecca Minkoff and Yahoo’s Head of Consumer Jo Lambert about female empowerment and their newly launched immersive NFT experience on Yahoo.

Jessica Phan:

Rebecca and Jo, I am thrilled to be interviewing you both. Before diving in, would you introduce yourself?

Rebecca Minkoff:

My name is Rebecca Minkoff. I am the founder of Rebecca Minkoff the brand and Female Founder Collective. I am a published author, mother, wife, friend, social activist, and colleague to many!

Jo Lambert:

I’m Jo Lambert, Head of Consumer at Yahoo. I have the great fortune to lead the company’s portfolio of consumer properties, including our flagship, Yahoo, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo News, TechCrunch. We reach 900 million consumers globally every month. We strive to provide them engaging experiences, whether that be news, entertainment, retail investing, sports gaming and betting, subscriptions or shopping. 

Jessica Phan:

And how did you both find yourself in the NFT space?

Rebecca Minkoff:

We have a unique edge in the industry as we have always sat at the intersection of Fashion and Technology. As we approached our 20th anniversary of the iconic ‘I Love NY’ t-shirt, it was a natural evolution for us to step into this space as a frontrunner in the fashion industry reimagining our pieces for the RM girl. As we find new ways to showcase our own personal identity, I was excited to give consumers an opportunity to own a piece of this project and take part in our journey into the metaverse with NFTs.

Jo Lambert:

Yahoo is an industry leading digital media and technology company. We are laser focused on creating amazing and immersive experiences for our 900 million customers globally. We were so excited to work with Rebecca to showcase her collection in a virtual experience and to introduce them to these stunning NFTs in the virtual gallery. The collaboration between Rebecca Minkoff and Yahoo will deliver cutting edge, shoppable and immersive NFT experiences to fashion enthusiasts across the world. 

Rebecca Minkoff

“As we find new ways to showcase our own personal identity, I was excited to give consumers an opportunity to own a piece of this project and take part in our journey into the metaverse with NFTs.”

Designer Rebecca Minkoff

Jessica Phan:

One of the reasons why I am personally thrilled to have you here is because you are both well-respected women in your industries who are navigating a new space that is highly male-dominated. As women, why is it important to you to enter this space and what excites you about it?

Rebecca Minkoff:

As a female founder and advocate for women owned business, having the opportunity to enter this male-dominated space is something that I am truly passionate about and feel the need to increasingly embrace and make space for other in. The sheer amount of women entering this space as gamers and consumers should mean that the talent creating these and artists making NFTs should be refractive of the customer base.

Jo Lambert:

Our work together this season showcases the power of women – from the producers on our team to the creative forces behind the project and those that stand within the NFTs — all which support female-run businesses. At Yahoo, we’ve seen incredible growth with female audiences as they come to us for more personalized experiences across news, sports, entertainment and finance – something we’re proud of as we continue to focus on bringing consumers closer to the things they love. This immersive NFT experience is a first of its kind and I love that the inspiration came from an amazing female entrepreneur who is leading the way in fashion and technology. 

Jo Lambert

“Our work together this season showcases the power of women – from the producers on our team to the creative forces behind the project and those that stand within the NFTs — all which support female-run businesses.”

Jo Lambert

Jessica Phan:

Rebecca, I’m curious how do you explain NFTs to other women and how it might impact or benefit their lives?

Rebecca Minkoff:

NFTs – a non-fungible token – is a unique digital art form that can serve many purposes. This can be a new way for consumers to collect art. It can armor ones identity within the digital space and metaverse. It can even be avatars on a snapchat lens.

You may be using an NFT without even realizing it on a consumer discovery level! Fashion and identity has been missing in the digital space, and the value of digital items allow women to have endless self expression. A lot of education needs to be done in the space, but hopefully our stride into this space allows women to explore their curiosity and learn more about this digital evolution.

Rebecca Minkoff

“A lot of education needs to be done in the space, but hopefully our stride into this space allows women to explore their curiosity and learn more about this digital evolution.”

Designer Rebecca Minkoff

Jessica Phan:

Rebecca, you will be hosting your first immersive NFT collection in collaboration with Yahoo on OpenSea. Can you tell us more about your collection and what the proceeds are used for?

Rebecca Minkoff:

Our NFTs include a series of collage images featuring model portraits by Cass Bird, images by Paul Siebert & Donte Page and immersive innovation by Yahoo.

OpenSea will host the NFT sale of which all proceeds will fund a grant for women-owned businesses impacted by the pandemic in NYC. Female Founder Collective (501c3) will be administering the grant to support these much needed businesses. All revenue from NFT resales will continue to benefit the Female Founder Collective (FFC).

Jessica Phan:

As a woman who has founded a business and is a member of the FFC, your collection means a lot to me. It is all very inspiring how this NFT collection has the power to empower women and their businesses.

Rebecca and Jo, thank you for giving us the opportunity to chat with you both.

"I Love New York" A Capsule Collection by Rebecca Minkoff

The capsule collection includes ten original NY Fashion Week Fall 2021 looks:

  • Vigilance, an exclusive 1 of 1 NFT
    (includes 2 tickets to NYFW, a signed RM bag, and a private video call with Rebecca)
  • The Premiere Series, a selection of 2 NFTs limited to 5 editions
    (includes 2 tickets to NYFW for each NFT)
  • The NY Series, 6 NFTs limited to 10 editions each
  • The Rebel, a single collector’s NFT with 150 editions

Be sure to check out the “I Love New York” A Capsule Collection by Rebecca Minkoff on OpenSea

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New features & updates, August 2021

As the community grows and the trading numbers go up, we’re working hard to improve site reliability and deliver on our feature-heavy roadmap. Here’s the latest from August…

Collection page updates

Searching for a project now takes you to the revamped collection page, featuring accessible filters/traits in the sidebar, a default sort of lowest to highest price, and more. Keep your eyes peeled for some customization-focused features coming real soon.

Collection-less creating

You can now create NFTs without needing to make a collection first. Just click ‘Create’ at the top of the page, and your item will be added to a default collection that you can rename and edit.

Streamlined listing process

We made listing items easier and clearer for first-time sellers. The new three-step process should help reduce confusion for those taking their first hesitant steps on the platform.

Verified bundles

You can now bundle items from different verified collections, including but not limited to:

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club Apes and BAKC Dogs
  • Gutter Cat Gang Cats and Gutter Rats
  • Wicked Craniums and Wicked Stallions

Additionally, as a buyer safety measure, we now restrict bundling to items with the same verification status. This will prevent bad actors from bundling a fake item with a real item and conning someone into buying the mixed set.

‘Make offer’ button

We made it easier to make offers by moving the button above the fold on item pages. We’re also currently building a more robust offer management system (min offers, ability to hide offers for items/collections), so keep track of us on Twitter for the latest updates.

Mobile app

The OpenSea mobile app is close to release! A look at some of the features below…

  • Connect your profile
  • Discover new work
  • Save your favorite NFTs
  • Search and filter NFTs
  • View collection and item stats

More on that in next month’s post.

We want to hear from you

If you have suggestions for features that will benefit the community, reach out to us on Discord or Twitter – we’re always up for hearing ideas on how we can improve the platform!

Join us

NFTs represent a new renaissance in the consumer internet, and it’s the perfect time to join the OpenSea team. If you’re interested in a role, we’re hiring across the board.

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Trending NFTs: Steph Curry, Creature World, and more

// A look at what’s hot across the metaverse.

Steph Curry buys a BAYC NFT

Basketball icon Steph Curry entered the fray, buying a tweed suit-wearing Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for 55 ETH ($180k). Probably nothing as they say.

Parin Heidari

Parin Heidari dropped new works on Friday and the secondary market has been alive and well ever since!

“I go through phases that are visually rich and complex before removing what’s not substantive. It’s a maturation process that can be painful as it consists of letting go, giving up. But, it’s also very demanding as minimalism requests a certain level of perfection. Every element must have its sense, its utility, its intrinsic beauty.”

Creature World

Creature World is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs made by NYC-based artist Danny Cole. The project remains something of a mystery, but the tokens are selling fast, and a trip to the Discord server suggests owners are about to head into ‘unchartered territory’.

Adam Bomb Squad

Adam Bomb Squad, the new collection from bestselling author and founder of The Hundreds, Bobby Hundreds, caught the eye on launch, with the ‘reveal’ in process at the time of writing.

The team intends to withhold rarity traits for a few days to encourage trading based on personal preference rather than perceived resale value.

Kelly Ann Owsiany

The talented Kelly Ann Owsiany will be adding to the imlosingmymind collection on Thursday at 12pm EST, so get the date and time in the diary if you want to get involved!

If you have any feedback, or thoughts on what we should be covering next time around, feel free to let us know on Discord. If you’re not already, follow us on Twitter and Instagram for the latest news.