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Created by B686CB

The enemy king sent a single message, written on a parchment stained by blood. “You are advised to submit without further delay, for if I bring my army into your land, I will destroy your hodlings, slay your people, and burn your city to ashes.” Hodlers of ENJ sent a single word as reply: “If.” The battle that followed does not come around too often, a battle that began every legend told about the warriors that gained eternal glory. The battle that followed seemed like a lost one from the very beginning. The enemy army was revealed at dawn, illuminated by the rising Sun.The ground shook as countless hordes marched towards a small band of men armed with shields, spears and swords. The hodlers were outnumbered, one thousand to one. Fear, doubt and uncertainty did not reach their hearts and minds - for they were born for this. Each hodler was bred for warfare, instructed in bloodshed, groomed to become a poet of death. A philosopher of war, blood and glory. Each man was forged into an invincible soldier that had a single driving force during each battle. Stand your ground - at all costs. As the swarm of enemies approached, the king yelled, asking his men: “Hodlers! What is your profession?” “HODL! HODL! HODL! HODL!!! HODL!!!!!” they replied, hitting spears against their shields. An endless stream of arrows fell from the heavens only moments later, blocking out the Sun so they could fight in the shade. They emerged from the darkness without even a single scratch, protected by their legendary Enjin shields. Wave after wave, their enemies rushed towards their doom, as they were met with cold tips of thrusting spears and sharp edges of crimson swords. Against all odds, the wall of men and steel held against the never-ending, shilling swarm. What was left of the enemy army retreated, fleeing in absolute panic and indisputable terror. Bathed in blood, the ENJ hodlers were victorious. Their story will be told for thousands of years, immortalized with divine blocks and chains.

“HODL” was minted in 2018 for our amazing community of epic Enjin HODLers. We are extremely grateful for the trust you've put in us and the products we're making - and the mission we're trying to accomplish, and hope you’ll love this token of our appreciation.

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Enjin assets are unique digital ERC1155 assets used in a variety of games in the Enjin multiverse.

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