Artist spotlight, August 2021

Introducing Robert Bohn, Juliana Juaquina, and Billy Dinh.

I am an artist/animator based in NYC – creating stimulating visual assaults inspired by 80s/90s cartoons and culture. I dredge deep personal reservoirs for colorful characters, emotions, and experiences to tickle your senses. My work can be found on Adult Swim, Facebook Watch, and Broadway.

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My name is Juliana Juaquina. I’m Brazilian, and I started working with illustration in 2012. I have art exhibitions in many cities in Brazil, and I’ve sold physical works to people in the USA and Europe.

My biggest inspiration is cubism, especially Pablo Picasso, but I’m also inspired by the modern art movement and surrealism. I’m an exclusively digital artist.

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I am a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. I discovered photography when I purchased a professional camera hoping to photograph still-references for my illustrations and paintings. After a short trip to Iceland with my new camera, I came back to NYC and have not stopped taking photos since.

I capture moments of everyday life and find beauty in the usual. My photos are presented almost as stills from something out of a movie or a dream. I am mostly inspired by music, contemporary fine art, cinema, and traveling.

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If you’d like to suggest an artist or put your collection forward for consideration, don’t be afraid to let us know on socials. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t made any sales yet – we’re keen to spread the word about creators minting their first NFTs too!

Trending NFTs: VISA, 0N1 Force, and more

// A look at what’s hot across the metaverse.

Mike Tyson x Cory Van Lew

A limited-edition series of NFTs that celebrates the iconic life and legacy of the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’, Mike Tyson. With Mike providing creative oversight and mentorship in the artistic process, the collection is Cory Van Lew’s reimagination and interpretation of the all-time greatest Mike Tyson moments and images.

The primary sales are over, but there’s plenty up for grabs on the secondary market if there’s room in your collection.

0N1 Force

0N1 Force is a collection of 7,777 generative side-profile characters with over 100 hand-drawn features fighting for their existence. Each 0N1 NFT grants access to benefits, including participation in a collaborative role-playing game (RPG) that takes players into the 0N1verse.

The NFTs took center stage over the weekend, with the project racking up 20k+ ETH ($67m) sales volume on OpenSea!


Sirxn 0 – Bioluminescent Sirxn by Ghxsts sold at auction for a staggering 619.5 ETH ($2m)! Check out the full collection, and track the artist on Twitter if you’re keen to get involved in future drops.

Heaven Computer

Heaven Computer, one of the wilder NFT projects we’ve seen launch in recent times, captured the imagination with its Windows XP looks from the get-go, and trading activity is starting to reflect initial intrigue.

Click here to dig into the data, here to browse the weird and wonderful website (trust us), and here to join the cult-like Godmin-worshipping community on Discord.


VISA added CryptoPunk #7610 to its collection of ‘historic commerce artifacts‘. Who’s up next?

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Trending NFTs: Keiko Kitahara, Yat, and more

// A look at what’s hot across the metaverse.

Keiko Kitahara

Contemporary artist Keiko Kitahara is a member of the Tokyo-based art production team HAKABOCHI. His recent drops have all sold out rapidly, and we’re anticipating the same sort of response when 25 new works go on sale at the price of 0.1 ETH on August 19!

Gauntlets by Boss Logic

The Gauntlets are the first collection from the BossLogic Universe, crafted and curated carefully by BossLogic himself. NFT owners receive BLU membership which grants access to benefits including entry to END GAME, an interactive Metaverse experience.

To celebrate the launch of the collection, the genesis piece will be auctioning on OpenSea from 11am EST on August 17. For more info, join the BossDrops community on Discord.

Lee Cook

PALETTES OF AOTEAROA – THE PLACE OF GREENSTONE is a collection of curated images by photographer Lee Cook. The shots capture New Zealand’s dramatic landscapes, and there are just 32 1/1’s available.

Join us at 12pm EST, Tuesday 17, for a chance to grab one before they’re gone.


Yat’s are one-of-a-kind emoji usernames that act as website URLs, payment addresses, and more. 

The fixed-price items sold quickly, and the likes of Steve Aoki and G-Eazy are getting involved in the auctions, which end August 17. Bid now if you’re keen to get involved!


Self-pitched as the RuneScape of blockchain games, Treeverse has made waves on OpenSea with nothing but founders’ plots available. There are now 3.3k unique owners, and the project has recorded over 1k ETH in sales volume since launch.

The team published its recent Discord AMA on Medium, so click here for more details.

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Trending NFTs: Lindsey Byrnes, EBABES, and more

// A look at what’s hot across the metaverse.

Lindsey Byrnes

Whisper it, but photography NFTs could be about to have their moment in the sun. After Justin Aversano proved demand for curated sets of 1/1’s, Lindsey Byrnes’s collection of 30 sold out in just a few hours.

“Growing up, my mom would send two postcards a week to stay connected; one for me and one for my brother. They were ours to own individually. A postcard is the perfect length – a message that never gives too much or too little, letting the images speak for the sender, allowing the receiver to fill in the rest.”

Check out the Wish You Were Here – West Coast, USA collection for yourself.

Jason Chambers

“I create art not just as a need to express myself, but also as a way for me to deal with life.”

Jason Chambers is dropping new works on August 11 at 12pm EST – don’t miss it!

Svetlana Aleynikova

Nature Divas is a series of 8 NFTs created by Svetlana Aleynikova. The artist has been sharing snippets of her behind-the-scenes processes on Twitter, so give her a follow if you’re keen to learn about how IRL models are involved in the early stages.

All 8 tokens are up for auction until 18:30 EST on August 12.


TAYODAMNSHOES will be adding a few new EBABES to the collection on Friday, August 13, so keep your eyes on our homepage if you want to get involved. There will only ever be 111 EBABES, and the artist intends for each set to be better than the last.


FVCKRENDER’s latest collection consists of 4169 unique computer-generated crystal NFTs that grant access to future projects like events, raffles, airdrops, and more. As the artist puts it, “they all look sick, but some are rarer than others.”

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New features & updates, July 2021

July was a busy one for all of us at OpenSea. We doubled our monthly sales volume record, announced our Series B fundraising round, and added several new community-requested features to the platform. Let’s take a look…


The rankings page has been in for a facelift, and you can now filter by chain, floor price, and other metrics.

Created tabs on profiles

Profiles now have a new sidebar and a ‘Created’ tab showing NFTs an artist has made on OpenSea, Foundation, Rarible, their own smart contract, and other marketplaces we track.

Floor prices

Floor prices, a hotly requested feature, are now shown in each collection’s stats section for all the OpenSea power users out there.

This figure represents the lowest price any NFT in a particular collection is available for and is updated by the hour.

Purchasing NFTs with credit & debit cards

As part of the ongoing roll-out of our gas-free marketplace, users can now purchase Polygon assets with credit and debit cards on OpenSea*.

*Not available in all US states and jurisdictions.

Collection page updates

We’ve updated collection pages to show all items, and added filters and a search bar to make browsing easier than ever. Creators can also manage and add NFTs to their collections through a new admin panel at the top of the page.

Blue checkmarks on NFT cards

In the interest of further reducing fraud on the platform, we now show verified checkmarks on asset cards for verified projects (along with a few other icons indicating asset properties).

We want to hear from you

If you have suggestions for features that will benefit the community, reach out to us on Discord or Twitter – we’re always up for hearing ideas on how we can improve the platform!

Join us

NFTs represent a new renaissance in the consumer internet, and it’s the perfect time to join the OpenSea team. If you’re interested in a role, we’re hiring across the board.

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