Integrating Torus with OpenSea

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Torus is proud to announce our latest DApp integration with OpenSea! The biggest ERC721 Non-Fungible Token marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain! Users are able to buy, sell, make bids, and auction over 10 million unique digital collectibles on OpenSea.

Logging into OpenSea

Users who have yet to get their first NFT can head straight to the OpenSea site from the card within the Torus wallet in the Collectibles tab.

There, they can choose to log in with their Torus account.

Once you’ve logged in and purchased your first few collectibles, you’ll be able to view all your items on your account page.

Selling Digital Collectibles and Creating Auctions on OpenSea

OpenSea’s collectible marketplace is made up of sales created by NFT owners. On the page of assets they own, users can choose to create listings.

The user will need to select an existing digital collectible from their wallet, configure their sale, then click the “Post your listing” button.

Subsequent pop-ups appear, requesting the user to confirm the transaction to create the listing on OpenSea, and may need to enable pop-ups in their browser settings and ad blockers to do so. When the item is successfully sold, the user will be notified of a successful sale, and the tokens would be transferred directly to the buyer’s wallet!

Buying Digital Collectibles from OpenSea

Users can browse from over 200 categories of digital collectibles from OpenSea, from CryptoKitties, to plots of land in Decentraland, to cards from the popular Gods Unchained trading card game. Once they have found the item that they wish to purchase, they can either place a bid on an auction or buy the item for the listed selling price, depending on the listing’s type.

Once the user has configured their bid or chosen to buy the digital token at a fixed price, they’ll need to sign the subsequent pop-ups, authorizing the transaction. They may need to enable pop-ups in their browser’s settings if they find themselves stuck in this process.

Once the transaction has been confirmed, the user will be able to see the progress of their transaction, which may take some time for the Ethereum network to process. Once successful, the item will be automatically sent to the user’s wallet, and the item’s price will be automatically deducted from their wallet.

Users can start trading rare collectibles on OpenSea’s marketplace, complete their collections of digital assets, or sell the items that they’ve earned from other DApps! Check out this article for an in depth look at using OpenSea.

Buy Digital Collectibles from OpenSea to Win Prizes! (18th — 22nd May 2020)

To drive awareness to our latest integration with OpenSea, users purchasing NFTs from OpenSea are eligible to win $500! Users who send out their referral code to their friends and get them to log in to Torus get increased chances of winning!

Bonus: $200 Retweet campaign

20 lucky participants would win $10 worth of ETH each!

  1. Follow @OpenSea and @TorusLabs on Twitter
  2. Retweet the pinned tweet
  3. Tag 3 friends in the comments and hashtag #OpenSeaTorus

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