MURS - This is Not an NFT
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Created by HotBlocks

The genesis NFT of as well as legendary independent rapper MURS!

Artist Statement: For the past few weeks me and many of my colleagues have been deep diving into the world of NFTs. Crypto currency has been something that’s intrigued me since I first heard about it back in 2013. As some of you may know from the Mursday skits and our smash hit “Bitcoin Beezy” (lol) back then I was mocked for saying I had “50 Bitcoin worth about 100 grand." But to be honest it wasn’t the $$ that drew me in. It’s about what I thought and think crypto means for the world and putting the power back in the “hands” of people, not huge institutions.

NFTs are all the rage but like tape to CD , CD to mp3 and for some these days, mp3 to vinyl, there’s a bit of a learning curve that comes with each transition. So I teamed up with to give out a free NFT. Now you can take your time and figure it out without the rush of an auction or it costing you too much ETH.

Boomer or Zoomer, it’s more about your willingness to learn new shit than it is about your age. So invite all of y’all to head over to and join the revolution.

This is a limited license to share and resell this audio file peer-to-peer only. Not for reproduction. ©&™ 2021 Murs 3:16, Inc.

From The Hot Blocks, where the art of hip hop and crypto collide.

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