How to cross-list Decentraland land parcels on OpenSea

If you’re a dedicated early adopter in the crypto gaming space, you know that selling one of your items can often be hard. The markets are young, pricing history is often sparse (check out for some early data), and it can be difficult to get exposure to buyers.

OpenSea is hard at work on solving these problems. In fact, recent upgrades to our exchange mean that many items can be listed both on OpenSea and on other marketplaces!

Let’s take Decentraland as an example. Decentraland is an incredibly exciting project in which users can buy land in a virtual world and build rich new virtual reality experiences. While Decentraland’s own marketplace may be the primary place to buy land, OpenSea also has a number of parcels for sale (purchasable directly in ETH). In fact, this land near Dragon City recently sold for 4 ETH on OpenSea!

Since OpenSea’s items remain in the user’s wallets while on sale, you can put your land for sale both the Decentraland marketplace and OpenSea simultaneously. Here are a few reasons you might want to give it a try:


On OpenSea, you’ll get another audience who might be interested in purchasing your item. When you list your item it will show up in the general feed of OpenSea’s sales where users browsing our site can discover it.

Auction items gas free

After approving initial set-up transactions, you’ll be able to auction your items without paying any gas. This means you can put as many items as you’d like on sale for free! You can learn more about our gas-free auctioning system here.

Sell in ETH

On OpenSea, you can sell directly in ETH. This exposes you to an audience that might not already hold the native token of the project.

Accept Bids

This is our users’ favorite feature! If an item is listed as too expensive (or not even on sale), buyers can make an offer on your items. This makes it a ton easier to get your assets sold at the right price. Learn more about the offer system here.

How to cross-list

Now for the nitty gritty! Here’s exactly how you can create an auction for your Decentraland parcel on OpenSea.

1. Find your land on your OpenSea account.

2. Set up your auction parameters.

3. Set up your OpenSea account and approve access to trade Decentraland

You only need to do this once! If you’re a new OpenSea user, you’ll need to submit an on-chain transaction to set up your account. You’ll then need to submit an on-chain transaction to give the smart contract access to your parcels. Once you’ve completed these transactions, you’ll never need to do them again. Subsequent auctions are gas-less!

4. Sign your order

Once you’ve set up your account and approved Decentraland with our exchange, sign your order and your auction will be immediately created!

Other items you can cross list

Tons of other items can also be cross-listed on the OpenSea exchange! You can check out the listings for Etheremon here.

As always, reach out to us on our Discord if you have any questions.

OpenSea is partnering with War Riders

We’re excited to welcome another partner on board! Today we’re announcing that we’re teaming up with the War Riders team to help with the initial sale of War Riders items.

War Riders is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) game with customized vehicles, its own currency, and combat. The game is being developed by Cartified, Inc, a VC-backed blockchain startup headquartered in Washington DC. War Riders players can customize their own war vehicles which may be used to mine while attacking other users for the in-game currency, Benzene (BZN). The game is set for beta release late 2018 with a full release scheduled for early 2019.

SUV by WarRiders

In addition to supporting buying and selling War Riders items on our marketplace, we’ll also be allowing OpenSea users to purchase the initial set of items directly on OpenSea. Check out more details on the sale here.

As always, you can stay up to date with OpenSea happenings on our active Discord server!