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A Legendary Special Chibi! The rarest of its kind is upon us: I like Chibi, hot and crispy! - This is Minotaur's Battle Roar. Chibis fight for Ether and Glory. Are you a true Warrior? Check them out at https://eth.chibifighters.io

Not Dead
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79% have this trait
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2% have this trait
Trait 1
Stompers Twig+
1 of 86
2% have this trait
Trait 2
Mystery Trait
1 of 152
4% have this trait
Trait 3
Mystery Trait
1 of 37
0.88% have this trait
Can Be Claimed
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63% have this trait
subjectAbout Chibi Fighters 1.0
These assets do not work in Chibi Fighters 2.0. Chibi Fighters is a casual brawler on the Ethereum Blockchain. Chibis come in all shapes and forms and are fierce little warriors.
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