Sorare x OpenSea auctions! 27 special edition cards in 27 Days

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Sorare is on a mission to bring soccer to the blockchain. While Sorare cards are first and foremost valuable as in-game items, we’re excited to team up with OpenSea to drop a unique set of special edition cards. We’ve named the collection “Liquid Dream” to celebrate the collaboration.

What are Sorare digital cards?

Football fans have been collecting physical cards for decades. However, up until now, it’s been impossible to collect in the digital world. Sorare allows soccer fans to collect and trade digital cards, while also using them to play a global fantasy game. Each player card is certified by a club or league and generated on the Ethereum blockchain, so there’s provable scarcity. Each card is unique.

Sorare cards come in different scarcity (rare = 100 maximum per season, super-rare = 10 per season, and unique) and a different design per season. With this drop, Sorare is creating the first of its kind soccer collectible card, which will be available for auction directly on OpenSea over the next 27 days.

What makes Sorare different from other types of Non-Fungible Token’s? Sorare has partnered with more than 100+ clubs including Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, and Atletico de Madrid to digitize soccer cards. Since these cards are blockchain assets, they can be freely exchanged and sold on secondary markets. We can view these cards as liquid intellectual property navigating the OpenSea’s.

Introducing the Liquid Dream Series

Football is not only the most followed sport in the world but it is most importantly the most global sport in the world. You only need a ball and you can start playing with friends anywhere. To reflect that, we’ve wanted to create a Series with cards from all continents and representing as many countries as possible.

Each one of these 27 cards has a different liquid design. Some might think that sports cards are the next generation’s art – we certainly think that this special edition exists at the intersection of art, sentimental interest, and financial incentive.

These cards will also be useful as in-game items. If you manage to grab one during the auctions, make sure to visit Sorare and start competing with them in our global fantasy football game. There are ETH and card prizes to be won twice per week!

Among the 27 cards that will be auctioned, we wanted to highlight a dream team of 5 players:

Victor Osimhen – Nigeria – Auction Ending 30th October 14.00 UTC

Victor James Osimhen plays for Serie A club Napoli and the Nigeriannationalteam. Known for his composure and finishing, he is widely regarded as one of the most promising and most in-demand African footballers.

Winston McKennie – USA – Auction Ending 31st October 14.00 UTC +

Weston McKennie is one of the biggest hopes for the United States national soccer team. He currently plays for Serie A winner Juventus and he’s capable of playing in a multitude of positions in midfield—mainly as a box-to-box or as a deep-lying defensive midfielder.

Kazuyoshi Miura – Japan – Auction Ending 1st November 14.00 UTC +

Kazuyoshi Miura is the oldest professional footballer today at the age of 53. He played for the Japan national team from 1990 to 2000 and was the first Japanese recipient of the Asian Footballer of the Year award. He’s arguably Japan’s first superstar in football.

Kieran Trippier – United Kingdom – Auction Ending 2nd November 14.00 UTC +

Kieran Trippier is among the very few English national footballers that are not playing in the Premier League but in other European League football, namely in La Liga with Atletico Madrid. He’s a consistent right-back who’ll never let you down.

Igor Akinfeev – Russia – Auction Ending 2nd November 14.00 UTC +

Igor Akinfeev is a legend of Russian football. He has kept more clean sheets in Russian football than any other goalkeeper. He’s been playing for CSKA Moscow his whole life and is the captain of both the Russian National Team and CSKA Moscow.

To discover the full list of Sorare players on auction, visit Sorare’s OpenSea Store

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