Create NFTs for Free on OpenSea

The first way to make & sell Non-Fungible Tokens for free, without paying gas

For the last month, we’ve been testing a new technique for creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on OpenSea that eliminates the need for creators to pay gas. It’s the first truly-free NFT maker, and today it works directly on Ethereum.

While we already had some existing tools for developers and a no-code NFT minter as well, it required users to pay the gas to deploy a smart contract and then pay gas to mint each NFT. Gas is the fluctuating price that miners charge to write new data on a blockchain. The gas price of minting an NFT on any platform ranged from $2 on a calm day to $32 on a crazy day like today. If you’re an artist creating just ten NFTs per month, this would have cost you about $100 per month.

Today, we’re announcing the Collection Manager on OpenSea, allowing you to create your own NFTs completely for free, without paying any gas. Selling these NFTs is also gas-free — you just have to initialize your OpenSea account once.

Click Create in the upper right to get started. TIP: You can even view and manage collections you’ve made on other platforms!

How does it work, and how do I use it?

The new collection manager allows creators to make NFTs without any upfront gas cost, as the NFT isn’t transferred on-chain until the first purchase or transfer is made.

We call this lazy minting. It unbundles the on-chain issuance of your NFTs from the metadata.

Even collections are now free and instant to make. To begin, create a new ERC-1155 collection at

Managing a collection’s items.
TIP: You can edit an item’s image after creating it. Locking metadata is coming soon.

After you create a collection and select it, you’ll see an Edit button and an Add New Item button (pictured above).

Use the Edit button to:

  • Configure your logos, social media links, and display settings
  • Configure your commission that you take on primary or secondary sales
  • Choose which currencies (including social tokens) you want to allow on your store
Creating a new NFT. Many image, video, audio, and 3D model file types are supported, with a maximum size of 40MB.

Use Add New Item to create a new NFT.

When you create an NFT, you encode your address and its total supply in the token’s ID. That way, no one except you can mint more of them, and buyers can count on a hard cap on supply that’s enforced by code.

If you want to deploy your own contracts, manage the way they look on OpenSea, or set currencies and sale commissions for contracts you made on other platforms like Mintbase or Rarible, you can do that all through the same interface!

NFTs made with the Collection Manager follow the ERC-1155 standard, partly to help with gas-free minting and partly to help us add exciting features in the near future…

Note: Even before they exist on-chain, these NFTs can be sold on any platform. The smart contract returns the correct results for your balance of each NFT you make, publicly, and conforms to the ERC-1155 standard so they can be sold and transferred off-platform! Some reasons for selling them on OpenSea can be found here.

Other features of the Collection Manager

Aside from making NFT creation free and instantaneous, the Collection Manager has a couple other new features:

  • Collections are now multiplayer! Every authorized editor can create new items, in addition to changing settings on the collection.
  • The Payouts page has been rebuilt and redesigned. Now you can more easily see all the secondary payments you’re due and how much commission you’ve earned from each NFT sale or bundle sale.

Results of the November Beta: $400/creator

To iron out the kinks and refine the new gas-free collection manager, we released it to a limited audience over the course of a month.

The idea of just an ERC1155 minter received substantial public interest. Thirty days later, 80 distinct creators made over 1000 NFTs for free, generating 58 ETH in revenue over 506 sales, with testers earning $400 on average that month.

One creator made 12 ETH for charity, and two prominent crypto artists moved collections over to the new collection manager.

Why are we doing this?

While a lot of crypto today is merely about currency speculation, the NFT art market is independent and real.

In just the second half of 2020, the volume of artistic NFTs and user-created content sold has grown from $1 million per month to over $20 million per month. That’s a 20x increase in just six months.

The number of art sellers has grown over 500%, from 1,395 in June to over 8,770 today.

A few other recent statistics:

  • Art NFT sellers have averaged 9.7 ETH per user over the past six months. At the exchange rate of $650/ETH, lower than today’s rate, that’s over $1000 / wallet / month.
  • For just their own NFTs, creators have sold 5.4 ETH (over $3,500) on average over the past six months. In just the Art category, 9.7 ETH ($6,300) was sold per artist on average. (Primary art sellers averaged 7.4 ETH, and secondaries were 9.1 ETH.)
  • In just the past 6 months, 45 different artists have each exceeded 100 ETH in primary sales of their artwork. These super-artists averaged 44 ETH of sales per month, or over $28,000 per month per artist in primary sales of their own work. For this elite group, it’s like having a salary of $340k per year.
  • There are now 12 NFT millionaires, or wallets have sold over $1 million USD in NFTs, with Sorare taking the crown at $6 million. One NFT trader claims to have grossed $650,000 from just a $600 deposit.

An entirely new industry has just been born, and on top of being fun, safe, and pandemic-friendly, it’s remarkably equitable. You can now create a viable creative business no matter where you are, which language you speak, or which banking infrastructure you have access to.

All you need is creativity and the internet.

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Top 10 NFT sales of the week, December 13th – 19th

From metaverse land purchases to art investments, this is your weekly roundup of the biggest sales in the NFT space. Beeple stole the show but Nifty Gateway’s off chain sales mechanism is not currently picked up by our tracker, so this week’s results don’t include the $3.5m+ worth of sales clocked up in the record-breaking sale. Click here to view the Beeple store on OpenSea, otherwise, keep reading for a rundown of what happened elsewhere in the market!

1. Donflaquito sold FlamingoDAO to 0xcf6165e… for 55 ETH ($33337.58).

2. FewtureFinance sold Satoshi to BadgerPleaseBoostAPY for 21000 USDC ($20924.67).

3. 0x45c5132… sold Distortion Routine to 0x1e936cb… for 30 ETH ($18184.14).

4. 0x327305a… sold Alphonso Davies 2020-21 • Unique to 0xdf70e28… for 27.075 ETH ($16411.18).

5. 0xf43e468… sold Memeboi to Maxstealth for 24.5 ETH ($14850.38).

6. Domainator sold liquidgold to spicetrade for 20 ETH ($12122.76).

7. reisingerandres sold The Overture to 0xcf6165e… for 20 ETH ($12122.76).

8. 0x874233b… sold Corner Street Spot – 4 x 4 & 6 x 6 Combo to 0x73deaeb… for 139500 MANA ($11312.48).

9. 0x327305a… sold Florian Wirtz 2020-21 • Unique to 0x1b4765a… for 14.888 ETH ($9024.18).

10. 0x327305a… sold Simon Mignolet 2020-21 • Unique to 0xc733fde… for 10.99 ETH ($6661.46).

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Top 10 NFT sales of the week, December 6th – 12th

From metaverse land purchases to art investments, this is your weekly roundup of the biggest sales in the NFT space. The Sorare x Inter Milan combo charted 3 times, racking up $30k+ worth of sales in the process, and there are some familiar faces towards the top!

1. 0x73d38d8… sold Arthas, @The_Shard_King to 0x37e6be4… for 140 ETH ($84128.73).

2. jmg sold CryptoPunk #2484 to 0xef6d699… for 36.99 ETH ($22228.01).

3. 0x45c5132… sold Stratum Routine to randaartcollection for 29 ETH ($17426.67).

4. 0x45c5132… sold Layer Routine to 0x42f7c52… for 29 ETH ($17426.67).

5. 0xe76c862… sold Hollywood to 0x37e6be4… for 25 ETH ($15022.99).

6. 0x327305a… sold Lautaro Martínez 2020-21 • Unique to 0x54cefec… for 24.403 ETH ($14664.24).

7. 0x327305a… sold Romelu Lukaku 2020-21 • Unique to 0xc733fde… for 20.439 ETH ($12282.19).

8. 0xe20f756… sold MEET MONA to RexTiCapital for 20 ETH ($12018.39).

9. curating_bits sold CryptoPunk #7563 to 2pac for 20 ETH ($12018.39).

10. 0x327305a… sold Achraf Hakimi 2020-21 • Unique to 0xc733fde… for 14.79 ETH ($8887.60).

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Top 10 NFT sales of the week, November 29th – December 5th

From metaverse land purchases to art investments, this is your weekly roundup of the biggest sales in the NFT space. F1 Delta Time broke the record for highest-ever NFT sale last week, with the Monaco Grand Prix racetrack going for an incredible $237k after a drawn out 83-bid auction on OpenSea! Elsewhere, the sale of tim.eth for $18k sees Ethereum Name Service (ENS) slide in at No.8 for their first appearance since the weekly rundown began.

1. F1DT_Official sold Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2020 1A to 0x21a144a… for 9081752.47642 REVV ($237166.29).

2. F1DT_Official sold Bahrain Edition 2020 to SFLL for 2650000 REVV ($69203.68).

3. 0x327305a… sold Kylian Mbappé 2020-21 • Unique to 0x39746cd… for 116.15 ETH ($65086.69).

4. 0x45c5132… sold Möbius Knot to illestrater for 77 ETH ($43148.30).

5. EliteCats sold CryptoPunk #1 to 0xcf6165e… for 60 ETH ($33622.05).

6. AnnaDreamBrush sold shutdown –reboot to 0x51cd54f… for 41 ETH ($22975.07).

7. 0x3586058… sold The Modern Prometheus to 0x42f7c52… for 35 ETH ($19612.86).

8. tim sold tim.eth to illestrater for 33 WETH ($18492.13).

9. SomniumSpace sold Extra Large (XL) WORLD in Somnium Space to FestiveAmorphousSwineOfFury for 32.141088249589186938 ETH ($18010.82).

10. SomniumSpace sold Extra Large (XL) WORLD in Somnium Space to FestiveAmorphousSwineOfFury for 32.091632280590382479 ETH ($17983.11).

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Top 10 NFT sales of the week, November 22nd – 28th

From metaverse land purchases to art investments, this is your weekly roundup of the biggest sales in the NFT space. Hackatao and Andrés Reisinger’s SuperRare sales see them accompany Axie Infinity in the top 3, with Somnium Space, Decentraland, Trevor Jones, and Sorare making up the rest of the top 10.

1. 0xa687c93… sold Sir Gregory to 0x9cb8c14… for 160 ETH ($95246.41).

2. 0xbaba92b… sold Girl Next door to Kaizer for 38 ETH ($22621.02).

3. reisingerandres sold Hortensia Chair to Ohhshiny for 34 ETH ($20239.86).

4. 0x4bcd0e7… sold Thirds to 0x1e936cb… for 33.333 ETH ($19842.80).

5. SomniumSpace sold Extra Large (XL) WORLD in Somnium Space – Founders Edition (FE) to DeeptownDiverVR for 28.984737256293735968 ETH ($17254.33).

6. 0x616d16a… sold 💰Fantastic ROADSIDE KINGDOM (7×4) in DCL💰 to 0x84020f6… for 28 ETH ($16668.12).

7. shariq911 sold Cubist Satoshi 12/21 to 0x42f7c52… for 22.5 ETH ($13394.03).

8. SomniumSpace sold Extra Large (XL) WORLD in Somnium Space to Mickyelloow for 21.531908369564902964 ETH ($12817.73).

9. SomniumSpace sold Extra Large (XL) WORLD in Somnium Space to blockstar for 21.033821643151286033 ETH ($12521.22).

10. 0x327305a… sold Jan Oblak 2020-21 • Unique to 0xdf70e28… for 20.076 ETH ($11951.04).

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